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I Can’t — But We Can

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 6, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. (Henry Ford)

WE National Vanguard writers and editors and most of all readers need to become a team. We are, most of us, too individualistic. We play too much of a lone hand. And that seems to be a characteristic of White people generally. Just look at a map of the world: With a few exceptions, White countries are relatively tiny. Sweep your eyes across the massive nations of the Earth, and when you come to Europe, suddenly everything is fractured into tiny pieces, many of them smaller than US states. A strong strain of individuality seems to be built into our genome, and there are good things about that — as Charles Murray points out in his important book Human Accomplishment, it is mainly among European-descended people that the individual thinker has the daring to shout out loud “I am right, and all of you are wrong — and you have always been wrong, and will remain wrong forever unless you take account of my new discovery!” We need people like that. But we also need people to take the discoveries of our highest minds and apply them to reality as a team. For, in any conflict, the lone individual will always lose to the team. Always.

Only organized teams can defeat other organized teams — and we all know that our race’s enemies, the Other who wants his biomass to supplant ours in our homelands; and the Opponent who encourages the Other for his own purposes, and who wants us replaced, mixed beyond recognition, and dead — are organized, organized, organized. They are organized in depth and for every purpose. We are not. We will be wiped out by them, no matter how great our genius and nobility and creativity is compared to theirs, unless we come together as a team.

Only organized teams persist, and persistence is the key to victory.

When one tires or has a personal crisis, team members step in and do double or triple duty as long as necessary, and the team never stops moving forward. When an individual team member is persecuted by the System and loses his freedom or his livelihood, team members stand together and make good his loss, contribute to his defense, make him whole again, and keep him in the fight. When an extraordinary fighter appears, team members chip in to support him so that he can give all his time — his entire life — to the fight. In fact, we need more than just the extraordinary men and women to be full-time fighters for our team — we need hundreds, thousands, and ultimately hundreds of thousands of organized Whites on our team full-time. Only thus can we do all the jobs that are necessary, and be ready to step into every important System job on the bright day when we replace the System with our new order.

And properly organized teams give us the ultimate in persistence — the ultimate in never giving up — because they live forever. Every man and every woman dies. Every individual dies. And every team member dies. But the team itself — which is a new tribe, really — a new people and a new race, potentially — lives on. Its genes and its values and its purposes and its goals are passed on to a new generation of leaders who have been born, nurtured, recruited, educated, and tested in its midst. The team lives on.

And an organized team focuses human energy like a lens focuses light. A single flashlight bulb can barely illuminate a small closet. But, focused by a well-crafted lens, its light can be multiplied by 100,000; and it can brightly light an object with perfect clarity a hundred yards away. Racially-conscious Whites today — though our numbers are growing — are very much like that faint flashlight bulb. Our energy and our effort is dispersed in a million different directions, and in none of those directions is it very well-focused or effective. In many cases, those efforts are directly opposed to one another — in engineering terms, they are 180 degrees out of phase — and so they cancel each other out, with the net effect no different than if we had done nothing. Our team will change that. Our team’s leaders will keep everyone pulling in the same direction, toward the most important goals we can achieve now. And, step by step, we will achieve them and move on to the next higher level. Step by small step, we will grow. Step by small step, we will win.

Do you know how many people read this online magazine, National Vanguard, every month? About a quarter million.

Do you know many pages they read? Almost every month, well over a million pages.

Let’s take our worst month this year — in which about 200,000 different people visited our site. Now let’s assume that only five per cent. of our readership consists of responsible White men and women of good character. Five per cent.! We’re throwing out 95 per cent. of our readership to make this analysis. Five per cent. is 10,000 responsible White people. If that five per cent. joined our team — that is, became members or supporters of the National Alliance — and if that 10,000 people each paid the absolute minimum monthly dues of $20 per month, that would give the National Alliance an income of $200,000 per month and an annual budget of $2,400,000 with absolutely zero debt. Well, thanks to the leadership of a great team leader, Will Williams, the Chairman of the National Alliance, we do have the zero debt — but I assure you, we do not have those 10,000 members nor do we have a $2,400,000 budget.

