Uncovering Céline

“To denounce something with violence, I have… simply said that… Beating up jews (by jew I mean anyone with a jew for a grandparent, even one!) won’t help, I’m sure, that’s just going around in circles, it’s a joke, you’re only beating around the bush if you don’t grab them by the strings [tefillins], and strangle them with them.” — Louis Ferdinand Céline

Louis Ferdinand Céline was the pen name of Dr. Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches 27 May 1894 – 1 July 1961, a French novelist, pamphleteer and physician. The name Céline was the first name of his grandmother. He developed a new style of writing that modernized French literature. He remains controversial to this day because of his virulent antisemitism, Holocaust Denial and racism. ~Wikipedia

THE JEWS’ SENSE of their own genius and talent has been mainstream around the world for a long time. Though, in my eyes they’re not geniuses nor creative! They are intellectual degenerates and thieves! I came upon the following amazing quote by French author Céline via The New York Review of Books where Céline satirizes in a conversation between himself and another character the Jewish control of the media and the mindless promotion of Jewish artists, thinkers and politicians. Admittedly Céline was a hard-core anti-Semite whose wife has forbidden the republication of his pamphlets from the 1930s. It is perhaps time, as The New York Review of Books puts it in its headline, “To Uncover Céline”:

“Ferdinand, you have become quite the fanatic, thus you are always chattering on, but I’m warning you and I’m putting you on your guard, that the Jews are very intelligent…they are the ones in France who read the books, who gather information, who man the information pipeline, they are armed with knowledge, and occupy all of the high positions, all of the rackets are in their hands, they know how to make themselves popular, in addition they do good, to the little people, the forty hour week, that’s their security…and then there’s the vacations… You are going to get yourself put into prison… You are going to wind up getting cut to pieces, beyond doubt.”

Intelligent, how?…” I retaliated. “They are racist, they have all the money, they have seized all the levers of control, they have latched unto all the positions of command… Is that how they’re intelligent?… There’s nothing of brilliance to that!… They do stay on track admirably, as they eliminate, dissuade, pursue, and hound down, all of those who might rival them, or cause them the least little bit of umbrage… It’s their crusade against us, a crusade unto the death… That’s the stuff of their intelligence!… All of the interesting jobs, they’ve put into their pockets…monopolizing, they expel outright or with little ado anyone who is not properly Jewish…filthy Jewish… Judaized… pro-Jewbie…ass-reamed Jewish…

This is the great technique of the cuckoo… To put it bluntly, in order to cast a better light on things, if Einstein weren’t Jewish, if Bergson weren’t circumcised, if Proust had been only a Breton, if Freud didn’t bear the mark, people wouldn’t be saying very much about any one of them…these are not at all amongst those geniuses who will have brought enlightenment unto the world!… I can bloody well guarantee that… The least little fart by a Jew is called a boom! one of the admirable discoveries of our age my friend, instantaneously! through the automatic effect of the world Jewish apparatus…millions of little bells go off… That pathetic fart is raised up like some sort of miracle! and at top speed!… It is due to that that the painting of Cézanne, Modi, Picasso and all the others…the films of Monsieur Benhur, the music of Tartinowsky all suddenly become a big deal…

An enormous favorable pre-judgment, world-wide, precedes and forms the prelude for every Jewish intention… The Jews, all of the critics in the universe, all of the artistic circles…all of the news media!… All of the world’s Jewish agencies set about spitting forth claps of Thunder, to the very least murmur, the very least quiver of Hymie creativity…and the Jewish supremacist publicity in the spoken media provides an admirable echo… Every trumpet sounds from one end of every continent to the other, heralding, intoning, resounding, buzzing with the marvelous Hosanna! to the sublime messenger from Heaven! Yet another incomparable Jew at the palette! on the screen! at the violin! in politics! infinitely more brilliant! without contest more renovating, than all of the geniuses of the past (and all Aryans of course). The grotesque goyim are quickly caught-up into a whirlwind of epilepsy, they rejoice as a choir of cuckolds, they violently join into the chorus, with all the force of their stupidity, and they have themselves completely consumed within! …it’s the triumph of a new Jewish idol!…

In order to pack them in, it is enough to offer them a little more Jewish shit in which to wallow… They are no longer particular…They have lost all of their instinct… They don’t know the difference between the living and the dead…the ‘organic’ and the diffuse, a cardboard box and the pure juice, the bladder rather than the lantern, the false and the authentic… They no longer know at all… They have sucked up far too much garbage over too many centuries and epochs, to wind up with anything of authenticity… They would rather treat themselves to falsifications… They mistake bleach for spring water…and they find it most preferable! infinitely superior.

They are geared towards the counterfeit. By consequence, of course, misfortune, shit! for the indigenous person who through some sort of original gift, some little bit of music all his own…one little whispers attempt! he immediately becomes hateful, suspect, perfectly shameful to his racial brethren. It’s the law in a conquered country that nothing must ever be allowed to disturb the torpor of the enslaved masses… Everyone must fall back down as soon as possible…into the ruminations of drunkards… It is they, the racial brethren, who are most strictly charged methodically to obstruct, to denigrate, and to stifle. No sooner does one of the indigenous people arouse himself…than the others of the same race rise up against him, with lynching being not far off… In penal colonies, the dirtiest deeds are performed by the convicts themselves…amongst themselves, a thousand times as cruel as the most atrocious slave galley.”

Dr. Louis-Ferdinand Céline sounds like he was my kind of guy!

Heil, Céline!

* * *

Source: William de Hewitt

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4 March, 2018 3:05 pm

All of this is spot on. I cringe when I hear people repeat the meme of superior jewish intelligence. As Celine stated, you don’t have to be smart when you control all the gateways to society in education, finance, entertainment, politics, media, etc. Nepotism is all that’s needed to elevate your tribe to super status, not brains. No achievement necessary. The same goes for the boards that control the Nobel prize, Pulitzer Prize, and so on. The real test of intelligence is what a people has contributed to society over time, not the current positions they hold in the existing bureaucratic strata. The jews have given the world nothing, and the likes of Einstein, Freud and Salk have been proven to be frauds decades ago. The fact remains, the jews… Read more »

Jez Turner
Jez Turner
5 March, 2018 3:41 am

(((Vladimir Horowitz))) once said, ”There are only 3 kinds of pianist – Jewish pianists, homosexual pianists and bad pianists.” Which is of course, sort of, true when viewed from the Jewish standpoint looking at a Jewish Supremacist society and a Jewish controlled music industry. Put into simple translation, what he is actually saying is, ”There are only 3 kinds of pianist: those who got where they are by being, (or Jews assuming them to be), Jewish; those who got where they are by being, (or Jews assuming them to be), homosexual; and those who got where they are by being extremely good.”

5 March, 2018 4:22 am

L.F. Céline is the king! There are historical photographs of him attending Adrien Arcand (1899-1967) blueshirt lectures with the likes of Ernst Zündel in old Quebec. His writings that detail his experience in Africa are profoundly honest vantages of the real black behaviour of Homo Erectus.

With the internet, it is easier now to see how they do their evil and destruction. The literary relevance of sober observation of black traits then held the fray until we could observe for ourselves. Not that this is necessarily instructive to many otherwise sensible whites.