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Charlottesville: Setting the Guilty Free, Imprisoning the Innocent

by David Sims

IN THE STUPIDEST outcome of a trial that I’ve heard of lately, Deandre Harris (a Black male) was acquitted of assaulting Harold Crews (a White patriot), by hitting Crews on the face with a flashlight. There are videos showing what happened, and a guilty verdict should have been a cinch. But lawyers for Harris and Corey Long (also a Black male) told a number of lies that, apparently, the jury believed.

For example, the story about Harold Crews’ attacking Corey Long, trying to spear him with the flag pole, is a lie. The videos clearly show that Crews was facing away from Long when Long came upon Crews from behind and grabbed the flag pole, and then began trying to tear the flag away. Crews was struggling to retain possession of his property. He wasn’t trying to spear Long.

From 5:29 to 5:38 in this first video, you can see two important things. First, the flag pole is never poking into Corey Long’s torso. It is projecting past Long’s left hip. Second, you can see Deandre Harris’ flashlight swinging down and clipping Harold Crews on his left cheek. Observe the arc of trace glint of sunlight off the flashlight in the frame at 5:37, and you’ll see that the flashlight did make contact with Mr. Crews’ face, not with the flag pole, which was too far away. Now why couldn’t a reasonably alert jury notice that?

Here we see the victim pulling on the flag to keep it from being stolen by the Black attackers. Does it look to you like there is any “spearing” going on?

While the struggle between Corey Long and Harold Crews for possession of the flag and pole was underway, Deandre Harris joined the fight by attacking Crews, hitting him on the face with a heavy flashlight.

That’s what happened. That’s what the videos show.

Mr. Crews did not attack Corey Long. It was the other way around. Corey Long attacked Mr. Crews. Corey Long committed assault with the intent to commit vandalism and/or robbery. Deandre Harris committed assault as an accomplice of Corey Long.

How a jury could acquit Deandre Harris is difficult to understand. Can’t they see what’s in front of their eyes? Or are their eyes so suffused with media propaganda that their minds were made up before the trial even began?

It appears we’ve discovered the fallacy of trying to find truth by the method of voting on what the truth is.

The video begins with an outtake from a news interview with one of the lawyers, representing the Blacks, telling a lie. When you get to the part that shows how the violence began, and how it unfolded over the next minute, watch closely. There are “instant replays,” but you might want to replay even these to make sure you have noticed exactly what happened.

You’ll see that the jury got it wrong. Deandre Harris was guilty, in the sense that he actually did the deed that he was accused of doing.

The most alarming thing to emerge from this Charlottesville incident is the bias in the legal system, caused by the leftist media’s prejudicing of juries with impunity, after which guilty Blacks are declared not guilty and set free, their lies accepted as factual, while Whites who defend themselves and each other are convicted of felonies and then fined and sent to prison.

Let’s be clear. Deandre Harris wasn’t running to the defense of Corey Long. He was joining Long’s attack on Harold Crews. That the jury at Harris’ trial rendered a not guilty verdict that was in conflict with facts, easily observed on videos, leaves us doubting the intelligence, or the honesty, of the jurors.

Likewise, the recent conviction of Jacob Scott Goodwin (who may spend ten or more years in a Black-dominated System prison), who was indeed defending (or avenging) Mr. Crews against the attack by Deandre Harris, shows a remarkable moral or mental deficit of the jurors at his trial.

Together, the media and the lawyers successfully pulled off “making black seem white and white seem black, according as they are paid,” just as the 17th-century author Jonathan Swift noted about the courts of England.

More evidence:

The claim that Harold Crews attacked Corey Long is a lie.

• It was the other way around. Corey Long approached Harold Crews from behind and tried to steal Crews’ flag.

The claim that Mr. Crews speared, or tried to spear, Corey Long is a lie.

• Videos clearly show that Corey Long had control over the end of the flag pole nearest him, and that the pole extended past Corey Long’s left hip. The end of the flag pole never was pointing toward Corey Long’s torso.

The claim that Deandre Harris hit the flag pole, and not Mr. Crews’ face, is a lie.

• The flag pole was beyond Deandre Harris’ reach with the flashlight. If you follow the arc of sunlight reflecting from the flashlight on the video frame, you will see that it struck Mr. Crews on the left cheek, precisely where other video frames show Crews’ face to be wounded.

Furthermore, Corey Long hauled Harold Crews toward Deandre Harris by pulling on the flag pole. That, too, is shown in the video evidence.