Think what we could do with an annual budget like that! And, by rights, that kind of budget should be just the beginning. Video and film productions that teach Whites about our real history and real responsibilities, instead of Hollywood poison and fake conservative misdirection like the garbage churned out by Dinesh D’Souza, instead of the half-good material put out by the momentary “stars” of the alt-light, who pull their punches and do not identify the real causes of our plight, who do not identify our main enemy, who have little or no plan for the future except “promoting their brand,” and who often refuse to even honestly identify who “we” are in racial terms; fifty new books that deserve to be published or re-published every single year; live radio and television 24/7; youth groups giving survival and wilderness and political training; Cosmotheist churches planted in communities across the continent, marrying people and blessing their children and teaching them the real difference between right and wrong, not the fake “right and wrong” they’ll find in the Hebrew-derived Bible. Imagine it.

Now let’s do it.

A man who’s been doing it every day, every week, every month for years on end is one-man dynamo Jim Mathias. He’s taken the modest tools we’ve provided him — this radio show, our radio network, our National Alliance fliers, our business cards — our Building a New White World booklet — and put them out there, and publicized them in the real world, where real White people are finding them and seeing them and reading them almost every day. He does most of his work in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, and a disproportionate amount of our mail comes from those areas. He’s making a difference in this world. He’s changing history. You can do the same.

Jim Mathias, right, with National Alliance Chairman Will Williams

And he never gives up.

Because he distributed National Alliance material at a stadium, far from any school, and because he carries a perfectly legal and permitted firearm, local officials under the thumb of an area rabbi falsely charged him with what should be the non-crime of “carrying a weapon on school grounds” — it magically became “school grounds” because that stadium is used for, among many other things, some school ball games. And they managed to convict him on those ridiculous charges. But guess what? National Alliance leadership and members have created, and contributed to, his legal defense fund, so he can appeal and pay the onerous $5,000 fines and costs. You can help Jim, too — just send a donation and mark it clearly or send us a message telling us it’s for Jim Mathias’ defense fund.

And Jim Mathias didn’t let a little thing like a corrupt legal system and an alien media empire aimed directly at him stop his activism. He kept it up, even increased it. Recently, corrupt law enforcement in LeClair, Iowa arrested him again — this time, for “attempted burglary.” A lying officer, likely seeing a promotion in his future if he “got” someone that a certain blessed and “chosen” and wealthy minority wanted to be “gotten,” saw Jim putting National Alliance business cards on car windows one night. But what he said he saw was Jim trying to break in to the cars by “pulling on door handles.” Did Jim fold, since the System had doubled down on him? Hell, no. He got legal representation, demanded any video or other evidence his accusers might have since he knew it would exonerate him, and stood his ground. He got out on bond while he was fighting his legal fight (on two fronts, since he’s still appealing the “school grounds” nonsense) — and he kept up his activism too.

And Jim won. The fake “burglary” charges were dropped. When the rotten System overstepped all reason, they thought they could get away with it — but when Jim wouldn’t back down as most Whites would have, they dropped the charges to avoid a very embarrassing loss in court. They folded, not Jim.

We need you. We need those 10,000 Whites of good character to spread the good news of Cosmotheism and the National Alliance just like Jim has done. We need you to do that in your community.

We need those 10,000 National Vanguard readers to become more than just readers — right now. We need all of you to start donating — or tithing! — so that when future Jim Mathiases are arrested, they can be sprung on bail, hire excellent lawyers, and be back in the fight almost instantaneously — with their rights protected, and setting precedents in court so that they’ll continue to be protected. We need the bastards to be afraid to step on us — just like the rattler on the real American flag.

We need you 10,000 readers of good character to stand up and make that $200,000 per month budget happen. Do you think that our team — our present team or our future team — can get, or even want, System jobs after dedicating their good names to the only cause worth fighting for? We need all 10,000 of you of good character who are reading or hearing these words to join us so that our people who get fired from their jobs because they’ve been smeared in the liepapers can immediately start to work for us, which will be a net gain for our side every time the Jews smear us. When they realize that their smears are just making us stronger, they won’t know what to do.

