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What They Have Done With Their Power

Satirist and musician Alison Chabloz, one of the latest victims of Jewish “legal” vengeance

Arrests and imprisonment for speaking, for reporting, and even for singing words and ideas that (((they))) don’t like.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of May 26, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

The kind of world we White people build when left to ourselves . . . a world many of us born before 1965 still remember . . . a world that younger people see in old books and films and wonder at . . .

JEWS WORKED HARD to get power over our minds. Since the late 19th century, they’ve been buying up and building media empires, and now, except for the growing but still far too small alternative media like National Vanguard, they’ve practically got a monopoly on the retinas and eardrums of the slack-jawed millions.

And the Jews hated, and still hate, the beautiful world we White people naturally build for ourselves when left alone — the all-White schools and parks and workplaces, the clean cities where women and children did not fear to tread. They hated our beautiful world because they were considered to be different by most of us, and on rare occasions were even excluded here and there by sensitive — or far-seeing — or long-suffering — Whites. They even managed to get themselves thrown out of some countries — on 109 occasions, I read somewhere — the most recent one being Germany (but read their literature and you will see them wailing about various “holocausts” all the way back to Classical times).

. . . a beautiful world . . .

So they used their money and their media power to gain control over the political process — buying politicians, offering politicians illicit or perverted sex in camera-filled rooms, threatening to relentlessly attack politicians in the press over every little item in the dossiers they keep on all of them, and building up their opponents in the press so they’ll be defeated — and then following through with their threats if the politician won’t “play ball.” And they succeeded. They did gain a large degree of control over the political process in White countries around the world.

. . . a world that has been stolen from us.

Once that happened, they were able to get the laws they didn’t like repealed or rewritten, and they got the laws they wanted passed by the guilty smiling liars some people still call legislators: laws that pay their racial state Israel $38 billion, plus four or five billion (who’s counting) yearly, stolen from the pockets of working men and poor grandmothers; laws that give more than 90 per cent. of the “anti-terrorism security funds” to Jewish groups, while Whites who are victims of shootings and attacks have to fend for themselves; laws that forbid us from hiring our own and forcing us to hire more Blacks, more Mestizos, more Muslims, and more of whatever they tell us to hire; laws that forbid us having our own neighborhoods; laws that require us to send our innocent children into “schools” where feral and sexually aggressive Third Worlders are out of control and where indoctrinated White-hating “teachers” have a lesson plan very light on real science and math and history — and very heavy on teaching those same terrorized White kids that their ancestors were evil and worthless and that the most virtuous thing they can do with their lives is work hard every day to bring about a world in which White people no longer exist. And that’s not even mentioning how they’ve used their media power to twist our sexuality in some very unhealthy — and genocidal — directions. And they did this not only in America, but just about everywhere the White world.

Yes, they got almost exactly the laws they wanted, when they wanted them. They’ve gone so far in their White-hating frenzy that millions of Whites are waking up. That’s making the Jews react with even more fury and more extreme hate. They know their power is built on lies and hate and oppression and genocide, and they’re terrified about what might happen to them if enough of us figure out what they have in store for us. So — having already overplayed their hand, they feel compelled to overplay it even more to stamp out the rising awareness — they call it “hate” — of what they’re really all about.

For the moment, they’re still riding high. They still get the “action” they want from our corrupt lawmakers and law enforcement agencies, all over the Western world. So — what are they doing with that power?

Tommy Robinson

Just yesterday, they demanded and got the arrest and imprisonment of Britain’s Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson is a pretty gutsy guy who protests loudly and creatively against the invasion of Britain by brown-skinned Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. And he’s very careful — so careful I don’t like him, in fact. He’s careful to never call the Muslims he criticizes “Brown” or “non-White.” That would be racial, you see, and Tommy Robinson would rather die than be thought a “racist.” So he always just calls the invaders “Muslims,” and restricts his language to their religion alone — since saying that White people deserve to keep their homeland would be “racist” and bad. He loves homosexuals, he says, avoiding another Jew-enforced taboo. He’s also very careful to never criticize Jews. The Jews are wonderful, according to Tommy Robinson. He pretends not to notice the fact that the Jews were the ones who opened the borders to the Third World invasion. He pretends not to know that they they are the authors of the laws forbidding anyone to criticize the invasion, too.

