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Student Loan Debt Slavery

by David Sims

THE FEDERAL Reserve and the banking system have many ways to make a slave out of someone, via his debts. Most people stupidly over-borrow and find themselves out of their depth, unable to repay even the interest on what they owe, helplessly watching as their aggregate debt rises toward infinity with exponential speed. They can’t get any more loans. They lose their homes.

And people who thought that they were keeping a manageable ceiling on their debts, upon losing their jobs, find themselves in the same situation as their more reckless fellow citizens: forever rising, forever unpayable debt, no more credit, and homelessness.

And people who get through their entire lives without debt, when they become old, begin to suffer the infirmities of age, and that’s when the price-scam for medical care kicks in to make a debtor out of even the most prudent citizen, assuming that he doesn’t decide that an earlier death is preferable to losing what little wealth he has to leave to his children.

The video below by Stefan Molyneux tells the story of a foolish girl who thought that it was worthwhile to borrow a lot of money to pay for a worthless college degree, and how impossible this decision made her financial circumstances for the next thirty years. She realized, too late, that she had become a slave.

Don’t let it happen to you. College was, once upon a time, worth what it cost. It no longer is. And if you do go to college, be certain that you are earning a degree that will bring you money enough to justify the effort and make it possible for you to pay your way clear of debt.

[And consider devoting your life to something great instead of just pursuing money as an end in itself. The libraries, and the ’Net, are full of the greatest books ever written. Real education has always been free. One thing among several that Molyneaux totally misunderstands or misrepresents in the video is that the banks do not give up any resources when making a “loan”; the money is created out of nothing. That’s called fractional reserve banking and that’s the kind of banking we are saddled with all over the Western world. It’s a Jewish system (scam, really) and it makes all of us slaves. — K.A.S.]

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  1. Guest4
    29 May, 2018 at 7:38 pm — Reply

    If you expect to have any reasonable existence by working for a living in the U.S., you are sadly mistaken. Every well paying job is a pressure cooker with 20 people ready to step into your shoes. The owners of capital are doing very well with minimal effort. Crooked politicians, too.

  2. James Clayton
    30 May, 2018 at 10:04 am — Reply

    Glad to see the link to Stefan Molyneux. Hopefully he’ll develop the courage to lay the ax to the root of the problem instead of simply explaining its seriousness. And it needs to be faced, without further ado, that the remedy is repudiation of the debt as simply having been a fraud. Anything else is like believing that the solution to our problems can be solved by the democratic process.


    And, surprise: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR “inquiry” finds they and itself did nothing “wrong.”

    1 June, 2018 at 5:59 pm — Reply

    What can you expect from Stephen Molyneaux, more appropriately called Stephen Molyjew. He has about as much real concern for the human consequences of the debt crisis described in his latest video as a vampire bat has concern about infecting its host with rabbis. Molyneaux is in it for the money, and he will do nothing substantive that will put him in bad odour with the Jews. In fact he loves Jews, and has on many occasions given them much glowing praise.

    Let us be practical and tactical when we assess the virtues of any fledgling white messiah! And Molyneaux is just another money hungry shill for the Jews.

    I advised my children to forget about a University education – a total waste of their time and my money. Instead I introduced them to the writings of Dr. William Luther Pierce, Dr. Revilo Oliver and other great writers of the white race. They have done their own research and they read widely and often about many issues relevant to the white race. Furthermore they do not smoke tobacco, they do not drink alcohol, they do not do drugs, they do not listen to popular music and they do not, and I repeat do not watch television. When they are not keeping their minds active with reading they are involved in physical exercise.

    Was this easy for me to achieve as a parent? No! It cost me my marriage, a job and most of my assets, but I am a lot happier. I am totally debt free as are my children.

    • James Clayton
      2 June, 2018 at 10:59 am — Reply

      “In fact he loves Jews, and has on many occasions given them much glowing praise.

      “Let us be practical and tactical when we assess the virtues of any fledgling white messiah! And Molyneaux is just another money hungry shill for the Jews.”

      Well, I guess I haven’t seen that and perhaps you could provide links to some examples. Facts such as Sub-Saharan Africans having an IQ substantially lower than Blacks in the U.S. and Ashkenazi Jews having– on average– higher probably isn’t promotion.

      Much of Molyneux’s emphasis, from what little I’ve heard of him, is the importance of two-parent role modeling. He’s also good at interviewing on such subjects as not abusing children.

      Yesterday, I went with my wife to get her hair cut. I enjoyed the conversation with all who were there in a very small shop. I asked if someone would explain “eyebrow threading,” was told it was a way of thinning thick eyebrows– think Audrey Hepburn– and the conversation eventually turned to the fact there’s no difference between boys and girls these days. She explained she meant young people raised, as Molyneux points out, the products of single parent families.

      And there are statistics supporting much of what Molyneux says and he footnotes his presentations with sources. Maybe its a sophisticated psy-op but I doubt it.

      My sense is that we shouldn’t simply run off those who still have lessons to learn.

        3 June, 2018 at 7:33 pm — Reply

        Molyneaux is in it for the money, and knows that offending the Jews will make making money very difficult. Just ask him about his views on the intellectual superiority of Rabbis, and ask him his views on Hitler.

        Brother Nathanael speaks much about the Jews, but you must never forget he is a Jew.

        Norman Finkelstein speaks critically of the Jews but never forget he is still a Jew.

        Israel Shahak spoke unforgivingly about the Jews but never forget he was a Jew.

