Dispatch from Pennsylvania: The Ways of Small-Town Whites

by William Ventvogel

I WAS LOOKING for antique buildings and infrastructure: canals, railroads, bridges, ruins of the age of horse and steam and before. There were plenty, but unfortunately I lacked enough time to pursue what I wanted. So I pushed on for the mountains, content to read the iron plaques beside the roads. It is obvious that Pennsylvania is fertile. It still has many small farms, and her state department of agriculture has long been a model for others. General Lee knew what he was about when he invaded the Keystone State (to replenish the commissariat of his Army of Northern Virginia, and for shoes for his troops). And I tasted the difference. At every local restaurant the food was superior. The meat, butter, eggs, vegetables and bread, far better than the processed whigger dog food served in Amurrican sh**holes. What I pay twice as much for in the D.C.-Baltimore hell isn’t half as good. Here is one result of local food production. And another is food security. Will the Jewish System use food as a weapon when the revolution or guerrilla war starts, as the Bolsheviks did?

I reached Sunbury, where the West Branch of the Susquehanna joins the main. About here, I judged, was the limit of Colonial era settlement. Thereafter the infrastructure and artifacts appeared to be Jacksonian era or later. The West Branch arcs northwesterly. The population of the state is concentrated in the east, along the Delaware River valley, and in the west around Pittsburgh, the Ohio River and Lake Erie areas. The central, which is hills or mountains, is less populated, especially north of the West Branch. Here the Alleghenies run southwest-northeast, up from West Virginia and into New York.

Mountains are as powerful a metaphor and symbol as they are a physical obstacle. Some racial psychologies dislike mountains, and avoid them. Others feel lost living outside them. They are the first choice of redoubt for Whites. I said brick apes don’t like trees. Even less do they like mountains, which oppress their simple, linear thinking. Do not wonder, then, why a Congoid looks odd in the mountains, like he does on a motorcycle or horse. The demands of moving through mountains or controlling a horse require beyond-the-horizon, empathic thinking. The contours and denials of mountains will turn you around. Horses, and perhaps the mountains, too, demand that you understand them.

The Pennsylvanians I saw impressed me by their manners and what I surmised of them genetically. The women were vivacious and healthy-minded. One of the best measures of the health of an area is the quality of its women. And they are of course influenced by the health of their menfolk. If their men are healthy and balanced the women will be. There are no separate tracks here. This could be of course the effect of the mere lower level of psychic toxicity. City Whites are pathological to some degree, including myself. No one will contest the assertion that rural life is healthier. It might be dull, and lacking culture, but it is the place to be if you want to survive and if you want to avoid the gulag, a fate which seems increasingly possible to me as I view the deteriorating security in heavily non-White areas, wherein a healthy White man wants to cap every yard ape in sight. The towns were clean and tidy. An environment of course is the outward manifestation of a people’s interior condition. No outside influence (not even talmudvision) can overcome this general influence of the dominant population except by military conquest.

But the weakness of an insulated White population is naïveté. The Blacks they see on talmudvision are sanitized. Thus, these Whites tend to hate “racism,” having no experience with typical examples of the species. Exposure to typical city Congoids would force them to one or the other corner, the Pollyanna or the National Socialist. National Socialism is an encapsulation of Franklin’s “hang together or hang separately” admonition. National Socialism is the politics of White survival. The clear-thinking, quiet Whites are in the National Socialist corner. The Pollyannas are in the “hope” corner. The Pollyannas are our meat when the time comes. For an education the Pollyannas should live for a time in places like the jungles of Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, etc., to test their beliefs — if they are not merely parrotting System propaganda (most are). Take a walk on the real side, hon. Take a walk down North Avenue.

On the pleasant side, Pennsylvania in these parts must be trout central. In the mountains you see their water. The streams come crashing out of dark timber, foaming over stones. They are abundant and beautiful. The millions of acres of forest land are under state control. Most are recovering timber areas. There are but two ways I can see of making a living in them: logging or mining. Pennsylvania has coal but those operations are, I believe, in the southwest. Logging continues also but apparently much less than before. Consequently some of these towns are fading.

