British Values Agenda

This was my father’s belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf —
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

YESTERDAY WE LOOKED at the systematic rape of children by foreign invaders in the British city of Telford. These horrific immigrant crimes were allowed to go on for decades while cowardly and gelded authorities looked the other way for fear of being called “racist” by a Jew enemy that wants their ancestral homeland completely annihilated. I was left wondering if cuck island could sink any lower, if it were possible to abrogate your obligations to your land and future to an even more sickening degree than was on full display when moon cultists invaded and took young girls as conquest trophies. Maybe we’ll get that answer today, as another Muslim invader is demanding that the United Kaliphate sink even deeper into the vile bog of “multi-culti” with an exciting plan to add more hostile dark faces.

Schools could be ordered to ensure their pupils mix with children from other ethnicities and religions under Government proposals.

Forget selling the phone numbers to sand monster sex beasts, we’ll just let them into your schools in the name of “mixing,” which we all know is a mighty good. Now thirty-year-old Muhammad can fill a desk next to your daughter. It’s the right thing to do.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid wants all schools without a diverse population to make sure children have exposure to families who are not like their own.

An alien jihadist outsider will control the policies of a country that has been White for millennia. An indigenous population comes under attack from the army of allah. We need fewer Whites in everything, declares a savage from a distant desert, fresh off the boat.

His ‘integrated communities strategy’ aims to promote more tolerance among youngsters and prevent some sections of society becoming too isolated and inward-looking.

I’m sure you’ll be a lot happier when you’re surrounded by hostile aliens who want you dead. Anything to avoid the nightmare of “isolation” where you’re surrounded by your own kind.

But the proposals are likely to prove controversial if it means schools will be penalised for failing to integrate to a high enough standard.

Yeah, that’s the main concern. Well, that and the rapes, the beatings, the detonations…

A number of isolated village schools have been marked down by Ofsted in the past for failing to teach children about other cultures.

With London destroyed and even places like Rotherham and Blackpool thoroughly ruined by rapefugee invasion, it’s time to chase down every last White. More Muslims for tiny isolated villages! You can’t get away from the rot, we will find you. This is definitely not a planned kosher destruction of your own country, no way.

And some Christian schools have lost marks because they did not raise enough awareness of tolerance of gay and transgender people.

It bends a knee to the sodomite sin, or else it gets the hose again.

Under the Government’s British Values agenda, first introduced to combat Islamic extremism following the Trojan Horse scandal in Birmingham schools, all schools must teach tolerance of minority groups and alternative lifestyles.

Muh British values. 2 + 2 = 5, islam is peace, freedom is Jew democracy, ignorance is strength.

Launched by Mr Javid with the backing of £50 million of Government money, it follows the 2016 Casey Review, which warned that social cohesion cannot be taken for granted in the multicultural UK.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the bill for this insane national suicide.

I cannot tell what powers control —
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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14 May, 2021 5:07 am

There’s an excellent reason why the Juden have gotten away with this genocide.