But being careful didn’t help him much. The Jewish-run media attack him and slander him almost to the point of calling for his head daily — if not hourly. The Jews are smarter than Tommy Robinson thinks they are. They don’t respond well to his fawning on them and praising them. They know he opposes their race-mixing / open-borders genocidal agenda. They suspect him of secretly wanting White Britain to continue to exist. So they go all out against him, and now they have arranged for his arrest.

The charge against Tommy Robinson, the ostensible reason for his arrest, is that he was allegedly “breaching the peace.” That conjures up visions of someone throwing rocks through windows, breaking up a court proceeding with a gang of thugs, or beating people in the streets. But nothing like that happened. In Leeds Crown Court a group of Middle Eastern invaders is on trial for sexually grooming and raping little White girls. There have been several such cases now in Britain, and likely tens of thousands of little White British girls have been corrupted, drugged half to death, sexually used, raped and made pregnant, and prostituted by these worthless animals — in some cases for decades, while the authorities covered up for the non-White rapists and didn’t report their crimes for fear of being called “racists” in the very PC prison island that Britain has become since the Jews rose to power there.

Well, Tommy Robinson was at Leeds Crown Court yesterday, reporting on the trial. He wasn’t in the courtroom, and he wasn’t even inside the building. He was making a video and talking about the case into his microphone while standing on the public sidewalk. Nothing more. No disturbance. No threats. Just a Facebook livestream and commenting on the case — a case, by the way, that is getting the absolute silent treatment from the Jewish-controlled “US” media. Like we do here at the National Alliance, Tommy Robinson was creating his own alternative media. Not a single law was being broken. The police appeared out of nowhere and arrested him. He didn’t understand why he was being arrested and had to ask them. But we know why he was being arrested, don’t we? — we know who gave the orders to the people who give the orders. As one wit put it: “Tommy Robinson may not believe in the Jewish Question, but the Jewish Question certainly believes in him.” Tommy Robinson could be facing more than a year in prison, where the cells are crammed with Brown invaders who hate him almost as much as the Jews hate him.

A journalist arrested for reporting on a public trial! This should be the one of the cases of the century. Where are the TV reporters with outraged expressions on their faces? Where are the “civil liberties”-loving op eds? Where are the reporters who get all agitated whenever any reporter is arrested in Russia, even for jaywalking? Many observers have noted today that in modern Jew-run Britain, you may enslave and gang-rape White teenage girls for years or decades before anything is done about it, but if you’re a White man and you merely talk about the crime and report on the trial — it’s instant arrest, within minutes of your arrival.

Jez Turner

Last year I interviewed British activist Jez Turner on this program. He’s the founder of the London Forum, where he invites intelligent, insightful speakers to give talks to others. And he makes a few rousing speeches himself. He’s an open racial-nationalist, as we all should be. Back in 2015, he made a speech which essentially said that the Jews have a great deal of power and influence in Britain. The Jews then proceeded to prove him absolutely correct by charging him with “speech crime” under laws which they themselves authored and passed over the sleeping heads of British dullards. He was convicted of saying truths that the world’s richest ethnic group doesn’t like to hear and has been recently sentenced to a year in the same hellhole, Third World-infested prisons that Tommy Robinson is headed for. Cruel and unusual punishment for any White man, but especially for a well-known White patriot.

Turner knew that the deck was marked and stacked before his trial, with twelve aces up the sleeves of the corrupt system prosecutors just in case an honorable man or two tried to break up the frame. He said: “Looks like I may be going away for a while — a free vacation at Her Majesty’s pleasure. But whatever happens, I’ll have a show trial first. And I’ll make sure that I give them a show — and go down fighting!” He then spoke four lines that might well be regarded as a motto in verse for his fellow truth-telling comrades: “Never give up; never give in! Despite the odds, we will win!”

Hervé Ryssen

In 2016, a French writer named Hervé Ryssen made a couple of tweets through his Twitter account. He said that organized Jewry was 1) guilty of innumerable crimes, and 2) was guilty of the murder of millions of eastern Europeans. France is another country where the Jewish power structure has been able to dictate the laws, and naturally they dictated laws making saying such things a “crime.” M. Ryssen was recently sentenced to two months in prison — one for each tweet, I suppose. And he now faces further imprisonment — three years! — for writing a book that Jews don’t like. The Jews are denying that they have any malign or excessive influence in our societies — and if we dare to claim otherwise, they’ll have us thrown in prison. Proving their critics correct and — we hope — adding greatly to their number.

