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Polanski, Weinstein, Schneiderman: Anyone Noticing a Pattern Here?

Roman Polanski

by David Sims

IN 1977, the Jewish movie director Roman Polanski was arrested for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl. He took a deal whereby he pled guilty to the lesser offense of unlawful sex with a minor. After conviction, he was held in prison for 42 days to await sentencing, but he was, for reasons I do not know, released prior to his sentencing. Polanski, who had expected a suspended sentence, learned — by some means I do not know — that the judge actually intended to impose several years of prison time on him. Polanski predictably fled the United States and went to Paris, where he continued his career as a movie director.

For about 30 years, the Jewish movie producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped, sexually abused, and/or harassed at least 80 women. He’s one of the Jews who gave the “casting couch” a bad reputation. Hollywood proved that it is full of evil people, many of whom stepped forward to support, excuse, and/or cover for Weinstein, just as Weinstein had previously verbally defended Roman Polanski.

There is yet another Jew in this train of slime. Eric Schneiderman (D) was, until recently, the Attorney General of New York. He brought a civil rights lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, in February 2018, because of Harvey’s sexual misconduct. But only three months later, it was reported in the New Yorker magazine that Schneiderman, himself, had sexually harassed and/or physically abused at least four women while he was the state attorney general.

Of course, not all of the slimeballs are Jews. Bill Clinton, for example, seems to have done many of the same nasty things that Eric Schneiderman also did. But Jews are found among slimeballs in percentages that are much greater than their demographic percentage of the population. And Bill Clinton has his own immunity from punishment mostly because he sold his soul to the Jews long ago, and, during his political career, he served the Jews as a cat’s paw.

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  1. Travon Martinberg
    21 May, 2018 at 8:38 pm — Reply

    “The shiksa thus became the ultimate sexual trophy. The Jews who ruled Hollywood, noted Hollywood rabbi Edgar Magnin, “were men who made all that money and realized they were still a bunch of Goddamned Jews. Sleeping with a pretty gentile girl made them feel, if only for a few minutes, ‘I’m half gentile.’ ” http://whale.to/c/marilyn_monroe8.html

  2. Uncle Cracker
    22 May, 2018 at 3:07 pm — Reply

    It´s such a shame, France gave that slime protection and let him run away from justice, and he is praised and people consider him being a great artist.
    Makes me understand there is something seriously wrong with our people.

  3. Travon Martinberg
    17 July, 2018 at 12:26 am — Reply

    Hollywood blacklisted the movie “An Open Secret” which exposes pedophilia among top directors, producers and actors:
    https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/nov/01/an-open-secret-hollywood-child-abuse-documentary .

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