As always, the city-ruined White man experiences a double-disorientation: The absence of filth and danger, and the slower paces — an absence of elements that have formed his bio-neuronic being. Absent, he tends to disbelieve the nature of rural areas. This passes in a few days. But you can almost feel the eyes on you in a small town. You tend to watch your manners, remember your rough spots. I admit I have not tried small-town life and further make no posturings that it is the answer. But if small-town is not my fate or yours then maybe we are to stay and take back the great cities our ancestors built.

I saw naïveté not restricted to Pennsylvania. It disgusted me, although I understand it. One was “patriotism” of the sort the Jew likes. Yellow ribbons, fifty-star rags, banners (“Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine”), etc., over which a White man burnt out on life lived close-up to the Jew System will shake his head. Why is the rural man less cynical? Asked another way, has he a reason to be less cynical, when he can get the information available to city dwellers on the Internet? Why does he hew to the older views? Is it not propaganda alone that makes him this way, but population density? In high-density areas we see the indicators of a government’s nature more so than in rural areas. I mean the effects of its policies. If the population is generally pieces of filth then the government is a piece of filth. Clean governments pull populations upwards. A degenerate one is like a schoolyard swing; the metaphor being that it continues to move while it sucks the energy from society’s motion, until it is exhausted and stops at the nadir.

The general attitude of the men I saw is, as I said, to be seen in rural areas everywhere. It is inspired by talmudvision. It is that stupid, consumerist macho of SUVs, tires, beer, monkeyball, etc. Yes, it is to be seen in the suburbs, too. But it is deep in the rural man’s mind. He gets away with it. I realize of course that I am judging from a passing train. But I have an accretion of experiences many Whites don’t have. That “God Bless America” syndrome is a liability now, a defect in the survival mechanism. A 19-year-old country boy, who enlists in the Airborne or Marines and is sent to a bankster operation like Iraq or Georgia, is a piece of meat for the Jew-corporation cartel. Every flag, sticker, and military symbol you see on their trucks reminds you of that suicidal old machismo. It is still strong out there. And the guys do get on your nerves. They tailgate you down mountain roads, their fog lamps flooding your eyes. They know where they are going, know their land and their ways, they think. That apparent certainty they possess bothers you. That SUV hoggishness of the “at least I know I’m free” lemming is something that needles you. You wonder what could wake them up. But it is not my worry or yours. They will shift when the danger is apparent, and some of them are with us already. . . .

I read some chamber of commerce stuff in Pennsylvania. I looked at the want ads. There is work for the intelligent technician. There were deals on farmland and equipment.

I decided not to camp in the mountains that night. I stayed instead in a motel in Coudersport. The proprietress was gracious and elegant, a native of that place who had traveled after college and returned. Over breakfast in the sitting room with her daughter and her daughter’s fiancé we discussed things light and heavier. I learned more about the area. There wasn’t much to tell of the place — a good sign that you could make your style up there. I told her of Baltimore, and as I was talking I saw doubt and disapproval creep into her expression. I’m sure she didn’t know it was apparent. I had spoken elliptically of the problems. Still, later I wondered if I had not been elliptical enough, and come across as rude. Was it wrong of me to say that 80 percent of Baltimore’s residential area had fallen into the animal underclass? And that the shiny parts down on the water are merely Disneyland pockets for tourists? And that the yuppies buying up the working-class brick homes have high credit lines, are property tax-exempt, and have other tax tricks behind them? I never mentioned race, yet it was there on cue, so imbued are we by Jew propaganda. In all I was trying to impress upon this nice woman from civilized rural America that Baltimore is fatally stricken with a cancer, that it no longer is a healthy community that pays its way, but a project of central planning.

