Ten Commandments for the Selection of a Marriage Partner

Issued by the World Union of National Socialists (1982)

AS RACIALLY-AWARE Aryans, our lives are not ours to squander and waste as we please. Rather, they belong to the greater racial community of which we are a part. In all things great and small, our duty to our Race must take precedence over our own narrow, selfish interests. Nowhere is this racial duty more important than in our responsibility to our people as the mothers and fathers of the next generation of racial life.

The lives we lead, the mates we choose, the children we bear and raise — these things, to a large degree, determine the future of our Folk.

The following ten points concerning the selection of a marriage partner should be seriously considered by all Aryan teenagers and young adults who are currently unmarried.

1. Remember that you are an Aryan.

Never forget that you are a member of a great race. Take pride in the wonderful achievements and glorious heritage of your people. But also be aware that belonging to a noble and superior race obligates you to behave accordingly.

Whatever you are, you owe to your Race. Whatever you accomplish, you accomplish through your Race. Therefore, in everything you do, consider how your actions will benefit — or harm — your Race.

Whenever a conflict arises between that which you wish to do for your own personal reasons and that which is the long-term interests of your people, put your own wishes aside.

2. Keep your body strong, healthy and clean.

In the long run, a sound mind can only dwell in a healthy body. Do not dissipate the health and the strength that has been bequeathed you by your parents and hundreds of generations of ancestors. Exercise and keep your body fit. Learn the rules of proper nutrition and follow them. Reject all forms of harmful addiction, whether in the form of alcohol, tobacco or some other harmful drug. Beware of careless promiscuity that may lead to incurable venereal infection. Reflect on your lifestyle and ponder the consequences it holds for you and future generations of your Race.

Demand from yourself what you expect from your future partner in marriage. Keep your body strong, healthy and clean, so that someday you may be worthy of becoming an ancestor of future generations of Aryans.

3. Keep your inner self healthy, too.

Take care to nurture your soul and your spirit as well as your body. We live in a era of severe and constantly-worsening social decay. Do not let yourself become corrupted by apathy, cynicism, hedonism, materialism, nihilism or any other of the degenerate anti-life attitudes prevalent today. Hold your inner self aloof from the decay. Reject that which you instinctively feel to be alien to your spirit, your soul and your dignity as an Aryan.

Cultivate an appreciation of Nature and of all healthy Aryan art forms. Maintain a positive outlook on life, no matter how bad things may seem at the moment. The future does not belong to those who have lost all hope.

4. It is your duty to marry and have children.

Every generation of Aryans is a single link in the great chain of our Race which stretches back thousands of years into the mists of the past and forward endlessly into an unseen future. As individuals, we all die. And yet we continue to live on in what we contribute to this great chain.

It is our duty to bestow those attributes bequeathed us by our ancestors — beauty, strength, health, creativity and intelligence — upon future generations of Aryans. Those racially healthy individuals who neglect to have children, for whatever reason, weaken the chain of our Race’s existence. The personal attributes that have been passed to them for countless thousands of years are lost forever.

By the same token, you must refuse to have children if you bear within yourself a defect or disease that will only bring misery to your descendants. This is the only noble and correct course of action for those racial brothers and sisters who are less than perfect. In this way, they, too, do their part to help strengthen the future existence of their people.

But for those who are hereditarily healthy, having children enables part of them to live on after their death, and it helps to ensure the continuation of their people.

5. Marry only someone of your own Race.

Where like begets like there will be harmony. In place of the unhappiness which race-mixers suffer, those Aryans who marry a member of their own Race experience joy and contentment. They become part of that link between the past and the future. They pass on the racial qualities bestowed on them by their Aryan forebears and become worthy members of their people.

Marriage should be a stable and permanent relationship. Therefore, seek as your life’s partner only someone who is not only racially similar, but who is also of similar ethnic and cultural background. This will help assure an added degree of compatibility and harmony between you.

Those Aryans who marry outside their own Race cut themselves off forever from their natural biological community. The racial heritage bequeathed to them is lost. Instead of beautiful Aryan offspring, they produce grotesque raceless mongrels, who lack the inner unity of soul which only belongs to those of pure blood. Those Aryans who marry members of alien race commit the gravest and most unforgivable sin: race-treason. Truly, that is the most heinous crime against Nature.

6. Do not seek merely a bedtime playmate, but a helpmate and companion for life.

Marriage should be regarded as a serious, lifelong commitment, to be approached very carefully and soberly by mature individuals.

Today many Aryans take marriage lightly, even frivolously. In the disposable, no-deposit-no-return society in which we live, divorce is rapidly replacing marriage as a way of life. This is a sign of the decadence of our times.

The ultimate purpose of marriage is to beget and raise children, and this is best done in a household where both parents are present. Beyond this, however, the relationship between a husband and wife should itself be an enduring one, capable of lasting a lifetime. Marriage should be more than an excuse for two people who are attracted to one another to live and have sex with one another until boredom sets in.