A writer named Vesta Kelly once expressed the idea that individual crystals of snow are some of the most fragile things in this world — but look what they can do when they stick together!

Look out below. Or, better yet, be above.

How true — snowstorms and avalanches come immediately to mind.

The power of Whiteness — united Whiteness — can stop the genocidal agenda that threatens our very existence. And it can build a new White world — one great and beautiful beyond imagining, if only each of us will do his or her part. Join us. Become a National Alliance member or supporter today. Let’s start that avalanche right now.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. You can also help us by visiting Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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  1. Ted Truewil
    6 October, 2018 at 10:41 am — Reply

    Myself and many others would like to support National Vanguard financially, but because of our positions are afraid of retaliation if we are discovered. Of course, we can send you cash or money orders anonymously, but then we have no idea if you ever received it.

    I propose setting up a code system whereby anonymous donors know that their donation was received and is being used to further National Vanguard´s work. When someone sends in a money order or cash, they would include some kind of code, maybe an alphanumeric code in the format AB123, for example. When the donation is received, the code and amount of donation would be published on the National Vanguard website.

    Perhaps people could also include passwords with their codes? For what purpose? People who donate anonymously may become bolder and wish to be more active with National Vanguard in the future. They can present their password as proof they have been providing support.

    Just throwing out ideas…..

    • JM/Iowa
      7 October, 2018 at 3:57 am — Reply

      I’m reminded of a few wise words given to us in previous ADV broadcasts: “Do right and fear no one.” Imagine if everyone lived by this concept; the fear of the smear would be impotent!

      Aleksandr Solzenhitsyn once lamented that IF ONLY a few Russian men would have had courage and stood up to the Jewish NKVD thugs who came in the middle of the night to kidnap good men to send to their deaths in the gulag archipelago they ran and bloodied their noses with a simple club or made them bleed with a kitchen knife the whole terror would have ended without much loss. Nowadays, the Jews don’t even need their secret police to take us in the middle of the night, they can just threaten our jobs or to “out” us and count on us folding!

      Maybe I’m out of line for saying so, but I had to say it.

      • Ted Truewil
        7 October, 2018 at 10:08 am — Reply

        In The Turner Diaries, didn´t the Organization recruit at the highest levels of the U.S. military, in the utmost secrecy? When the Great Revolution began in California, the Organization played this “hidden trump card”, which was instrumental in the success of the revolt. If those generals and administrators had gone around “doing right and fearing no one” from the beginning, they would have been removed from their positions the whole thing would have failed.

        I am just saying that National Vanguard should have a way for wealthy and powerful White people to provide support without fear of losing everything, plus giving them a chance to reveal themselves later if they so choose. Imagine if just one White billionaire started sending in money. “Do right and fear nothing” is easy for people with little to lose, but for those who have important positions it is simply suicide at this point.

        • JM/Iowa
          8 October, 2018 at 2:01 am — Reply

          I said “Do right and fear no one,”


          “Do right, expose yourself to the world, and who cares what happens next?”

          For those who want to conceal their identity, let them do so, I’m for people protecting themselves. My point was not explicit, but it was this: For those who wish to get something done, work out the problem, then act. Not to commit suicide.

          If the billionaire example you gave wanted to donate to the National Alliance, I’m sure that person would have no problem getting those funds into the NA treasury without compromising himself. As you said, simply mailing a money order with no personal information on it would suffice–perhaps with an unsigned letter for those who might want “credit” for their donation later on.

          Incidentally, losing material things is nowhere near as important as losing a say in our destiny and the genetic inheritance we Whites carry. Individually, we all die and leave the way we came into the world so things really aren’t all that meaningful in the long view but our descendants are counting on us to strive toward securing their future and providing an upward path for them to extend.

