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A Rose is a Rose, &C.

Apartment building amid the vibrant diversity of Chicago

by Revilo P. Oliver

ALTHOUGH THE AFFIRMATION of a rose’s identity was made popular by a female mountebank named Gertrude Stein, it states a fundamental fact of biology. Poison ivy is poison ivy. Tigers are tigers. And, as I remarked at some length in the June issue of Liberty Bell, savages are savages.

On Sunday, 14 June 1992, a local team of niggers won a basketball game in Chicago. Almost any incident suffices to set off untethered savages, and the winning of a game by a favorite pack of enormously overpaid niggers was sufficient for a riot, which, however, appears to have been spontaneous, rather than planned. Prompt action by the evidently efficient police of Chicago prevented the violence from attaining the virulence of the riots in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Stores were looted and buildings set afire in the wide area of the city that has been made a slum by the Black blight, unfortunately for the firemen who tried to extinguish fires while dodging heavy stones thrown by rioters. Some commercial buildings destroyed by fire were five storeys high, and at least one apartment building destroyed had four storeys. (1) There are hardly any very tall buildings in the older parts of Chicago.

(1. I adopt the British spelling as marking a useful distinction between quite different words. The etymology of the architectural term is still uncertain, pending more thorough investigation of the vulgar Latin jargon used by Mediaeval builders.)

At latest reports, however, our Lord Bushy has not rushed to Chicago to squander a few hundred million dollars to be extorted from his tax-paying animals, or to prosecute, in violation of American law, the police who restored order and arrested about a thousand of the rioters.

Some packs of savages naturally thought of revenge on the White boobs who pay to maintain them in comfort. They invaded the select shopping district on Michigan Avenue and the night clubs on the near North Side. They overturned and smashed taxicabs, damaged other automobiles, broke the windows of some thirty buses, smashed the plate glass windows of expensive shops and stole the exposed merchandise, and otherwise behaved as one would expect. The savages in the better districts were brought under control by mounted policemen — a point that all responsible police departments should note.

Throughout the city, about ninety policemen were injured, only two seriously. No deaths were reported, unless a man and a women who were almost burned to death in a looted and burned store eventually die.

The liepapers naturally minimized the event, concealing the race of the rioters, who were called “fans.” (2) The next day, the mayor of Chicago was accused of “racism.” The efficiency of his police department was tactfully unmentioned in the prompt accusation, which was purportedly based on the bigotry of a mayor who did not discharge nasty White swine who held jobs that nice niggers want.

(2. It is probably true that among the rioters were some apparently White individuals so degenerate they voluntarily associate with niggers.)

The affair in Chicago can thus be dismissed as a minor incident by those who refuse to see its significance. Optimists believe that when the insurrections in Los Angeles, Toronto, et alibi are repeated a dozen times or more, a simple truth of biology may find lodgement in the pickled mush that fills the crania of the great American majority. (3) Well, perhaps, but let’s hope.

(3. That, however, will probably be too late. We cannot know what plans our destroyers have made; we can only guess what seems possible and likely according to our limited information. One possible scenario would call for a rapid intensification of the nigger revolution against our race during the coming summer to such a point of anarchy and chaos that Bushy would invoke the dictatorial powers he now possesses and impose his cherished “New Order” by importing feral troops, perhaps Soviet Mongolians, as “peace-keepers,” who will beat the White boobs into total submission even more ferociously than the niggers intend. This seems to me to call for an excessive acceleration of events, but it may be desired to avert an election in September, which could give signs of the growing dissatisfaction of Americans who are not unconscious.

Few Americans realize that they are living under a dictatorship more absolute than any achieved by “Lenin,” “Trotsky,” and “Stalin” in Soviet Russia, the only difference being that our War Lord has not yet seen fit to utter the four syllables, “emergency,” and invoke the powers he now possesses, thanks to the utterly unconstitutional “executive orders” planted in the Congressional Record by his predecessors in preparation for the eventual abolition of the United States and the massacre or total enslavement of the mindless boobs who form a majority of the American inhabitants of that territory.)

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, July 1992

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