Italy: Saving Our Pensions

EUROPE IS WAKING UP. Whites are rejecting the false Jewish song of globalism, equality and “multi-culti” for nationalist sanity. Italy recently elected an “extreme right” government that is working on implementing policies that are obviously correct and in the national self-interest, but on the other hand “racism.” And don’t forget your shekels! Yes, you unclean cattle, who is going to pay for your retirement? Got you there. Logically speaking, the only solution is to flood your ancestral homeland with the worst available racial inferiors. It’s okay, you’ll be safely dead by the time everything goes up in flames. Surprisingly, this highly honest Semitic argument is gaining very little traction among the shkotzim.

Italy needs more migrants in order to pay for the population’s pensions, the country’s social security chief said Wednesday, drawing the ire of anti-immigration interior minister Matteo Salvini.

Even if this was an entirely legitimate solution (it’s not, but let’s pretend) it would still be a disaster. You can’t build a future with other people’s children and an unemployed stone age holdover is not going to “pump” much into the Gee Dee Pee, let alone fund your blissful twilight years. In other news, the enemygrant is also going to age, they’re bringing crime and filth, they don’t work, they’re rapists and some, I would assume, aren’t completely worthless two-legged viruses. I can’t really prove that last one.

If we halved migratory flows “in five years we would lose population equivalent to that of Turin”, Boeri said referring to the country’s important northern industrial hub.

Oh no, we’re going to lose the critical “people race!” The only solution is an invasion by creatures formerly confined to the early chapters of anthropology texts. The Jew wants us replaced and destroyed. The brown alien is a weapon used in their war against the hated Gentiles. This is the truth; anything else the wandering merchant says is a lie.

If immigration were reduced to zero we would lose “700,000 people under 34 years of age in the space of one parliamentary mandate”, he told the lower house of parliament.

If only there was some way we could create new people, but there isn’t, so let’s move the entire population of South Sudan into Rome.

The pension chief added that the Italian economy needed an immigrant workforce to undertake unskilled jobs that Italians did not want to do.

This is an “economic necessity,” explains our Jewish enemy. No White person wants to pick cotton. You need these slaves. It’s the right thing to do. You’ll never regret it. Trust me, I’m one of g*d’s chosen.

His comments, however, drew a withering response from Salvini who has promised to sharply curb migration and speed up deportations of illegal migrants. In a tweet Salvini accused Boeri — an economist appointed by the previous centre-left government — of “continuing to play politics”.

Italy is back and will have a bright future once the deportations have been completed. We’re not playing games anymore, we don’t care about “civility” or “moderate solutions.” The brown sewage is going back. We’re going to save our land.

“Where does he live, on Mars?”, he added.

Boeri also warned against the new populist government’s proposed pension reform which would allow Italians to retire earlier.

No! Anything but that!

He said the new plan would cost between €18 and 20 billion a year and suggested it would be better to relax the old pension law — which had significantly raised the retirement age — and which the new government wants to abolish.

Geld is more valuable than the quality of your life or the future of your children. Isn’t that right, goyim? Incredibly, we’re starting to say “no” to this horrible devil’s bargain from the demonic yid.

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Source: Modern Heretic

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  1. Sic Semper
    8 July, 2018 at 11:57 am — Reply

    Living in the jewtopia of jew york, and being acutely aware of their methods and practices, namely being the middle men in every squandering of taxes and fiat currency. Jews take a cut of every dollar they force governments to spend. Be it via use of their banks and transactional apparatus, to receiving the contracts such government squandering of finances decides upon, then there is the outright fraud.

    The jew takes his cut at every point. The only thing to jeopardize this is stopping governments squandering their citizens’ finances.

    In jew york, the malignant jew schumer personally protects billions in fraud and populated his home congressional districts with the worst jewish criminals he could import from the ex-Soviet Union. Make no mistake these are the people and their families who committed the greatest atrocities in human history that saw them exterminate over 100 Million ethnic Europeans. They continue to practice the same levels of barbarism that they did when they controlled Russia. There is an open market white slavery being practiced right now in South Brooklyn where kidnapped Eastern European girls are sold to be “wives” – in lives of servitude and rape. It is common knowledge and was reported on by Robert I. Friedman who died in 2002 at the age of 51 from a so-called “tropical disease.”
    In his book, Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Friedman interviewed major underground Russian Jewish figures and uncovered their criminal activities in the USA.
    After Friedman’s book was published, Russian Mafia leaders put a bounty on his head for $100,000. The Russian Mafia knows that it can murder with impunity given their working relationship with European and American intelligence agencies. Even the FBI in America keeps no files on the activities of the Russian Mafia.
    In fact, the FBI, according to Friedman, is loathe to go after Russian mafia figures because of intense pressure, (and $$$ to key officials), from the Anti Defamation League(ADL). The ADL persuaded the FBI to call off investigations saying that it would “foster anti-Semitism” and bias Americans against genuine “Soviet-refugees.”

    Schumer was orgasmic with the passage of Obamacare as a fifth of the US economy was now under government control. In NY each year at least 10% of the state’s medicaid/medicare expenditures is stolen outright by schumer’s kosher brigade – at least $5 BILLION a year in just one state. While Americans are forced to pay obscene prices for a mandated insurance, the kosher brigade steals and lavishes our monies on grotesque spectacles: $10 Million homes, $350,000 cars. They fear nothing because they are protected at every step.

    When you understand that the jew brokers flooding our homes with plagues are reaping financial rewards in addition to the commission of genocide against their most hated enemies, you now understand the mechanisms in place.

  2. Donny
    8 July, 2018 at 9:16 pm — Reply

    How do unintelligent savages help the pension problem, or any other valid problem? Would that these bureaucratic, immigration-touting clowns spend a few minutes learning what Africans are like. They would either have their eyes opened, or closed permanently, either of which would be a vast improvement for the rest of us.

    9 July, 2018 at 8:00 am — Reply

    Jews run the world. This is a fact and Italy is no exception. Everywhere in Europe ,people is sick and tired of being brainwashed and dispossesed by this evil manipulators and their minions, but the impotence of the common men facing the conglomerate power of jewry makes achieving feedom an almost impossible task. France and Britain ,with their enormous coloured populations ,are gone , Italy is resisting . Only Germany has the strenght needed to save Europe, but to do so people has to break the chain of the holohoax . I thought America could free herself from the jewish joke , but it is probably impossible at this stage. Italians,and I am one of them , are facing a terrible enemy. May God help Salvini, a man of common sense

  4. Arvin N. Prebost
    9 July, 2018 at 11:27 am — Reply

    Is the era of the Hitler bogeyman over?

    It certainly served them well. How the Europeans recoiled like vampires before a cross at the mere mention of his name!

  5. Franklin Ryckaert
    11 July, 2018 at 8:56 pm — Reply

    “…The only solution is an invasion by creatures formerly confined to the early chapters of anthropology texts…”

    A way of expressing things that is elegant, funny and true at the same time !

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