May Day: A Holy Day for White People

by Survive the Jive

ALL AROUND Europe there are ancient pagan ceremonies on the 1st of May which used to be dedicated to the goddess of dawn. In Ireland they have Beltane, and in England there was Maypole and Morris dancing which used to be for the Anglo-Saxon goddess “Eostre” from German “Ostara”. We can see similar pagan customs in Wales, Scotland, Romania, Lithuania and at the Valborg celebrations in Uppsala Sweden. In this video I explain how they can all be traced back to the Indo-European goddess of dawn, Hausos (*h2éusos).

May Day Revels

May Day is celebrated on May 1st for the Proto-Indo-European Goddess Pria, the Goddess of Spring Flowers. The Proto-Indo-European religion pages linked below mainly address May Day Customs in the Germanic language-speaking areas (though the tradition is far wider than that), especially English, where the Goddess is known as Freya. However some songs, dances and traditions are included from Cornwall which was a traditionally Celtic-speaking area. The main topics in this section are Furry Day Songs and Dances, Maypole Dancing, the Tree in the Wood Song and a couple of Morris Dances associated with Maypole dancing. Though this work is based on linguistic research, most of the songs have been chosen because they are pretty, fun and fairly easy to learn. They are numbered for convenience of reference.

There is so much information about May Day that I have divided it into several separate pages. To make it easier to find the various topics, here is a Table of Contents for all four pages.

Table of Contents

May Day Revels, Part 1
Walpurgis Night
Customs for Children
Hawthorn Tree Songs
May Dew Songs
May Day Songs
Visiting Songs
Syllabub Recipe
May Day Revels, Part 2
Furry Day Dances
Maypole Dancing
Tree in the Wood Songs (Summerisle or Maypole Song)
Morris Dances

* * *

Source: Survive the Jive

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