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Latest William Pierce CD, Volume 7, Now Available

COSMOTHEIST BOOKS has now issued the seventh volume in our series of the best of Dr. William Pierce’s speeches and radio broadcasts — William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Volume 7. There is no finer teacher of the truths our people need to learn than William Pierce. His speeches and radio broadcasts are gems to treasure for a lifetime — and to give as gifts to everyone you care about.

This new mp3-CD volume contains the following moving and powerful works by Dr. Pierce, remastered for increased audio quality:

1. Books and Freedom
2. Brainwashing Our Children
3. Corruption of American Police
4. Cosmotheism: Wave of the Future
5. Fast and Furious
6. Freedom for Germany
7. Get Ready for War
8. Great Masters of the Lie
9. Horror in Rhodesia
10. Human Dignity: A Racial Ethic
11. Katyn
12. Murdering Iowa
13. Out of the Darkness
14. The Big Picture
15. The Jews Are Our Misfortune
16. The Meaning of Democracy
17. The New Protocols
18. The Trouble With People
19. Understanding Our Enemies
20. What Liberals Don’t Understand

These ultra-long-playing (many hours — twenty full programs per CD) mp3-CDs are playable in all computers and DVD players and most, though not all, modern car CD players made in the last few years. There are now 140 remastered programs in the series — and more are on the way!

The CD is a notable bargain, too: When originally issued, there were two programs on a $13 cassette, or $6.50 per program (and that was in 1990s dollars); today you get a CD with 20 programs on it for $20.

You can obtain this important CD album by visiting Cosmotheist Books.

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