1955: Historic Letter by the NRP’s James Madole

Cover of a 1963 issue of the National Renaissance Bulletin

November 19, 1955
To: Willis Carto

Dear Mr. Carto:

We are in receipt of your letter of November 15th, 1955 requesting information concerning the NRP, its leadership, aims and growth.

In regard to whether the National Renaissance Party is “Nazi-Fascist” as labeled in the Velde Report, let me state that we refer to our political creed as racial nationalism. The basic tenet of this creed considers the national state as the media for the preservation and advancement of the culture of the creative Aryan or Caucasian Race. Anything which hinders or stands in the way of this God-given mission must be obliterated. Because America has accepted the poisonous doctrine of tolerance, as well as economic, political and racial equality, our people now stand at the gateway of racial extinction. Fascism in Italy, Falangism in Franco Spain and Salazar’s Portugal and Nazism in Germany were formed to completely exterminate World Communism, root and branch, within their respective national states.

On the other hand, American Conservatism has permitted Communist Jews to dominate our entire political and economic life while they content themselves to utter dry clichés about the Constitution or seek to resurrect long dead American heroes to do their fighting for them. They fear for their precious “respectability,” their jobs, and their “social position.” They never get their eyes blackened or their noses bloody in street fights as our uniformed boys and girls have done. They TALK a wonderful fight against the Reds but don’t count on their appearance at a street corner rally where the Jews and Reds might toss a few bricks.

The above reflects my observations based on six years of struggle in which our “patriotic conservatives” have constantly helped the Jews and their allies to smear and ridicule NRP members. I have seen dozens of conservative groups rise up with powerful financial backing only to melt into oblivion at the first sign of resistance by the Jewish press. Most of these outfits have come and gone to be supplanted each year by new ones but our SO-CALLED “NEO-NAZI” MOVEMENT IS STILL HERE AND GROWING SLOWLY, BUT SURELY, EACH YEAR. Furthermore, I believe that I have more young men and women enlisted as members in our movement than all the “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil” groups combined.

Therefore I say that we are racial nationalists believing in the enclosed platform which you will find attached. This is our religion and the key to the resurrection of our RACE and NATIONALITY.

Aside from myself as National Director, our officers include Kurt Mertig as New York Chairman and Dr. Karl Ulrich as Research Director. Mr. Mertig was the former Chairman of the German-American section of the New York Republican Party during the Landon campaign of the 1930’s. Enclosed you will find material of which you are free to quote for your paper, including this letter.

Very Sincerely Yours,

James H. Madole
National Director

* * *

Commentary by Martin Kerr: The National Renaissance Party was the leading pro-National Socialist formation in the United States throughout the 1950s. In December, 1954, the House of Representatives released a report on the NRP and other “Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups.” The chairman of the committee issuing the report was Harold Velde (R-Illinois), and so the report was informally known as the “Velde Report.”

Willis Carto was then just beginning his political career. He was the editor of a monthly publication entitled Right: The National Journal of Forward Looking Americanism. I surmise that he wrote NRP leader James Madole asking for his response to the Velde Report, and that the result of that request was this letter.

I point out Madole’s amazing prescience in predicting the inevitable slide of America’s then-overwhelming White majority to minority status, and hence to oblivion. “[O]ur people now stand at the gateway of racial extinction,” he writes, at a time when America’s population was still 90 percent White. Also noteworthy is Madole’s blistering condemnation of the cowardice and submission to Jewish power of the conservatives. In the 1950s, Jewish power was considerably weaker than it is today, and the conservative movement generally supported racial segregation and White supremacy. But Madole was not fooled: he saw the conservatives of his day for the racial traitors that they were.

* * *

Source: New Order

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8 April, 2018 12:53 am

National Renaissance Bulletin should be digitalized.

8 April, 2018 1:39 am

There does appear to be a slide into total oblivion of the White race; however, there will be exceptional people who survive it. By exceptional, I mean those who are awakened not only to the real situation that brought us here and understand the consequences, but who also see that we together must take whatever actions are appropriate to safeguard present and future generations.

I appreciate that National Vanguard fills a need as a sort of touchstone to facilitate a future for our people.