Here I had run up against a problem we all know so well: the wall. It appears when we speak frankly to those we value. These are generally genetically-sound people who, for whatever causes, are not as far off the propaganda grid as we are, and who think “positively” and tend to trust the “leaders” of the state. They don’t want to hear badspeak when there is plenty still going well for them. It is a matter of both evasion and toeing the System line. Each of us is highly tuned to these signals of disapproval. We have learned when to back off; better, when to say nothing. There is no benefit from pressing our views, no matter how solid. It may be that only the propaganda of the deed, committed at the proper time, can burst the Jewish/media intoxication. In this matter it is good to read German National Socialist literature. Contrary to Jew propaganda, the National Socialists were quite sophisticated in their social and political interlocutions with non-National Socialist Germans. Until the general level of fear reaches the point where the German people were crying for a savior, a White revolutionist in Germany spoke very discreetly. So must we.

Now in lower southwest New York I decided to cruise about as much as my few remaining hours would allow. This unfortunately confined me to an interstate. Very well, but the views were worthy. The road followed a narrow, deep, winding river heaving with black winter water. It looked fecund with fish. Mountains to the north, most well-wooded. At their bases were farms, apparently dairy operations. Milk and meat. And as in Pennsylvania I saw here, in the few stops I made, White stock that was apparently worthy. I dislike categorizing people as if they are specimens, but ours are extraordinary times. The wogs who come to America like the whitest White girls they can find. There’s a phenomenon to consider. These people were not so friendly as Southerners, but we are all the products (partially) of our environment. Not so far as the Jews assert, but undoubtedly our environment determines how we act much of our time. In this area I saw little evidence of Afros or brown blood or negrified behavior. The women were pretty and modest-looking. When you see such regions of Whiteness you want even more urgently to smash the System. I saw but one non-White racemixer, who passed me on the interstate with his White slut.

Let me add something here that many of you will disagree with. Our interior is too vast to displace the White majority with Black and Brown, as our (temporary) Jew masters would like to do. Whites have been there too long and have their ways, communities, and patterns. Despite the talmudvision poison, and Affirmative Action laws, it will take centuries to make the Jew dream actual. Nor can I imagine what they, the Jews, could do to make White girls breed with Black and Brown men at the rate they want. In time the skanks will be dealt with. The Jews’ plans will proceed until the hour of the knife. Then things will go reverse-kosherly.

* * *

Source: based on “Dispatch from Harrisburg Pennsylvania” at

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4 October, 2018 11:07 pm

What a very good read! Wow.

And, speaking as someone born and raised in the south all of my life, the author is pretty much spot-on in his assessments concerning the southern “consumerist macho” of SUVs (and pickup trucks), his ridiculous, naive patriotism (“‘murrica, bay-be! Hell yea, bud!”) and his love of sportsball and NASCAR.

Yes, I’m also a “hick”… and I have a real soft spot for fellow southerners. But, I have to admit, since witnessing the events of Charlottesville last year… my soft heart towards fellow southerners is beginning to turn a little. I’m beginning to see that most people, be they Yanks or Southron, are basically morons. Or lemmings if you prefer.

4 October, 2018 11:41 pm

Excellent essay. The Pine Creek corridor along PA route 414. , the PA Grand Canyon, and surroundings in the state forests and the ANF are a great escape for day hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing and hunting. There are all-white Mennonite rural settlements which have excellent outdoorsmen as well as farmers. The woods roads are maintained better than the paved roads in eastern PA; you can take almost any vehicle on them though at least AWD SUVs are needed on some, and even on long mountain driveways, after rain. God’s Country as the tourist guides call it, is sparsely populated and undeveloped, far from any large city, but not far enough from Williamsport, which is undergoing the same transformation as Hazelton that KAS reported on. And Jews are just Zillow clicks… Read more »

Blake Hood
Blake Hood
7 October, 2018 2:31 am

Thanks for reposting Ventvogel’s great essay. Hope some more of my posts at will make the NA cut!


9 October, 2018 5:34 am

This essay by Ventvogel really resonates with me. I can relate to what he is saying, 100%, particularly the discussion with people who are still asleep. “Here I had run up against a problem we all know so well: the wall. It appears when we speak frankly to those we value.” This statement is absolutely spot on. We have the exact same types of people here in Australia. The people from out west, those who live in rural Australia are predominantly white, European folk who patiently work the land and understand, at least partially, the laws of nature. Yet whenever I get talking to them about the ways of the world I usually drop a few subtle comments and most of the time it is to no avail. They are… Read more »