Congress Rejects Trump’s Border Wall, Says He Only Gets 33 Miles Of Fence

One day soon, White Americans will realize that we must accomplish what needs to be done without the assent or help of the hopelessly corrupt US Congress.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is threatening to shut down the government at midnight on Friday after Congress overwhelmingly rejected his proposal to include $25 billion in a $1.3 trillion spending bill.

Although the bill hasn’t hit his desk yet, nor is it passed, the bill currently only includes $1.6 billion more for border security, far below what he was asking for.

Because of this, the legislation would only fund 33 miles of new “border fencing and levees, not a concrete wall.”

Democrats also won tight restrictions on how the money can be spent, according to two officials.

Aides of the president said that this could cause Trump to possibly veto the bill, which would then shut down the government.

Yesterday, Fox & Friends, Trump’s favorite television program, reported that Trump said he “promised” to get his border wall built in order to help fight the opioid epidemic.

It looks like he might not be able to fulfill that obligation.

One reason Trump and the White House are said to back the spending bill, despite the major letdown on his single biggest campaign promise, is because it adds a staggering $78 billion in new defense spending. Democrats also support the bill because it will add $52 billion in new domestic programs.

Put this into perspective: this will be the second largest spending bill in U.S. history. That’s a whole lot of goodies for lawmaker’s respective districts. It’s also a major reason there is so much pressure on Trump to pass the bill without the border wall funding.

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Source: GroopSpeak News

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Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
26 March, 2018 12:11 pm

We don’t need a wall. Stop giving them welfare. Punish landlords and employers with stiff fines. In short, roll up the damn Welcome Mat.

Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy
26 March, 2018 12:31 pm

You don’t think that was the stragety all along, please wake up.

Chump is a zionist puppet, he pushed for a “wall”, as did Zionist bitch John McShame…

The Zios must be laughing at anyone who still buys this canard of a wall. No wall will ever be built, and if it were, it would never be controlled. Work place enforcement is the only answer, and that is why the Zionist-in-chief never discussed enforcement, in fact he sent DACA to Congress it be “fixed”, instead of killing it, a sure sign of the filth’s true allegiances.