Skripal Makes A Miraculous Recovery

And the mystery of the cat and the guinea pig

THE SALISBURY “deadly nerve agent poisoning” fantasy has now plumbed truly ludicrous depths. Having told us for a month that the Skripals were attacked by Russia using a chemical poison “six times more dangerous” than Britain’s own VX nerve gas, the authorities have now had to admit that Sergei Skripal is following his daughter’s path of miraculous recovery.

The “deadly nerve gas” didn’t even kill the guinea pigs — police neglect and the failure of ‘expert investigators’ to take them for testing did that!

Sergei’s much-loved cat was also sealed in the house, where he wandered around for several weeks. During that time he would have come into contact with all sorts of surfaces in the house, and washed himself as cats do. But even Nash didn’t die from the poison — of which two grains are enough to kill 500 people.

No, poor Nash was found, after the Russians asked where he was. Then he was taken to Porton Down and, instead of being given water and food, was given a lethal injection and — like the guinea pigs — cremated, because his body had absolutely no trace of the deadly poison.

This wanton destruction of a beloved pet was also of course the deliberate destruction of inconvenient evidence that the government’s war propaganda was absolutely groundless.

Even the antidote to Novichok cannot undo damage done by the poison. Mr Skripal was supposedly poisoned in his house some four hours before he was found collapsed on a park bench and taken to Salisbury Hospital. The hospital does not have a poisons unit, so expert help would even then have taken time to arrive.

Since both he and his daughter were unconscious even before they got to hospital, there is absolutely no chance that the antidote could have been administered before irrevocable damage had been done. The fact that both are now recovering can therefore mean only one of two things:

Either this is an Easter Miracle, or they were not poisoned with Nivichok or any similar ‘military grade nerve agent’ in the first place.

It really is as simple as that. Then there is the fact that it is a medical impossibility for two people of such different ages, sex, health and size, to receive random and unavoidable different doses of poison and to collapse at exactly the same time after hours of walking around, eating and drinking.

Put all that together and we really have to reject the “Easter Miracle” option. Which only leaves one possibility — the Skripals were not poisoned with Novichok.

Which means that our government, in particular Boris Johnson and Theresa May, have told deliberate lies about non-existent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction, recklessly pushing us all towards disastrous war in so doing. A British government? Surely not!

* * *

Source: Knights Templar International

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George Wright
George Wright
8 April, 2018 5:06 am

Glad to see this B.S. debunked in a logical manner. I never thought the Russians would be stupid to commit a double homicide with such an obvious ” return address”.

Emilio M Sanzano
Emilio M Sanzano
12 April, 2018 4:46 am

Another pathetic attempt by the leftist, war-mongering, white-hating psychopaths who are desperate for the west to go to war with Russia. Now we have the phony chemical attack in Syria that is being blamed on Assad and Russia with no proof.

Reply to  Emilio M Sanzano
12 April, 2018 12:16 pm

If the big war does break out, I wouldn’t be surprised if mother Russia has a few nasty little gifts for that little trouble making state in the middle east, and I don’t mean Syria.