        One can speak at length and with brilliant poise about the symptoms of a disease like syphilis but it all becomes moot when you avoid any discussion about the cause of the disease – spirochetes.

        Molyneaux speaks about many things that the Jews cause but he never denounces the Jews or points his finger at Jews. He concentrates on symptoms but will never highlight the cause.

        • James Clayton
          4 June, 2018 at 4:15 pm — Reply

          I suppose this is how blogs are supposed to be: Your comments bother me. For example, that he will “never” highlight the cause after re-stating my observation that he was warning parents and their young regarding debt slavery which is an important thing to be doing. Molyneux warns of many such things including making the wrong decisions in marriage and childraising. And so I’m going to continue to take exception to your name-calling absent any evidence after asking you for some.

          Few of us understood our problems both public and private in our youth due as much to what we were taught in public and licensed private schools as by the mass media of so called news and entertainment. At some point we learned to recognize the problem. And I don’t think anyone here has nominated Molyneux as a White Savior which we need anyone to crucify. However, Hitler was nothing if not a great orator. And my opinion of him today is quite different that it was not that long ago. I believe it is important to be patient with those with resources who could help and to not try to be as repulsive* as possible.

          Rather than ask us to ask Molyneux what he thinks of Rabbis or Hitler, why don’t you show us what he’s produced on the subject as I suggested? And why not rebut what he submits. There seem to be quite a few assertions including that he’s only doing what he does for the money. I see considerable value in what he does including what Mr. Sims used here. Show us some specifics and rebut those.

          Finally, you mention several individuals with whom you are apparently familiar who are Jews. You’ve offered no evidence of your initial assertion that Molyneux is a Jew. I’ll use WIKIPEDIA as a source for many subjects but not those likely to have been edited by Jews which seems sensible. However, I’m not going to those babies out with the bathwater, so to speak, simply because their strengths include weaknesses. Good for you that you’ve taught your children not to fill their time with television programming. Same regarding being a warrior. However, target identification is an essential part of warfare and I’ve yet to see anything about Molyneux other than that he has talent that he’s developed and still has a lot to learn.


          • WHITE WARRIOR
            6 June, 2018 at 1:23 am


            I do not know why you have this love affair with SM. It is really weird in every possible way one could imagine. You have the written works of great minds like the late Dr. Revilo Oliver and the late Dr. William Pierce, as well as their many broadcasts to guide you. These great minds were talking about student loan debts and boob hatcheries, and fractional reserve banking long before SM lost his hair, in fact long before SM was even born.

            SM like Bill Clinton, like Hilary Clinton – like all the rest of the YouTube filth is an opportunist that will attach his money hungry claws to any cause if he thinks he can make some money at the expensive of gullible wanna-be’s. He is not a Jew but he will do nothing to offend Jews. He will not speak about Jews with the courage that Kevin Alfred Strom does. He is a weak, pathetic, morally bankrupt opportunist who will do whatever he can to make money off fools – gullible people – pathetic people – people who could see no further than the ends of their nose.

            Case in point, he spoke of poor Tommy Robinson the Jew loving white nationalist under the heading of restrictions of free speech, but he did not speak at all about:

            Ursula Haverbeck
            Allison Chabloz
            Jez Turner

            Why? Because Robinson is a card-carrying Zionist and Ursula, and Allison, and Jez are just Nazi’s, holocaust deniers – people who should be gaoled.

            Go ahead and ask him. Ask your YouTube hero and friend. Yes you heard me go ahead and ask him, and present in this forum his comments as to why he (SM) showed no interest in the case of Ursula, or Allison, or Jez? Kevin Alfred Strom was not afraid to speak on their behalf.

  4. James Clayton
    2 June, 2018 at 11:08 am — Reply

    Fraud is using deception in order to induce another to part with … It vitiates the most solemn contracts… https://assignments.uslegal.com/validity-of-assignments/fraudulent-inducement-and-validity

    There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments… United States v. Throckmorton (1878)


    It will be interesting to watch the response to Iceland’s repudiation of such debt. There’s a link that y’all posted “for further reading.” Read it all.

  5. James Clayton
    3 June, 2018 at 6:35 am — Reply

    One of those in what was once a women’s hair salon, which now thins the eyebrows of boys as formerly it did only for girls, agreed that students are pretty dumbed down. She says that teachers do not prevent the use of smart phones and ear buds by students during classes, etc. And Molyneux does a good job describing why Johnny can’t think, here. I’d like him here learning.


    Stephen Molyneux

    President Donald Trump Bombs Syria. Again.

    April 13 2018

    “President Donald Trump made the decision to bomb Damascus in Syria “in response” to the supposed chemical attacks that Bashar al-Assad. When it comes to the Military Industrial Complex, meet the new President, same as the last President and the President before him, and the President before him… “

  6. cc
    4 June, 2018 at 10:49 am — Reply

    These are the comments I like to see. Uncover the criminal government, establishment and institutional violence. It reminds me of the nonconformists of the 2d half of the 1960s and early ’70s who had the moral courage to point at something and say — this is wrong. I realize modern day racists are largely repulsed by the revolutionaries of that time, but it’s undeniable they had the courage of their conviction. They had spirit and hands-on experience which is severely lacking in contemporary racism. Whatever the stereotype: rednecks, bikers, Texas rodeo hoods, southern racists, hippies, whoever; they told the agents of destruction to get lost.

    The nonconformist racist who escapes the criminal establishment becomes stronger each day.

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