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The Black Death

Avoiding the sexually transmitted disease of non-White genes

by H. Millard

MISCEGENATION IS THE cause of Whites being infected with non-White genes. Think of miscegenation as a sexually transmitted disease that can kill not only many entire White families, but can spread unchecked and can kill all Whites worldwide in a major pandemic unlike anything ever seen. It is bedroom genocide.

How sad to see Whites being careful during flu season to avoid shaking hands with other people and constantly washing their hands — lest they pick up some flu germs and get sick for a week or two — yet being seemingly unaware that mixing and mating with non-Whites picks up genes that can destroy not only their future family but will wipe out the genes of all their pure White ancestors that have led to their present existence as Whites. This sexually transmitted disease can wipe out whole White civilizations.

Whites must separate out and avoid as much contact with all non-Whites as possible if they hope to survive and thrive as Whites. There simply must be no gene flow from non-Whites to Whites.

This isn’t really complicated, and here are a few facts about DNA and genes that should make it clear why Whites must remain separate:

Each human has about 3 billion combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA. These are usually abbreviated as A, T, C, and G. They make up the code (or recipe or blueprint) that makes each of us who we are.

We get half of those 3 billion letters from our father and half from our mother.

These 3 billion letters are contained in 46 chromosomes. We get 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 from our mother.

In these 46 chromosomes are approximately 20,000 genes. We get 10,000 genes from our father and 10,000 from our mother.

When we have a pure White father and a pure White mother, we are born pure White.

If we only have one pure White parent, we can not be pure White as we will have received half of all the foregoing from a non-White.

That’s really all you need to know about why we must separate out and not have gene flow from non-Whites. Simply put, you must breed only with Whites for your family line to remain White.

But there is even more: White is the color of holiness and purity throughout existence. It is that which brings existence to non-existence, and it is that which drives back the darkness and is the color of life against the color of death. It is no fluke that we are born White — that we are the selected ones. It is our destiny. Wherever we are, there is the light of God shining through us. Wherever we are not, there is darkness and evil. It is the way of existence that seemingly symbolic or unconnected things — such as our Whiteness — are thought to be trifles when they are actually, perhaps we can say mystically, connected to and part of the Ineffable Divine. Our Whiteness is a sign of purity. It is from the Ineffable Divine. Just as the Ineffable Divine is pure light and pushes back darkness, so too is that our charge. We must bring the light of goodness and justice to the world and we must push back the dark in all its forms so the light of the Ineffable Divine always prevails.

Why should we want to stay White?

Being White is its own reward and needs no further justification. But it is reasonable to expand on this. Read on.

Whites who are mentally healthy like who and what they are. They want to live. They want to survive. However, one must realize that one is much more than the person we see in the mirror. We are all those letters, chromosomes, and genes that were mentioned above. We are the product of them. They are us and we are them. The single term that describes them all is genome (aka DNA code). It is our White genome that must survive. When it survives, we survive. It can survive the death of our body in our children only if we pass our White genome on by mating with another pure White. That is genuine reincarnation. You go forward into the next generation through your pure White children, but you do not go forward if you have no children — or if you have produced children with a non-White human.

Some of us, who we often call awakened Whites, believe that Whites are selected by the Ineffable Divine to do Its will, but that many Whites are unaware of their selection and waste their lives by not following the simple rules given to us by the Ineffable Divine in order for us to live happy, fulfilled, and meaningful lives always doing good, and always doing Its will. And Its will is always good and just and righteous. It is never evil or harmful. Its will is all about life and evolution. The Ineffable Divine is the definition of holy. It cannot be anything but holy and whatever It wills cannot be anything but holy.

This is not the stuff of most belief systems that you may have been raised with, or are aware of. This is not false religion. This is not about meaningless rituals and foolish things. The Ineffable Divine does not lack in self-confidence and doesn’t demand that we constantly tell It that we love It or that we sacrifice ourselves or other living things to It.

