Sweden: “Anti-Fascist” Mob Attacks, Injures Man for Wearing Francisco Franco T-shirt

Leftist Whites have been driven homicidally insane by Jew-created ideology.

THIS VIDEO SHOWS a guy called Ulven being attacked by an antifa mob in Gothenburg, Sweden, on the traditional trade union demo on 1 May. Why? He was wearing a Francisco Franco T-shirt. Apparently, he is not actually political at all; he’s just a provocateur who has his own YouTube channel. In 2016 he attended Gothenburg’s May 1 demo wearing a T-shirt that said “Better Dead than Red”. This time his goal was to show that leftists are intolerant of alternative thinking.

Here is the T-shirt he was wearing. “Caudillo” means leader.

Afterwards, the police falsely claimed that he was part of the Nordic Resistance Movement and Sweden’s left-wing press disgraced itself with headlines like “Nazis attack demonstrators — one injured” before changing them afterwards when they realised this was fake news.

Below you see one that says “Nazi to the hospital — tried to disturb demonstration”.

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. Arvin N. Prebost
    3 May, 2018 at 10:28 am — Reply

    Should have taken pepper spray with him.

    • A Swedish Man
      4 May, 2018 at 12:38 pm — Reply

      Pepper spray is illegal to possess in Sweden, so using that would have just have sent him to jail.

      Last year he went to a communist demonstration carrying a sign saying “Rather socialism than communism” and he was ignored, until he removed a piece of tape revealing the word “national”, thus changing the message to “rather national socialism than communism” and it just took a couple of seconds before he was attacked by the rabble and arrested by the police.

      Two years ago he held up a sign at a queer parade saying “Pride is a threat against a healthy society” and the tolerant rainbow coalition soon showed how tolerant they are, before uniformed thugs apprehended him and handed him over to the police. They even arrested a gay who protested against the abuse.

      NSFW video, it is from a pride parade after all.

  2. B. Smith
    3 May, 2018 at 1:52 pm — Reply

    We need to get to the point where if Jews, their shabbos traitor servants, or any of the brown jew-pets dare to attack a white person that ALL white people on the scene jump and and BTFO the scum with viking fury.

    Followed up by mass white political action to neutralize the slimy efforts of govvy-traitors, jews-media, and commies to blame or punish the white people for their violence.

    Preceded by mass white political action as well I think as that would perhaps dissuade most of the attackers and at least the borderline traitor/order-followers in advance.

    Not to initiate violence, but to stop it.
    Not to start the fight, but to finish it.

    It needs to be like even if you are an old man with bills to pay you still can’t help yourself — you go berserk to help your fellow whites — victory or valhalla. Later when you are persecuted the white community stands with you against that persecution to the end.

    We need this kind of bargain amongst ourselves.
    Like we used to say in the Army: Keeping the Faith — with each-other, not with the traitors in power that put us in whatever shithole to fight for the ZOG empire — but simply keeping the faith amongst our (white) selves.

    If he was a dumbass who shouldn’t have put himself in that position then the pro-white group should “educate him” to wiser behavior in the future — or else.

    No white person should ever have to stand alone (at least not for very long), agains the anti-white forces.

    • Arvin N. Prebost
      3 May, 2018 at 10:25 pm — Reply

      I would put my faith in pepper spray instead of other White people.

      I think we just have too much diversity among us for us to stand up for each other, unless it is the members of the same in-group.

    • 8 May, 2018 at 9:12 am — Reply

      couldn’t agree more, time to start throwing punches if attacked and make it painful for the left, make them realize there are consequences for their actions.

  3. George Wright
    6 May, 2018 at 8:10 am — Reply

    I have been attacked on two separate occasions in the past for wearing a so-called offensive t shirt. In one of those instances, some nearby Whites did help. Of course, that was 26 years ago…..

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