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“School Protests”: A Peek Behind the Curtain

Anti-Second Amendment high school student Amee Rothman interviewed on Maryland television

by Andrew Hamilton

POST-WWII “democracies,” so-called, operate in a manner no civics textbook ever described. They are top-down affairs presented to the public with the illusion of grass roots participation and spontaneity.

Such is the case with the endless Left-wing “protests,” “demonstrations,” and riots imposed on us all our lives. The communications media, down to the smallest “local” outlets in towns and hamlets, present well-funded, carefully choreographed events as spontaneous expressions of the public will uniformly promoting extremist unidirectional cultural and legal change inimical to the survival of the population.

How odd!

Ideologically, the media is a single entity, possibly, with Jewry, the keystone of the entire System.

Never is the public told who plans, organizes, funds, or participates in these events. “News” coverage is laughably slanted. Laws, invariably violated, are not enforced because police, prosecutors, and judges are part of the racket.

A rare break in the shroud of secrecy occurred in local news reports concerning Baltimore, Maryland’s participation in an upcoming anti-Second Amendment rally scheduled for March 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C. “Resistance” propagandists and media label this TV-Internet production “March for Our Lives.”

News accounts do not expose the overall planning, logistics, or funding behind the show—that would break the fourth wall—but they did lift a corner of the curtain by revealing that the city of Baltimore planned to provide sixty “free” buses to transport local students to the D.C. event. (“Baltimore students’ march and protest against gun violence draws national attention,” March 6, 2018. This fact was mentioned incidentally in what is otherwise a public relations article masquerading as journalism.)

Coordinated “school walkouts” and demonstrations have been arranged to capitalize on the recent school shooting in Florida in which a half-Jewish student named Nikolas Jacob Cruz murdered seventeen people.

As I write this on March 14—a school day—the front page of Microsoft’s MSN web portal displays a red banner across the entire screen proclaiming to millions of viewers: “Live video: Lawmakers [i.e., government officials] join D.C. student protest against gun violence. Click for full coverage . . .”

Once again, free PR in the guise of news. Microsoft is a multibillion dollar megacorpation with profound ties to both the Deep State and unregulated, tax-exempt Jewish censorship organizations.

According to Catherine Pugh (D.), the Negro mayor of Baltimore, it will cost $100,000 for the city to provide 60 buses, lunch and t-shirts for about 3,000 students to attend. Pugh and Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young, another Negro Democrat, said organizers of the event contacted the city for backing. “Organizers” consist of faceless, opaque front groups such as “Everytown for Gun Safety,” “Never Again MSD,” “student organizers,” etc.

The anti-White “private” and “public” sectors mesh seamlessly together.

One hundred thousand dollars is a lot of bread for a single participant’s contribution to one of several media- and Resistance-enabled protests against the Constitution. Pro-White organizations do not have access to such largesse; if they receive so much as a legacy from a private donor Jewry steps in and orders pliant government officials and courts to block it—which they do.

In contrast, anti-White elements never scrape by or do without. Money, transportation, bodies to fill the streets, Establishment politicians, and cameras are available in abundance courtesy of the government, corporations, wealthy oligarchs, and dozens of front groups. Masked domestic terrorists backed by police, prosecutors, politicians, and judges physically attack unprotected law-abiding citizens.

March 24 is one of a large number of staged demonstrations and school walkouts occurring nationwide. In walkouts students leave school during the middle of the day to parade in front of Jewish-“curated” TV cameras, reporters, and Silicon Valley social media monopolies.

Public schools are. . . public. They are divisions of the government—federal, state, and local. They have no legal warrant to participate in such events or permit students to leave school en masse to take part in pre-planned street protests against the Constitution.

Independent Whites must investigate and ascertain if possible, but certainly always think about, the specific sources of funds, personnel, and planning that propel contemporary anti-White hatred, violence, illegality, and totalitarianism worldwide.

We must stop playing the fool in this transparent, never-ending charade. One step is to always put names and faces to the evildoers. Observe how the Left and governments behave toward law-abiding Whites: they target and harm individuals and organizations again and again and again. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” They show no mercy, obey no law.

True, they operate in the dark with the full power of the state, media, and elites behind them. Even so, they are people and institutions with specific names and identities, not abstract academic or philosophical constructs. Learn who they are, where their money and protection comes from, and how they break the law with impunity and always get their way.

From Rotherham to genocide in South Africa to Internet censorship to widespread vote fraud to replacement migration, the ruling class is perched atop 50 megatons of corruption, fraud, criminality, lies, scandals, and abuse that can and should be detonated beneath them.

Tsar Bomba, 1961

* * *

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16 March, 2018 5:12 am

Excellent article, Mr. Hamilton, thank you very much for sharing. I think the complexity of our enemy’s organizations and tactics is the main factor that keeps most aware Whites from getting to work against said organizations. That, and the fact that they are so overwhelmingly funded, in contrast to practically anything we ourselves attempt to accomplish with our comparatively pitiful monetary support. It really is frustrating… to say the least. Having said that much, though, I for one nonetheless remain as hopeful and as positive as I can – despite the seeming hopelessness of our situation. We simply MUST keep getting in these enemy’s faces, physically, and reporting OUR news as far and wide as we can. Thank you so much for all that you do… not only you, but… Read more »

16 March, 2018 2:18 pm

The federal, state, county and city governments are criminal. The so-called left and right are equally criminal. So why do the students place themselves in the jaws of the enemy to effect change. They would be better of denouncing the establishment as corrupt and intrusive. Manage their own affairs without government interference.

16 March, 2018 10:56 pm

The Florida school shooting is a formidable example of Institutional Violence. Popular Demoralization. If enough people remove their kids from public school, file lawsuits and announce violent learning institutions unusable, it may be enough to take state education agencies out of existence. Defunct.

20 March, 2018 1:55 am

What strikes me as ridiculous is how all these protests portray the “bad guys” as individuals interested in defending themselves through owning firearms. Those who are individuals, not associated with the mainstream or part of some outside organization not peddling the approved message is a clear threat since they have guns and must naturally plan to use them to hurt people. Not one of them asks why kids are turning to such methods in the first place. Maybe its a loss of identity? A lack of connection to an established, racial, community? Nowhere to turn, a feeling of being without roots, so they lash out at the world which they feel alienated from? Impossible the media says, it must be the guns fault or the “evil” outside group who says… Read more »

21 March, 2018 1:57 pm

With the school shooting that happened March 19th in Maryland watch how fast that story goes into the Marxist utopian dust bin. It will because a school cop took quick action and killed the spoiled millennial whinebag. The good gun stopped the bad kid dead in his tracks. And for that it must be swept under CNN town halls rug.