What It does demand of Whites is that we live our lives as good, decent, and righteous people — and that we expand our kind and never contract our kind. It demands that we never miscegenate and that we seek our evolution. It demands that we remain pure in our flesh and blood — in our genome. It demands that we seek wisdom and that we seek ever more purity along a pure White path so that we will evolve along the trajectory that the Ineffable Divine wishes; so that we eventually become a new White species incapable of bearing offspring with non-Whites. To achieve this, we must avoid all gene transfer right now — and always; for if we miscegenate we take ourselves off the righteous and pure White path; if we miscegenate we have done evil by permitting our pure White genes to be infected with non-White genes. We must leave earlier forms of humans behind and we must become ever more White. We are to be the replacements — but we must make it so through our own efforts. The Ineffable Divine gives no free rides and we must prove ourselves by remaining pure and by following Its commands for us.

Our efforts require Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. The first we must be born with. This means being born pure White. The second two activate our White potential and make it so.

Our God — the Ineffable Divine — is real. It is in the roiling quantum level of existence which is the furnace of creation and destruction, where non-matter is constantly transformed so that it creates matter and then dissolves in its time back to non-matter, only to come forth as matter again in never-ending cycles as the spiraling forces that are the most active expression of the Ineffable Divine expand always and contract never.

We know about the nature of the Ineffable Divine only from what It reveals to us. It is never still, but moves constantly as it spins, turns, spirals, and revolves. If the movement stopped, existence would not be. One of the few ritual things we are commanded to do is to have representations of this active spiraling force of the Ineffable Divine next to, or on, or in our skin at all times. We represent this as a fylfot. It can be in an unseen part of our body or it can be displayed to the world. It can be bold or subtle. In this day of persecution it can have four, six, or eight trailing arms but it must have a central core or hub. The shape itself is holy, and is a constant reminder of the Ineffable Divine and who and what we are.

To repeat: Our highest possible destiny is to transform and evolve into a new species that will look much like the ideal of our White type, but which will no longer be able to be made unholy by miscegenation. Our new selves will be protected from gene flow from non-Whites because we will not be able to produce viable offspring with other types of humans. No longer will we be baby factories for non-Whites. No longer will they be able to replace us by breeding with us. We will breed pure White and only pure White — and then our evolution to become closer to the Ineffable Divine will increase in speed as we become ever holier and more just. This we know.

And, not only that, but we will not want to be around non-Whites at all. No amount of propaganda will be able to change us and make us wrongly think we should mix with them. We will be a separate kind, and the new kind, on this and all other worlds where we can live and thrive. The other kinds will be relegated to the history books as today we relegate Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals to the history books.

Here are some of the simple rules for us to always remember, and to do, as we stay on the pure White path: Treat others as you want to be treated. Be polite always. Speak with a soft voice. Be humble. Help others find peace of mind. Never miscegenate. Separate out from other kinds and avoid all gene flow. Ask of everything, is this good for Whites? Do not interfere in the fates or lives of non-Whites; be indifferent to them, but treat them fairly and respectfully. Have as many White children as your body will permit; as many as possible as your nature as a male or a female will allow.

* * *

©2018 H. Millard

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8 April, 2018 1:45 am

I’m sorry to break your illusions, but there is certainly NOT a single “100 percent pure White person” living today on this Planet! Humans have been moving around the Earth since millions of years, and it is evident that a certain level of non-White admixture took place in all of Europe since the earliest prehistoric times. More recently, even the Scandinavian Vikings imported quite a sizeable amount of mixed and non-White slaves in their midst, not to mention the Greeks and Romans, who imported them(quite foolishly, admittedly!)in Europe by the millions!… A Human Race is determined by the FREQUENCY of certain physical and genetical traits, NOT by some totally unachievable “absolute purity”…which only exist today in strains of Laboratory Fruit-flies and Rats! Be factual and scientific, please! Otherwise, the White… Read more »

tony bonn
tony bonn
4 April, 2021 10:18 pm

speaking of flyfot, does anyone know where they can be purchased in the US? i had to buy one from bulgaria. they need to be of silver or gold.