They Leave Nothing to Chance

That’s why it’s called totalitarianism…

by John I. Johnson

DO YOU REMEMBER Matt Hale — the leader of the pro-White Church of the Creator who was denied his law license — and was eventually railroaded into essentially life imprisonment by a paid government infiltrator? Even if you are familiar with that case, you probably did not know that Hale had been “watched” by the System for many years, long before he rose to any fame and prominence — essentially from the moment he first uttered a Politically Incorrect statement.

The following excerpt about Matt Hale, drawn from the March 7, 2000 transcript of “town meeting proceedings” held in Springfield, Illinois by the Illinois Governor’s Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes eighteen years ago (the actions alluded to extend much farther back than that — all the way to Hale’s undergraduate, high school, and even junior high days), should forcefully drive home to any intelligent reader the depth and effectiveness of institutionalized anti-White hatred in the West, and the thoroughness and obsessiveness with which Jewry and government monitor and destroy not only existing White leadership, but also systematically track inchoate resistance (White youth), with the intent of identifying and neutralizing potential future leaders. With the arrogance and malevolence of those who believe they’ve been “chosen by God” to control others, Jewry and government are determined to commit genocide of the White populace everywhere on earth by any means necessary.



March 7, 2000 3:00 p.m.

Howlett Building Auditorium

Springfield, Illinois


Mr. Howard Kaplan, Chairman

Ms. Sheri Mecklenburg

Mr. Patrick Baikauskas [“I’ve been active in the gay and lesbian community in Springfield before moving to Chicago and am also involved in the effort for AIDS in Springfield as well as Chicago, and I in real life work at the Illinois Department of Public Aid.” (from PDF p. 10) Baikauskas has also run for public office as “an open gay.”]

Mr. Larry Elowe

Ms. Camille Taylor

Rev. Christopher Bullock

Mr. Rick Garcia [Homosexual]

Representative Sidney Mathias

Representative Ira Silverstein


Lt. Col. Andre Parker

Ms. Janet Richmond

Mr. John Johnston

Ms. Neyna Johnson

Mr. Carlos Salazar

Ms. Carole Heffernan, Coordinator

* * * * *

From PDF pp. 11-12:

COMMISSIONER TAYLOR: Good afternoon. I’m Camille Taylor. I’m a teacher for the Unit 5 School District in Normal, Illinois. And I’m on the future leaders committee. That committee will focus on issues that affect young people.

* * * * *

From PDF pp. 21-22:

SPEAKER: I’d like to know, in your travels around the state, what has been your reaction from the community concerning Matt Hale?

COMMISSIONER TAYLOR: I happen to be in a program — there was a panel in Peoria. The news was, like, last summer. It was not too long after the commission first met. And in the town of East Peoria where Matt Hale lives, they were at that point prompted to form a human relations commission.

Now, I found that very interesting from the standpoint that the town that I come from in Bloomington, we’ve had a human relations commission for probably 23 years. Normal, the neighboring town, has had one for about 20 years.

And the mayor of East Peoria was in the program that I was on. And he was saying that they have been tracking Matt Hale since he was in high school and he had been passing out literature even in junior high and high school and they knew his activities but he had not crossed the line in terms of doing anything illegal, but they had been watching him for several years.

And then when he went to Bradley University, they watched him then while he was a student doing the same kinds of things.

* * *

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  1. 4 August, 2018 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    Imagine that, Jewish watchdogs watching pro-White activists. So what? We’re watching them, why wouldn’t they watch those who are a threat to their ascendency and power by exposing and challenging it?

    As editor of the Church of the Creator’s (COTC’s) monthly tabloid, Racial Loyalty, back in 1988-89 I recall publishing a positive letter to the editor from a young (16-year-old ?) Matt Hale. That alone would give our watchdogs reason to watch the young man back in the 1980s.

    BTW, Matt’s group was named the World Church of the Creator (WCTOC) and was not a successor to Ben Klassen’s COTC. The professional barrator Morris Dees and his SPLC intervened in the sale of the COTC property that Dr. Pierce had purchased from Klassen before BK committed suicide — long story. Matt named his new group WCOTC mostly to avoid being added as a defendant in Dees execution of the spurious $one million default judgment SPLC won against the COTC in 1993.

    SPLC and the other Jewish “hate” watchdog groups have said they will destroy the National Alliance, and SPLC has attempted numerous times (think Dr. McCorkill, for instance, where they blocked his bequest to NA), openly declaring that the National Alliance should not have access to legal representation or to operating funds.

    Someone else may know the details, but I vaguely recall that after Matt finished law school and passed the Bar exam to practice in Illinois he was required to appear before some “Character Committee” that decides if new lawyers have the requisite character to practice law in Illinois. Two of the three on this panel were Jews; Matt failed their test of his character so he was denied his law license. My memory is foggy on that incident, but that Illinois State Bar Character Committee lawyer-filter fits with this crap about Illinois Jews (Obama’s Jews) stalking young Matt by the STATE OF ILLINOIS GOVERNOR’S COMMISSION ON DISCRIMINATION AND HATE CRIMES and their pissy little anti-White”human relations commissions.”

    If there is anyone worthy of a Trump pardon, it is Matt Hale!

  2. Walt Hampton
    5 August, 2018 at 6:25 pm — Reply

    Oh well, I suppose they are watching me as well.
    At this point in time, I cannot think they have much
    reason to “off” me, except for my drawing SS payments,
    which I understand collectively, are becoming an
    economic strain upon the finances of ZOG.

  3. James Clayton
    6 August, 2018 at 4:16 am — Reply

    Legal Definition of BARRATRY
    noun bar•ra•try \ ˈbar-ə-trē \

  4. JM/Iowa
    8 August, 2018 at 12:21 am — Reply

    The idea behind the legal harassment (barratry) and “enemies-list” recordkeeping is to discourage other Whites with less heart for activism from stepping it up in the consciousness-raising and recruiting tasks that we need the most in order to prevent our growth.

    However, I believe this also serves our interests in that it helps to weed out the half-hearted ones from joining us and then damaging us in the future when a little pressure is applied. We want the strongest, smartest, and the most dedicated, yes?

  5. Travon Martinberg
    8 August, 2018 at 12:26 pm — Reply

    I don’t care who watches me, except that it draws resources away from controlling congoids who definitely do need watching (not that jews have any interest in doing such though):

  6. Guest
    31 August, 2018 at 6:59 am — Reply

    How is it not a crime for these murderers to stalk white children? I remember my jew high school teacher berating a 16 year-old Lebanese student in front of the class for being “Palestinian.”

  7. Walt Hampton
    1 September, 2018 at 2:54 am — Reply

    >SPLC and the other
    >Jewish “hate” watchdog
    >groups have said they
    >will destroy the National
    >Alliance, and SPLC has
    >attempted numerous times
    >(think Dr. McCorkill,
    >for instance, where
    >they blocked his
    >bequest to NA), openly
    >declaring that the
    >National Alliance
    >should not have
    >access to legal
    >representation or
    >to operating funds.

    Denial of this bequest was really a blessing
    in disguise for NA. It is the only reason why
    the scumbag Gliebe hung on for as long as he
    did. Without that monied teat hanging before
    him, Gliebe saw no reason for continuing to
    hold onto the Chairmanship. Wish the NA had
    gotten that bequest? Be careful what you
    wish for.

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