But a trial jury believed a set of lies regarding the attack on Mr. Crews by both Corey Long and Deandre Harris. They set the guilty free. They sent the blameless to prison.

* * *

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B. Smith
B. Smith
3 May, 2018 8:09 pm

Fully red-pilled, I know it is up to us alone to save our race.
And that our governments are run by enemies and traitors.

And yet, and yet, I still thought that the abuse of government and police powers around the Charlottesville events was so apparent that a “jury of our peers” would have to, on due consideration, see through the kike-lies, even from inside the heaving bowels of the jew-dicial system.

To be shocked at this outcome… Need to work on my cynicism I guess…

Or maybe all the jurors were black/brown/catladies?

I would have thought at least one honest person on the jury would call shenanigans and hang it!

4 May, 2018 12:59 am

Thanks for the article. More Whites need to read this, so I’m promoting the National Alliance and National Vanguard through flyers distributed locally.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  JM/Iowa
4 May, 2018 10:33 am

Great research by Mr. Sims that every White American who trusts the judicial system needs to have his face rubbed in. Thank you JIM/IOWA for all you do to alert our people and steer them to join the National Alliance instead of just complaining about how unfair and bad things are. We’re all pulling for you next week at your own trial and will support you in your appeal if convicted of “having a firearm on school grounds,”or whatever that pretext they came up with was to charge you for perfectly legal distribution of NA “Love Your Race” fliers: https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/02/the-disturbing-fliers/ The April National Alliance BULLETIN was snailmailed yesterday to all members and supporters and features more about your landmark First Amendment case, and of some fresh, innovative activism of other… Read more »

4 May, 2018 6:17 am

One of the things Molyneux points out well is the problem with low IQ individuals and groups including nations. Hopefully he’ll learn who is behind promoting exactly that and why. He does have various experts explain and prove that a good test of intelligence is knowing what one doesn’t know and that is the problem with jury trials.

Stefan Molyneux The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites

4 May, 2018 10:20 am

This verdict was nothing more than 1) a virtue-signal from the despicable jurors, and 2) a giant “screw you!” to the White identitarian movement as a whole.

An innocent White man, someone with ideals and valid concerns who went to that leftist cesspool in hopes of simply being heard, will sit in prison because of HIS “skin color”.

I am so very upset over the fact that White activists world-wide are being thrown in gulags by rats in semi-human form… while Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccer-mom buy more junk from (((Amazon))).

Black Hole Sun, won’t you come?

5 May, 2018 1:06 pm

As Mr. Sims points out it is clear that Deandre Harris’s lawyers blatantly lied about what took place since it’s flatly contradicted by video evidence and honest witnesses. No doubt the prosecutor purposely mounted a weak case so Deandre would walk free.

We’re always told the racial composition of the jury in cases where blacks receive a verdict they don’t like but no word on the racial composition of the jury that convicted Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos. You can’t receive a fair trial with a jury of antifas, BLM supporters and anti-racist Christians.

Did Goodwin’s lawyer request a change of venue? Any case this politically charged should have been moved out of Charlottesville for the benefit of the defendants.

George Wright
George Wright
6 May, 2018 8:33 am

I second the thanks to Jim in Iowa. You are an example for all of us to follow.

A swede
A swede
10 May, 2018 2:00 pm

The worst of all in this are the whites who take a stand against their own race and attack their own people side by side with the non whites.
And then this obvious lie we see here, there are no forgiveness for these white traitors.
I wonder if they know what the blacks really think about them?

Fletcher Smith 3
Fletcher Smith 3
3 September, 2020 3:11 am

I wish we could have proud white lawyers in our country that would stand up for our people… but they’re rich and only care about their money and not the freedom of their race that fights for them and their families and children etc… wake up white man.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
4 September, 2020 12:08 am

What color were the Jurors? Remember how a predominantly black jury turned OJ Simpson loose, despite the overwhelming evidence against him? All the lies about “equal justice” is just that, another Jew lie that keeps white people hoping for a reasonable outcome. But the reality is Jews stack the juries and judgeship with people guaranteed to deliver the desired anti-white verdict every time, this despite any and all evidence to the contrary. American trials today are no different then the Judeocommunist show trials of the Soviet Union, where the verdict was decided before the accused was even arrested. The idea was/is to make an example of the opposition that will terrorize like-minded people into inaction. There was a time when white men would have marched on jails and freed falsely… Read more »