    • 7 October, 2018 at 12:15 pm — Reply

      TED TRUEWIL: Myself and many others would like to support National Vanguard financially, but because of our positions are afraid of retaliation if we are discovered. Of course, we can send you cash or money orders anonymously, but then we have no idea if you ever received it.
      Just throwing out ideas…..

      I’ll forward your anonymity ideas to our technical team. We have measures now in place to protect the identities of our members and non-member financial supporters. Antifa freaks cannot “dox” current NA members and supporters.

      Donations come only to the National Alliance’s Tennessee National Office and are handled by me, the duly appointed Chairman, and President and Treasurer, of the NA board of directors. Only I and my trusted wife, a trained accountant who has meticulously kept NA’s and sister organizations’ books (Cosmotheist Community Church, NVB, and now Cosmotheist Books) for four years, have access to records. She and our tax preparer keep us 100% legal and our supporters confidential. No one besides myself and Lana Williams has access to our mail, our member list, or to the National Alliance’s finances.

      We now accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies too.

      We now sell our books and CDs here: though we have had our necessary online financial services, particularly credit card processing services, repeatedly taken away without cause by enemies of our race — six times in the past year!

      We might actually be able to pay our staff a more than lower-than-poverty stipend, or in some cases more than nothing, if more commenters became supporters. We need to listen to and comprehend the urgency of Mr. Strom’s appeal in this week’s ADV broadcast; believe him when he tells you we cannot fight alone, find your backbones, and become responsible White race preservationists. We need your help. At this stage of Alliance-building we’re all unpaid volunteers or close to it — and the legal expenses alone to defend against enemies who tried to put the Alliance in enemy hands and receivership totaled over $60,000. Our media team (National Vanguard is the National Alliance’s online magazine) works for next to nothing yet attracts an audience larger than some Jewish groups with multimillion-dollar budgets. Nine National Alliance members who trust NA leadership donated $1,100 to Jim Mathias’s defense fund last month. I mailed Jim a check for that amount with his monthly NA BULLETIN on the first of the month. I had to call Jim Friday and ask him to not cash that check yet so I could pay a pressing bill for services that day.

  2. Ted Truewil
    8 October, 2018 at 8:33 am — Reply

    Thanks for your consideration.

    I thought about my idea a little more. Perhaps people could send in a username and password with their donation, and they could use them to log into their donation account on the National Vanguard website. The account should show the person’s donation history. That way no one else would see the amounts being donated.

  3. H.P.
    8 October, 2018 at 9:52 am — Reply

    A profound and deep awakening throughout the white world is now beginning to have an effect on mass politics and the mass
    mind. 2016 saw a threshold crossed in the U.S. This force of salvation had been around for decades, but it was simply too tiny to have had much effect. That is now starting to change.

    Eastern Europeans are leading the way–and they are far ahead of us in the U.S. They have already begun building the political infrastructure needed, but even they are not nearly far enough along to solve their (and our) most pressing problem: the Zionist stranglehold on the levers of power in the West.

    But Eastern Europeans are moving their chess pieces into position and creating what needs to be created in order to eventually tear Zion’s hands from their throats and crush this demonic enemy once and for all. This time, however, the “crushing” will have to occur all over the West pretty much all at once, not just in one or two nations. But those chess pieces are also hearing the call.

    Whoever would have thought a generation ago that the salvation of the white world would burn brightest in the lands of the old Soviet bloc? Hats off to Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Latvia.

    Is it not ironic that the lands in which the movement of white salvation is most advanced do not themselves have true freedom of speech, yet in the land with the greatest freedom of speech, the white awakening remains the most stunted?

  4. Hellenic rage
    3 November, 2018 at 7:55 pm — Reply

    Do you accept greeks in your movement. Are greeks classed as white. I have olive skin and brown hair my nose is kind o curved

    • Uncle Cracker
      5 November, 2018 at 4:29 pm — Reply

      Might be that i am not a part of this movement but if you should ask me i say, why not?
      Europeans are the true people of color and i wish we all would have valued it a long time ago.
      That we were united a long time ago, now we see the consequences for not being united a long time ago.

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