Most Likely Perpetrator of Anti-Trump Op-Ed is a Neoconservative Jew

Neoconservative Jew and Never-Trumper Jon Lerner

by Hadding Scott

JON LERNER is described as a “rabidly neoconservative #NeverTrumper” (FITS News, 6 September 2018), which places him entirely in opposition to the change of policy advocated by Candidate Trump in 2016. Lerner was with the Jewish cabal that promoted Marco Rubio as an alternative to Trump while attacking Trump for his lack of hostility toward Vladimir Putin — which is also a theme of the anonymous anti-Trump screed that recently appeared in the New York Times. If we are going to pick a suspected author of that screed, we can say that in this instance the yarmulke certainly fits.

The anonymous anti-Trump screed is very concerned with foreign policy. By far the most conspicuous locus of dissension about foreign policy within the Trump Administration has been between President Trump and Nikki Haley. But Nikki Haley hardly has a brain in her head. Listen to the way Nikki Haley reads what’s put in front of her: she sounds like an elementary school teacher reading to small children. Since Jon Lerner happens to be Nikki Haley’s deputy, it seems entirely likely that Lerner, telling Nikki Haley what to think and what to say, is the behind-the-scenes cause of this dissension.

As Nikki Haley’s deputy, Lerner is the obvious reason why she frequently butts heads with Trump.

President Trump is paying the penalty for not excluding blatantly hostile and untrustworthy persons from his administration. Probably he should re-read that verse about the foolish woman and the snake.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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29 September, 2018 1:03 am

I really do not know why whites refer to her as Nikki Haley. Her real name is Nimrata Randhawa. She is a lying piece of filth – a dirty Sikh.

She promotes herself as a “truth” teller yet she cannot even be truthful about her real name.

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
29 September, 2018 5:53 am

She adopted her husband’s last name Haley when she married him, not to “hide her real name”, but because that is common practice. Her two first names are Nimrata and Nikki. Nikki is a popular name among modern Sikh women, reason why she prefers to be called by it. She doesn’t try to “hide” her Sikh roots at all, they are publicly known.

The loathsomeness of her subservience to the Jewish Lobby is altogether a different thing.

Reply to  Franklin Ryckaert
1 October, 2018 8:33 pm

Perhaps! But if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and behaves like a total piece of sikh filth it is still a brown-skinned piece of filth!

I just call it as I see it – spade is a spade.