Another critic — and a very witty one at that — is Britain’s Alison Chabloz. Miss Chabloz is a talented singer and she had posted some satirical songs on YouTube. She poked gentle fun at Jewish sacred cows — and, as a result, just today she was found guilty of “two counts of causing an offensive, indecent or menacing message to be sent over a public communications network.” She’s expected to be sentenced next week. “Offensive, indecent, or menacing” — talk about Jewish doublespeak — remember, this is the group that vends the grossest pornography with impunity; the group that, in their racial state, incinerates unarmed protesters and keeps an entire group of indigenous people in an open-air concentration camp for decades. No prison time for them. Oh no. But make fun of them and their “holy” myths, and it’s prison time for you.

Some of us know where the Jews want this to end. They want — and are, as you can readily see, building up to — a new version of the NKVD, the early Soviet secret police, whose knock on the door at 3 AM meant you were never going to see your wife or son or daughter or father again. The NKVD was heavily staffed by Jews, and in Bolshevik Russia — note this well — “anti-Semitism” was punishable by death.

A wise man once pointed out to me that it takes the Jewish media a couple of decades of mental conditioning to convince you that it is “evil” to fight against evil. But it may only take a single moment of clarity — of clearly seeing what is really happening — to correct your moral compass. May this program today have provided you with such a moment.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. We need your help to continue. Please send the largest contribution you can afford to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also help us by visiting Make your life count. Once again, our postal address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.

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26 May, 2018 9:34 am

“Some of us know where the Jews want this to end. They want — and are, as you can readily see, building up to — a new version of the NKVD, the early Soviet secret police, whose knock on the door at 3 AM meant you were never going to see your wife or son or daughter or father again. The NKVD was heavily staffed by Jews, and in Bolshevik Russia — note this well — “anti-Semitism” was punishable by death.” I’m glad you said this – this is exactly where it’s going but: 1) it’s happening slowly (frog slowly boiled to death and not realizing it example), and 2) people don’t believe that what happened to the Russians (perpetrated by the Bolsheviks) could happen in our “modern” era. You… Read more »

Sic Semper
Sic Semper
26 May, 2018 10:48 am

The machinations to enslave, brutalize and exterminate Ethnic Europeans everywhere on earth has in the last few weeks hardened from a slow motion genocide, happy to await invasion demographics to do their work, to an active state sponsored one. In the UK Muslim filth raped thousands of Ethnic European children for decades and were given a free pass. Tommy Robinson made a speech, was arrested, tried and convicted in less than 24 hours. Not since the Sanhedrin conspired to murder Christ, has such “swift justice” been carried out. In the United States with its Constitutional protections on free speech, the jew machination cannot yet raise a Sanhedrin to carry out a 24 hour conviction – here they utilize baiting, which the mongrel hordes that have had their bloodlust stirred against… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
26 May, 2018 12:44 pm

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After seeing that warning the viewer can still choose to view the offensive video, or parts of it, anyway, if he’ll click on the button.

Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Thanks, YouJews, for disabling those features that offend you Jews. It must be nice having your “monopoly on the retinas and eardrums of the slack-jawed millions,” to paraphrase KAS. Enjoy while you can.

Just Here
Just Here
26 May, 2018 6:30 pm

In the U.S., everyone MUST be aware that the jews just introduced the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act into Congress. This is their first attempt at infringing upon and subverting the First Amendment in order to install Euro-style “hate speech” laws in the U.S. The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act would essentially make it illegal for college and public school students to speak out against Israel or jews as a group. Violations would incur massive fines and/or jail time. This is very real, and the first step in setting up a parallel set of laws for the jews and another for everyone else, just as in the U.K., France and elsewhere. If they can get this instituted in educational settings, what will the next targeted social sector be? No one loses their Constitutional rights… Read more »

28 May, 2018 7:29 pm

Kevin’s mention of the NKVD is very apropos and I’ve been thinking about just that the last few weeks as it’s clear the Jews have upped the ante and are reverting to their greasy Bolshevik methods of dealing with their opposition. But unfortunately for them they cannot yet create new death camps for their enemies so they are settling for lawfare, deplatforming, harassing and ruining the lives of perceived white racialist leaders and driving people to suicide out of despair. That is why they are fanatically attempting to ban all firearms (i.e. “assault rifles”) that are effective in resisting the government tyranny that is upon us and poised to change from soft to hard any year now. They are trying to weaken their enemy (us) before they start making their… Read more »