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The Capitalist/DC Regime Hybrid Healthcare System Is Perfect in Every Way

by David Sims

ACCORDING TO Vox.com, “On October 19, 2016, Jessica Pell fainted and hit her head on a nearby table, cutting her ear. She went to the emergency room at Hoboken University Medical Center, where she was given an ice pack. She received no other treatment. She never received any diagnosis. But a bill arrived in the mail for $5,751…. These bills show the steep costs that emergency rooms can charge just for walking through their doors. The $300 fee that [another patient was] charged is typically called a ‘facility fee,’ the price of entering the facility regardless of what happens afterward.”

Those hospital “facility fees” sound like a cover charge: money you have to pay just for walking in the door. Fancy restaurants sometimes have cover charges in case somebody comes in and occupies a table, but doesn’t order much besides a drink.

But the hospital ER has no such excuse.

It’s as if you walked into a restaurant, looked at a menu, noticed that the price of an order of french fries was $200, decided to eat somewhere else instead, and left. Then the fancy restaurant sends you a bill for $2,000 just because you were briefly inside the place.

That’s the kind of thing the hospitals are doing with these “facility fees.” I suspect that illegal immigrants don’t have to pay them. [Usually the illegals, like many Blacks, never pay anything and aren’t even expected to pay anything. Therefore Whitey’s bills become massively inflated. You must subsidize the non-Whites’ free medical care when you pay your hospital bills — assuming you’re gullible enough to actually pay them. Don’t! — Ed.] I also suspect that the reason you would be charged a “facility fee” or other exorbitant charges is that the illegal immigrants aren’t paying for their own treatments at the emergency room. Their costs are being redirected to you, by any means necessary.

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Sic Semper
Sic Semper
8 May, 2018 9:54 pm

More millionaires are made from medical billing than are made from drug dealing. It is a jew infested racket that knows as long as Jew York Senator Schumer is in office the gravy train never will end. There in no punishment for overcharging Medicaid and health insurers Billions as long as Schumer and his rabbis get their cut.

The only ones who suffer is all of us with “white privilege” when we are injured or sick. Isn’t America wonderful?

9 May, 2018 11:14 pm

N J Gov Murphy is now giving illegals free college as well.

15 May, 2018 10:18 pm

This all started in 1973 with the HMO Act. I actually remember the debate and concern over how medical care was about to be subjected to the unethical forces of privatization and the market. It used to be that medical care was a dividend of progress and the citizens were entitled to that benefit. Medical care’s primary goal was to serve the public health. To that end, it was funded AND regulated to serve the public good. Profits came of their own accord. Medical staff was properly trained and paid. Back then, we had doctors who made HOUSE CALLS and the Country Doctor was a regular fixture in the rural parts. There were many small hospitals, as well, to serve Flyover Country. Thank you Franklin Delano Roosevelt for making American… Read more »