The Vanguard Community

by Tharru

The Foundations of Society

THE LAST TIME I made remarks about our current project and the state of affairs of modernity my subjects of concern were the essential and universal basic requirements for any society to stand against the natural course of entropy which plagues all societies across the globe. It has since occurred to me that a likely criticism of this universal claim would be a presentation of the Jewish ethnic project, which on its surface seems to adopt a parasitic condition through which it seeks to resist this natural order. However, after reflection on this response to my claims, it became apparent this reply would highlight a discussion of the different types of strategies adopted by different societies within the framework of a universal system of community, soil, and ethnic bonds. Jewish society is not a refutation of my earlier claims, but a spotlight on a specific and unique strategy.

We see a strong sense of ethnic heritage, temporal regard, and tight community within Jewish society despite the concomitant truth that the Jews have not historically existed as a people bound to one primary location. They are a society of wanderers — but a society still, and a relatively successful one. From this we must conclude that they have adopted the recognition of the truth of the basic requirements for societies seeking to resist universal entropy.

There is much here which may be said about the peculiar Jewish strategy of survival (primarily its long-term failure due to the antagonistic nature it creates in non-Jewish host nations) but that is not the purpose of this specific essay. It is only mentioned in relation to my claims about the necessity of blood, soil, and a grand sense of time. These are preconditions for a healthy and stable society which, as long as it maintains these basic recipes, will prove itself enormously more adept in resisting the entropic effects of universal chaos when compared to a society lacking these requirements.

The Concept of the Vanguard

It is with this in mind that we turn our attention to the concept of the vanguard community. Let us first use a simple mathematical metaphor to illustrate what the term “vanguard community” represents within the context of social organization and political infrastructure: When we desire to find the median of a set of numbers, we must first start at the extremes. The concept of a median is simple enough, but its simplicity belies a fundamental truth: Concepts such as moderation, temperance, and civility are irrelevant without the existence of extremes. If one desires civility one must also accept the existence of incivility — each concept cannot exist without the other. This puts the “median” in a somewhat precarious position, as moderation and civility become slaves to extremity on all sides. Further, when faced with an opponent willing to grab the median by its metaphysical and epistemological shackles by driving his peculiar brand of social extremes in a specific direction, the only possible offensive action is to respond in kind. It is a type of mutually assured social destruction which, in more civilized societies, is a tactic not engaged in because all parties understand the nature of the war which would be waged along these lines. As a result, very few are willing to risk the absolute fraying of social order in pursuit of their own ideological or political schemes if they hold some sort of favorable association with the society and its order.

This leads us to surmise that the current enemies of our White race are hell-bent on the total and complete destruction of our social fabric, institutional history, and existential future. When faced with an enemy whose overtly stated desire is the destruction of the White race and Western society, it must be stated that no course of counterattack may be considered off limits. The enemy has long ago arrived at this conclusion, and we must respond in like manner.

As a vanguard community we exist at the extremes — the fringes — of our people. It is a community of peculiar hardship, alienation, and constant upward struggle. But it is also a community of nobility, honor, and privilege. Whether by divine ordination or cosmic luck, we have been granted the gift of sight, and this sight entails a duty to exercise our agency in a manner fitting those blessed with the ability to see reality for what it is.

We see the decaying social institutions, the hollow and shallow once-venerable religious monuments, the formerly proud histories now besmirched with mud and derision by the lowest of society. We see this and recognize it as the only conceivable outcome of a society that has forgotten the radical truths which made such a society possible in the first place. We see its greatest tribulations not as failures, but successes of a hostile ideology and people who hold everything which makes us who we are in absolute contempt. We see what other people cannot see because they lack the mental constitution, the strength of will, and the courage to look truth in its face.

But this is not the only thing which sets us apart from others as a vanguard community. We also inherit a duty to provide our fellow ethnic kin with alternatives to the crumbling society around them, for it is also a truth that reality and nature can only be ignored for so long.

Our duty as men and women of the future must be a duty lived! We must embody every aspect of the society we wish to see as reality. We must be a living future for all those stuck in the present with little knowledge or understanding of how they arrived here. We must all develop the gifts granted us at birth in order to shore each other up in times of weakness, and we must encourage each other to rectify our weaknesses. A tough compassion must be employed. We must inspire each other to pick up the responsibilities our forefathers took seriously. We must all be statesman in our own lives so that we may be guardians of our communities. We must show mercy to our own and absolute hostility to those who seek our annihilation. We must look to nature to provide us with those things in which we are deficient. We do not seek to overcome nature but to exist within nature harmoniously for it is the hand that, though it feeds us, may also withdraw itself.

The Political Vanguard

Much ado has been made about the possibility, and even the desirability, of engaging in a kind of covert political warfare with the forces arrayed against us. I do not oppose those who adopt these tactics, but I have a single criticism: Your covert warfare will be just that — covert. It will not be seen by our people for what it is. It will not be understood as a break from the systems which are increasingly leading to greater degrees of stress on their everyday lives of our people.

They will not see it as a viable alternative, one which inspires greatness and courage, to the current hostile paradigm. They will not see it because it will be, by your very words, covert. You acknowledge the inevitable and predictable hostility from the modern press which is the strongest arm of our enemies. How will you inform these people you are seeking to save them from their destruction and that you are secretly working for them? Are we so afraid of the truth that we can acknowledge it only privately? And what of the people we are seeking to save? How can they become valued members of your desired future if you cannot even trust them to see the truth itself?

But, you argue, our words will fall on hollow ears. We vanguard members do not contest this. What we see is the value in truth exemplified through action: Action borne out of blood, sweat, commitment, and vision. We see the utility in averting our current trajectory not by employing clever rhetorical tricks, viral images, and covert political intrigue, but by presenting a living alternative to the current paradigm — an alternative embodied in stone, wood, crops, and community. We see the value in showing our fellow ethnic brothers and sisters that the strength and will to succeed lies in hard work and a courage to fail where there is a hope of victory. We do not see value in adopting the weak snake-like tactic of subversion which will ultimately have the effect of turning our people into that which we despise most. We see no value in becoming our enemies and adopting their extremes, for such an action would be to cede to them the success they think they are so close to achieving.

The value of a people is known through observing their ability to meet the truth head on and stand for what they believe so that all who look upon them may judge them as either worthy or despicable. Just as the Norse gods rushed headlong into battle knowing they would die, we too must know that no one escapes death. We must seek to live well and die well. That is what sets the vanguard community apart from the layman of political intrigue. We see the subverted institutions for what they are and are willing to combat them openly. He sees the subverted institutions for what they are and seeks to subvert them himself. Which condition and outlook is more absurd? Only time shall tell.

* * *

Source: The Purity Spiral

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16 February, 2020 4:14 pm

Brilliant observations reminiscent of when i use to be able to read widely available opinions, facts and educational material freely and without censorship by the you know who’s.
Truth is a stimulating and inspiring factor in the desire to live and carry on in this noisy and disconnected world.
Unfortunately it is not heard enough by the people that really need to hear it. I do my part when possible but sometimes people need to find it on their own, when they are ready and hopefully it is not too late.
Keep up the good work.