Leaving Telford

The face of the alien enemy brought by the Jew. We want more of this, or we are haters.

IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that we keep propping up the endless Jewish lies that serve as the mortar for our modern multi-culti. Living in this delusional and ultimately destructive kosher fantasy world is far preferable to addressing reality, an action likely to bring down the wrath of Zion. I’m not some stupid hero and I don’t want that supply of booze and pills to suddenly dry up, so let me parrot the Semitic deceits even as everything is burning. We’re all equal. We need a lot more “immigration” to help muh economy and pay my pension when I’m finally no longer useful as a plow horse for a system that hates me and wants me dead. Islam is peace. All religions are basically the same, full of amazing ethical teachings like “don’t be a bad boy.” An African is just an overcooked White, eager to participate in our consumerism. My country is certainly not dying.

One of the Telford grooming victims has spoken out about her horrendous four-year ordeal at the hands of a gang who sold her ‘countless times’ for sex — and slammed the authorities who did ‘nothing’ to help her.

In fairness, these pathetic cowards were afraid of being called names. If not being called a “racist” by alien nation-wreckers who want us dead leads to years of horrific Muslim child rape, it’s a small price to pay. Anyone who gave me grief for calling not-so-Great Britain “cuck island” owes me an apology. This is absolutely unbelievable. The United Kaliphate, land of systematic enemygrant child rape.

It is believed gangs in the town abused up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, over a four-decade period.

I informed the “bobbies” and they did nothing. Oh well, we did everything we could. Four decades. I’m slowly scanning the room where I’m typing this, my eyes finally settling on the shotgun in the corner. If it was my daughter…

The girls were often drugged, beaten and raped, one was murdered alongside her mother and sister and two others died in incidents linked to the sickening scandal.

Our paradise of “diversity” and exciting ethnic food. Did you know the stone cube worshipers believe in Jesus, sort of? They’re just like you. I’m assuming you have working eyes, British. Ignorance is not an excuse for this appalling disaster.

Telford has the third highest number of child sexual offences recorded in the UK, just behind Blackpool and Rotherham, according to the Home Office.

Time to put it into the same memory hole. The silence is deafening.

Today, the woman, going by the name ‘Holly’, spoke anonymously to Good Morning Britain, and said: ‘I was abused from the ages of 14-18, my abuse started with boys my own age, who went on to sell my phone number to older men.

“Pumping” money into that GDP, the most important activity possible. Selling phone numbers to Semitic rapists for big profits. Another triumph for “the market.”

And from there it was just a whirlwind of rape every day basically. I was going into the doctors and the youth sexual health clinic to get the morning after pill, probably twice a week, and nobody even questioned anything.

There will always be an England.

‘I had two abortions, still nothing was said to me. I was in cars that were stopped by the police and they asked me no questions of why I was there with a much older man… it got to the point where I tried to commit suicide, and still nobody asked me any questions about what was going on in my life and why I was reacting the way I was reacting.’

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Holly added: ‘The way I got out of it was by actually leaving Telford and isolating myself from my friends and family and everybody else that I knew.

Everyone you knew was worthless human garbage, Holly. Including your own family. The way they failed you is an absolute disgrace. Drink your pints, watch the amazing “pace” of the Negroes on the “tellie.” Your daughter is being sexually ravaged by foreign invaders, made a war trophy for the army of allah. Say, is that football? Everything is fine.

‘The reason why it went on for so long was because the men were blackmailing me saying that they were going to rape my family members or burn my house down.’

The religion of peace.

Telford’s Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports ‘extremely serious and shocking’.

Yeah. No Goddamn kidding.

A council spokesman told The Mirror, who obtained the figures, that they ‘do not paint the whole picture’. He added: ‘A referral to children’s safeguarding service is just one of a number of appropriate outcomes to a contact of this type.’ ‘Our analysis shows that all the contacts received a proportionate response.

You’re doing a great job. Very good response. It only took forty years.

Speaking this morning, Holly added: ‘I feel angry that I’m still being denied an inquiry in Telford — a specific inquiry in Telford. I’m not shocked at the scale of the abuse because I saw it with my own eyes.

We can’t learn the obvious lessons because that would be “xenophobia.” Let’s obfuscate, defend our impotent responses and continue to be lowered into the cold, uncaring ground.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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B. Smith
B. Smith
17 March, 2018 1:53 am

The response of the government (I mean traitors) — other than pre-emptively sentencing a couple of white activists to prison for non-violently complaining about a previous case of the same thing has so far been: 1. To claim that 1000 is an exaggeration, it wasn’t that many. (I guess 900, or 800, or maybe even 500 is supposed to be okay then?) 2. Asserting that the girls agreed (to be raped and pimped out to other Muslims), so… I guess that is supposed to mean that if girls under 16 can be coerced to submit under threat of “raping their entire family” or other violence, or if the invading sub-humans are just clever enough to lie and claim the little shiksas’ “wanted it”, then that is okay? … Oh, When?… Read more »

20 March, 2018 8:59 am

The left made sure they got rid of all-girls and convent schools where girls were taught boundaries and self-esteem, and where older girls would mentor the younger ones. Mixers would be arranged with suitable peer boys. How teen idols were replaced with lacivious middle-aged creeps is beyond me.