Baltimore: Black Mayor’s “Squeegee Boys” Out of Control, Need “Guards”

Baltimore’s Black mayor starts “squeegee boy corps” to employ Blacks… a few months later, guards are necessary to stop the Black squeegee boys from terrorizing drivers — and the city, refusing to face reality or tell the truth, like so many institutions in dying America, claims the guards are to “protect the squeegee boys” as well as the drivers. The pushy “boys” have been a Black-urban phenomenon of questionable legality for decades — and now the city is “employing” and “guarding” them using taxpayer funds.

We could have been colonizing other worlds. Instead, we are subsidizing and endlessly dealing with the intractable pathologies of primitives.

BALTIMORE IS a 70 percent Black city.

Back in 1918, it was nearly 90 percent White and a world class city.

Now, with Whites less than 25 percent of the overall population in Baltimore (America’s most dangerous and violent city), the Black-controlled local government is “working to help Black teens with employment” via the “Squeegee Corps.”

A long-term nuisance behavior — a more in-your-face version of begging, and not that far from theft by intimidation — has now been given the status of a “job” yet another Black city where hope is gone.To put it bluntly, young Blacks will engage in pop-up car washes and clean the car windows of drivers stopped at traffic signals in the city.

How has it turned out? [Will Unarmed Guards Help The City? People Took To Twitter Thursday Night About The Squeegee Kids, CBS Baltimore, 10-13-18]:

 The squeegee kids are going to have some company starting as early as next week.

After concerns arose about some of the kids being “aggressive”toward drivers, the Downtown Partnership will begin placing unarmed security guards at busy intersections as early as next week to calm interactions between “squeegee kids” and drivers, according to our media partners The Baltimore Sun.

This comes after a video went viral of a “squeegee kid” hitting a windshield of a car that refused his windshield service.

The partnership will spend roughly $3,000 a week on guards along President and Conway streets during the morning and evening rush hours, Fowler said, according to the Sun.

Baltimore residents took to Twitter to react to the new initiative, even directly speaking to Mayor Catherine Pugh on her Twitter account.

Mayor Pugh said she is working to create a jobs program specifically for the “squeegee kids”. She was seen approaching one boy earlier this year.

However, the jobs program will not be an expansion of the Squeegee Corps she launched last year to get kids out of the intersections and working in “pop-up” car washes, according to the Sun.

As darkness falls, Western civilization is extinguished. More empirical evidence the architects of the marketing slogan “diversity is a strength” were the greatest liars of all time.

Just another reminder when Jim Crow and restrictive covenants were the law in Baltimore, our civilization flourished and Blacks weren’t terrorizing each other (and everyone else) at rates ensuring the city secured the ignominious ‘most dangerous city in America’ title.

It’s a title Africans in America were instrumental in securing for Baltimore, even as statues to dead White males are vandalized or torn down in the city.

* * *

Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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Zyklon B 4 U
Zyklon B 4 U
20 October, 2018 7:35 pm

I’m just thankful that there are no “squeegee nigz” where I live.

23 October, 2018 1:46 pm

Of all the problems my city has this has to rank pretty low but so everyone understands they come up to your vehicle and spray the window and start cleaning before you get a chance to say no so your white guilt/fear of the heard that it has with it compel you to give it money.

23 October, 2018 2:02 pm

I haven’t been on this site in a while I didn’t realize there are several articles on my Baltimore. Just remember no matter how bad it is where you live Baltimore is worse. The “kids” (most are late teens into their 20s) have a saying ” if da lights green yo shit gettin cleaned”

Reply to  Paul
25 October, 2018 7:55 pm

Another negroid phenomenon is illegally and brazenly riding mostly stolen dirt-bikes and quads on city streets, in many US cities. Regardless of how acquired, it is illegal to ride such off-road vehicles on major city thoroughfares. Yet packs of negroids and latinos do so with impunity since police are prohibited from giving chase that might lead to injury or death to the rider should he lose control. It becomes obvious these vehicles are stolen when self-shot video shows the riders dumping vehicles and fleeing when cornered by police. Such videos also show the bikes and quads ridden against the traffic flow, illegally lane-splitting, ridden on the sidewalk, and stopped in the middle of traffic lanes. The dirt bikes the stunters “acquire” don’t come cheap – easily topping $10k new with… Read more »

23 October, 2018 2:03 pm

“‘most dangerous city in America’ title”

At least we’re#1 at something

Chris Michael
Chris Michael
26 October, 2018 2:18 am

Touché to the Judensau for chaining us to a primitive, pre-Adamic species that offers zero positives, and endless negatives. One more example of the difference between a healthy nation (a people) long ago submerged into a quagmire, and a modern “country”, in the process of being destroyed.

The only reason the cars in Balmer would even need cleaning is because the ‘groids stole all the squeegees from every gas station in town. Nogs are a swarm of biblical proportions, yet we’ve been desensitized to their egregious behavior.

I now live in a 97% white county after moving from a roughly 60% white county, the difference is like night and day, or heaven and hell, but I’m sure it’s just a cohencidence.

Reply to  Chris Michael
28 October, 2018 12:12 am

Have you ever been to my Baltimore on the merryland? Alot of them don’t even use squeegees anymore — they just use a wash cloth (not like they need them for washing themselves, god forbid).