Cucktianity: An Evil Force of Racism

THE REVIVAL of nationalist sanity in Europe will hopefully be enough to save our ancestral homelands from the controlled Jewish demolition. For years, a combination of kosher communist spiritual poison within and invasion by worthless and dangerous inferiors from without has devastated White homelands in the crowning achievement of the disastrous Jewish century. Now, in places like Italy, the long road back to restored and healthy White nations has begun. It will be a difficult struggle, opposed every step of the way by international Semitic money thugs and useful idiots still hoping to score imaginary virtue points with an alien outsider who is no longer ascendant.

For an example of the sickening Gentile auxiliary deployed by the nation-wrecker, look no further than the cuck-o-lick church, where sodomite pedophiles are rushing forward to prevent the restoration of our people. The Jewish evil wraps itself in White robes, puffs up with sanctimony and “How absolutely dare you!” dramatics and tries to push us back into the mass grave that was dug with a chosenite shovel. We’re not interested.

Gianfranco Formenton, a priest in Italy’s central Umbria region who has long preached against racism and in support of migrants, knows what it is like to clash with Matteo Salvini, the recently installed interior minister and leader of the far-right League party.

The enemy within. A weak, debased and gelded coward plays dress-up and calls for more White genocide. We need a lot more enemygrants, it’s what jewsus crast or whatever he was called would have wanted. Suicide as a sacrament, rape as a virtue, national death as the ongoing sacrifice for your “sins.” This is my nation, which must be sacrificed on Ba’al’s altar because you said a bad word, once.

In response to the party’s xenophobic rhetoric in 2015 – the year more than a million migrants arrived in Europe and 150,000 landed on Italy’s southern shores – he put a sign up on the door of his church in San Martino di Trignano, a hamlet of the town of Spoleto, saying: “Racists are forbidden from entering. Go home!”

I know it’s hard to believe, but some evil Italian “xenophobes” weren’t thrilled when six figures worth of evolutionary dead-ends washed up on the local beach, eager to destroy a country too weak to prevent their invasion. You’re not allowed to join my minuscule and rapidly eroding congregation, you “racist.” What a hero I am, standing up for the dark alien and the moon cultist. As I perform the Latin magic show for three deaf octogenarians, a guy that might be the janitor, and Muhammad, who enjoys abusing himself in the pews, I know I made the right decision.

He immediately bore the wrath of Salvini, who wrote on Twitter: “Perhaps the priest prefers smugglers, slaveholders and terrorists? Pity Spoleto and this church if this man [calls himself] a priest.”
The days of giving totally unearned respect to the devil’s children are over. Maybe he’d prefer having his throat slit during mass?
Fr Formenton is also believed to have been the target of intimidation by far-right sympathisers when his rectory and home were ransacked.
It seems fairly credible. Hey priest. . . watcha doin?!?
But they are struggling to convince parishioners to welcome migrants, amid mounting adulation of Salvini, a Catholic who reportedly attends mass.
Which way, Europe? Healthy spirituality and tradition based on racial reality and centuries of shared identity or an ugly brown globalist bazaar run by the traveling merchant and its sodomite acolytes.
“We have a population that wants blessings from the church, processions and religious rites, but every time Pope Francis recalls migrants or the poor, they no longer listen,” Formenton told the Guardian.
We’re hearing the call of our blood and soil, but the traditional structures we’re yearning for are run by the pawns of international finance and a pope that many now think belongs on the end of a rope.
“There is an evil force of racism, and Salvini has contributed to this. He’s been a magician in cultivating hate and manipulating anger. People of all ages have become racist because of the climate we’re living in.”
It’s really an amazing feat of prestidigitation and illusion to make an otherwise docile and doomed sheep into a “racist.” First, we point out reality. Then we show you the Jew behind it. Hoc est corpus!
“Can they go to mass each Sunday and ignore the drama that is happening in front of their eyes?” said Delpini.
No. They can not.
In the few days since Salvini’s speech, more than 200 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean. Cosimo Scordato, a priest at Saint Francesco church in Ballarò, a neighbourhood of Palermo and home to many migrants recently arrived in Sicily, compared Salvini’s use of religious imagery to that deployed by Mafia bosses.
You must burn a Cultural Marxist before you become a Made Man. Here, use this picture of Soros.
“Mobsters believe themselves to be sort-of spokesmen of Christian values, they feel protected by the church and want to show people they have God on their side.”
And yet they’re still more spiritual than some moronic communist weirdo with a sodomite scarf.
Scordato said he recently wrote a letter to Salvini encouraging him to see migrants as an opportunity in a country with a low birth rate and aging population. He got no reply.
LOL. This is the reply a completely dishonest talmudic argument deserves. The only way to fix that birth rate and deal with biological realities is to move the entire population of Mogadishu into Milan. It just makes sense.
Fr Enzo Volpe, a Salesian priest in Palermo, said Christians have “forgotten about the Good Samaritan, who healed and took care of the poor”.
You’re forgetting how Christ isn’t here for the dogs (that’s you) and how the Jew is special and better than you, the unclean meat.
“What if these countries had stopped Italians at the border like Italy is doing with Africans? What’s the difference? Is it because Africans are black?”
I just can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want dangerous 60-IQ living fossils in your country. Is it because they’re a little darker? It’s really a mystery.
Fr Luigi Ciotti, one of the most popular priests in Italy, organised a protest this weekend, which invites people to wear a red T-shirt – the same colour worn by three-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi when his drowned body washed up on a beach in Turkey in 2015.
Womp womp. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that red has another meaning in the political arena.
“Red also means to stop,” he said. “And we need to stop now, stop and reflect and look inside ourselves. We need to question our hearts and conscience: what are we becoming?”
Honestly, do you want to be the person that doesn’t allow millions of savage African criminal idiots to flood into and destroy everything your forefathers built? I’m taking the “immigration” shotgun out of my mouth, good g*d, what sort of monster am I becoming? (full story)
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Sic Semper
Sic Semper
12 July, 2018 12:15 pm

Catholicism has been the greatest obstacle to Ethnic Europeans for over 1000 years. Catholicism stood in the way of European self defense during the last Muslim invasions. It was Polish King Sobieski and Charles Martel who saved Europe, not the pope who stood in their way. It was the Catholic church who ruled charging interest a sin and thus allowed the jews to set up their banks lending at interest to the good catholics who could not borrow from their own, growing the powers of the jews while starving their own. It is the same church who takes in billions of Euros to house the invaders that the jew cabal brings in to our homelands, and it is this same church that offers its faithful up as cheap sacrifices to… Read more »

13 July, 2018 7:45 pm

The greatest danger of Christianity are the Jesuits, the Pope is Jesuit, they are figureheads, Zionist globalists, they promote massive immigration, it is necessary to investigate these ruffians.

14 July, 2018 4:58 am

‘Scordato said he recently wrote a letter to Salvini encouraging him to see migrants as an opportunity in a country with a low birth rate and aging population’.

I think Nick Griffin addressed this typical BS in a very well made speech to the EU: – also, be sure to listen to the very predictable response to what he said and how he totally slaps it down in brilliant form.

Adolf In Valhalla
Adolf In Valhalla
18 July, 2018 4:18 am

Christanity is the original sin. The original cultural Marxism.

18 July, 2018 6:15 pm

100% Heathen, Pagan and Odinist here. Hail Allfather and hail our Folk!