When considering a future marriage partner, ask yourself if this is the person with whom you really want to spend the rest of your life. If the answer is no, find someone else.

7. The health and heredity of your own potential spouse is as important as your own.

It is not enough to make sure that you are healthy and free from hereditary defects before marrying. You should also be sure that this is true of the person you wish to marry as well. When you reach a point in your relationship where you are seriously considering marriage, you should not hesitate to inquire whether your partner is free from disease (hereditary or not) that could be passed on to future offspring. You should also know for certain whether or not this partner is capable of fathering or bearing children.

Ask your future companion for life to have a complete medical check-up to determine his or her fitness for marriage and have a similar examination yourself. This will provide a firm basis for a happy and lasting marriage.

Be aware that when you marry someone, in a certain sense you also marry their ancestors as well. Worthy descendants can only spring from worthy ancestors. Intelligence and personality traits have strong genetic links. Know your potential spouse’s family, including grandparents and more distant ancestors and relatives if possible. Aryan folk wisdom tells us not to marry the only good person from a bad family.

8. Marry for love, but do not be blind to other important considerations.

Only marry someone you love but be aware that there are other considerations that you should take into account. The notion that “love conquers all” may be appealing to many young people, but it is a false notion.

Before marrying someone you should be sure that your personalities are compatible, that you have similar tastes and interests, and that you have goals and values in life that do not conflict. Do not let love blind you to unpleasant aspects of human nature. Someone who is lazy or who is an alcoholic or who is physically abusive before marriage will not suddenly be transformed into the perfect mate, as if by magic, upon taking the wedding vows.

9. Do not marry someone who has a negative attitude towards their own Race, or who is implacably hostile to the movement for Aryan survival.

Because of a lack of proper education in racial matters, many young people have a harmful attitude towards their own Race. They disparage any form of Aryan racial consciousness and prefer the company and lifestyles of alien peoples to that of their own natural biological community. The vast majority of these misled Aryans can be won back to their own people, and in fact are most receptive to racial enlightenment by someone in whom they are romantically interested.

And yet there are some teenagers and young adults who have so abandoned their own Race that they can never be won back.

Do not marry someone whose closest friends are non-Aryans, or who are totally immersed in the culture, lifestyle and moral attitudes of a racially alien people. If someone is so far gone that they prefer American Indians, Jews, Blacks, Pakistanis, Puerto Ricans, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Turks, Iranians or whatever to their own kind, they can never be transformed into a suitable marriage companion for a racially aware Aryan. Those who engage in intimate relations with non-Aryans of the opposite sex are not worthy of marriage to an Aryan. The term “Aryan” implies not just a certain biological inheritance, but also a nobility of soul which these creatures conspicuously lack.

By the same token, you should not marry someone who is implacably hostile to our Movement. Because of the lies which have been force-fed our young people about National Socialism, it is only understandable that many of them should be hostile towards it. But if a potential marriage partner does not lessen his or her hostility towards the Movement after learning what its true aims and goals are, marriage to that person is out of the question. Only misery awaits the racial idealist who marries someone who views the movement for Aryan survival with hatred and jealousy!

The question that you must ask yourself of a prospective mate is this: Will marriage to this person make me a better fighter for my people — or will it weaken my commitment to this sacred Cause?

10. Have as many children as possible.

Only by having four or more children do you really help guarantee the survival of your people. By having many children, the various traits which you and your spouse have inherited will have ample opportunity to be reborn in your offspring. Many important figures in the history of our Race would never have been born if their parents had limited their families to one or two children.

Do not be put off from raising a large family by the talk about a “world population explosion.” This “explosion” is only occurring among non-Aryan peoples. Every Aryan nation has a negative population growth — that is, our Race is actually shrinking because each year more Aryans die than are born. It is your racial duty to help reverse this trend, so that the extinction of our Race can be avoided.

You yourself will pass away. All that will endure is what you pass on to your descendants. It is in this way that you will help assure that your Race will live on!

The National Socialist, Number 5 (Fall 1982), pp. 11-13. Published by the World Union of National Socialists, Arlington, Virginia.

* * *

Source: New Order

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11 April, 2018 2:07 pm

Best advice ever! Eloquently said. Thank you.

11 April, 2018 7:43 pm

Natural World: Cohabitation is based on food, clothes, shelter and reproduction. A compatible couple is the most successful.

Sappy conversation can snap like a rotten twig.

11 April, 2018 8:49 pm

Very good.

Whites need to rediscover the joys of children and families.

The other races need to rediscover the joy of serving whites while remaining celibate.

John robins
John robins
23 December, 2018 3:04 am

This should be taught in all Aryan families.
America is being destroyed by multiculturalism. Former Colorado governor Richard Lamm speech titled, “I Have a Plan to Destroy America” hit it right on the head. It’s easier to destroy America from within and we must defend against multiculturalism.
America must also rid itself of all aspects of Jewish influence, especially meddling in our elections and banking systems..