A Sighting of Swallows

by Frederick Dixon

WE HEAR QUITE a lot about “LGBT”  these days, perhaps rather too much. What do these letters mean to you? No doubt they mean “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender”, as they did to me until a few days ago? However, according to an Asian journalist for the Telegraph, to some of our young fellow countrymen and women they mean “Let’s Gas Blacks Too”. Old “Nazi” though I may be, I can say quite truthfully that I found this suggestion quite shocking although I was not quite as shocked by some of the other more traditional and restrained slogans that are reportedly popular among the new young — “If they’re black send them back”; “This is Britain not Africa”; “Rights for Whites”.

I was not shocked by these latter slogans because either they’re innocuous (Rights for Whites), factually correct (This is Britain not Africa), familiar from when I was around in the seventies and eighties, or all three. Never mind that the four slogans differ wildly in their offensiveness, all four were quoted in the same purse lipped tones of disapproval in an article by Radhika Sanghani which appeared in the Telegraph on the 22nd March under the headline “Millennial Racism — the other side of snowflake culture”.

Here are some more quotes from that same article:

“Just last week, footage filmed by a black woman locked in her room at Nottingham Trent university went viral as it showed chants of ‘we hate the blacks’ and other racist abuse coming from outside her door. Two men have since been arrested in conjunction with the incident.”

“Then it emerged that five law students at Exeter University were suspended after sending messages on WhatsApp saying that the University’s Law Society should be for White people only”.

“So what is going on among a generation of young people who are more used to being labelled snowflakes than racists? ‘There’s a general belief that universities are beautiful, liberal spaces of tolerance and acceptance where racism doesn’t happen’, explains Ilyas Nagdee, Black Student Officer for the NUS, ‘but it’s often in those spaces that intolerant behaviour can fester. It’s treated as a dirty little secret.’”

“That dirty little secret is now being exposed — and not just on campuses. Recently, Jo Marney the 25 year old Ukip supporter and now ex-girlfriend of the Party’s ex leader, Henry Bolton, was vilified for her private text messages: ‘I wouldn’t with a Negro’ she told a friend, explaining why she disliked Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle. ‘Her seed will taint our Royal family’. On being called racist by her friend she replied ‘lol, so what?’ Her response is telling of a millennial attitude to racism — according to Dr. Kehinde Andrews, co-chair of Birmingham City University’s Black Studies Association. ‘ I don’t think she knew she was in the wrong, or even recognised it being truly racist, people don’t know where the boundaries are’.

“Heather Jones, 20, used to edit a prominent alt right website that featured articles on the oppression of whites. She is often called racist for her views, but refuses to accept the label: ‘I don’t think it’s racist to want to preserve the culture of your country. I have an issue with the fact that people want to change our culture, take away the things that make us who we are. That’s what I don’t like’. She also hints that those with views like hers are thriving because of a politically correct culture and not in spite of it. ‘I feel like there’s a lot of anti-whiteness in general. I don’t necessarily think we’re oppressed, but I think people can be very extreme against white people at the moment’.  However, unlike many other members of the young alt right, Jones doesn’t agree with an extreme view of an all white England’”

“Peer pressure is a big issue with racism among millennials, especially with politics. Nick Ryan of Hope Not Hate explains that far right groups have grown in recent years and a poll by his organisation found a quarter of its 4,000 respondents held right wing views”.

Interestingly, no comments were allowed on Ms. Sanghani’s article. The previous day a piece by Georgia Roberts appeared in the same newspaper covering some of the same ground and entitled “Universities are not racist places but the safe space culture is breeding a dark backlash.”

Although presumably happening in a different part of the social spectrum, the rapid increase in the number of young people referred to the governments “Prevent” strategy for “far-right” activity — 900 last year — must surely be a related phenomenon. And as a final footnote on all this youthful deviance, as I was getting into my car the other day I switched on radio 4 just in time to catch someone saying “in his town in the south of England the mood among young people was such that if the far right could get its act together it would sweep the board”.

What are we to make of all this? Is it all got up out of next to nothing by a media which always loves a good “neo-Nazi” scandal, or are these incidents true harbingers of a sea change among our young people? I don’t know, but I do know that one swallow doesn’t make a summer — but that summer always comes.

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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Sic Semper
Sic Semper
4 April, 2018 8:54 am

History repeats at regular interval regardless of outside interference. Europe is overdue for a massive awakening and push back against 70+ years of infiltration, invasion and subjugation. The great secret in keeping a population docile is in having them kept grateful for their social standing, opportunities and comforts. Deny them such things while guaranteeing them for invaders ensures that docility will end as they awake to understand they have nothing left to lose. Happy people have never made history. In sowing such outrages and miseries for Ethnic Europeans across the globe, the pushback has been guaranteed. It must come now just as that vile infiltrating jew Barbara Lerner Specter said of the destructions of Ethnic European homelands. It must come now. In so vilifying the great Ethnic Europeans of the… Read more »