Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

by Val Koinen

THIS IS THE MAN who could have gone down in history as having:

  • Deported the illegal aliens and protected his country from further Mestizo invasion by building a southern border wall.
  • ‘Drained the swamp’ in Washington D.C. and in the process made a real start toward fixing his own corrupt, severely cuckolded Republican Party.
  • Investigated, charged, convicted, and locked up ‘crooked Hillary’ Clinton.
  • Started some of the critical processes needed so desperately in order to save our country from the politically-correct leftists and Marxists and the so-called ‘Antifa’ (anti-White and anti-free-speech) insurrectionists. And from all the political bribery (perpetrated primarily by the Jews, using their terrible power of the purse) and the constant electoral and political coercion via the Jews’ control of the press. And from the unrelenting cultural distortion and destruction brought about by near-total Jewish domination of our news and entertainment media. And, perhaps most importantly, from the constant, ‘deep-state’ conspirational activities (tantamount to treason and sedition) exhibited on a daily basis by our Jewified mainstream news media, renegade actors within agencies such as the FBI, Democrat politicos, and DNC operatives (their efforts to overthrow our government by bringing down our duly elected president on the basis of malicious slander and innuendo, illicit accusations, and the constant drumbeat of undeserved negativity).
  • Taken urgent and critically necessary steps toward saving his people (White Americans) from social/political dispossession and their impending genocide.
  • Reduced the chances of major wars (and quite possibly a nuclear World War III) by cooperating with Russia and getting us out of all the Jew-provoked conflicts in the Middle East.

But, sad to say, this is the man who:

  • Has apparently turned his back on a genuine opportunity to partner with Russia in guaranteeing peace and order in this world in coming years.
  • Appointed the embarrassingly inept, histrionic and shameless warmonger, and ‘barely American’ Nikki Haley (ethnically an Indian Sikh, nee Nimrata Randhawa) as our Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Has bestowed unwarranted stature and authority upon, and listened to the counsel and advisement of, his unqualified and loyalty-conflicted Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka (Kushner’s wife, Jewess by conversion).
  • Seems to be on the verge of caving in to the Democrats, and the ‘cuckservatives’ of the mainline Republican Party, on the immigration issue by effectively granting amnesty to almost two million DACA so-called ‘dreamers’ (illegal-alien Mestizos).
  • Seems to be hell-bent on serving the interests of the Israelis and our homegrown Jews who control the U.S. Government (thereby preventing it from serving the best interests of America and majority Americans) (for example by blaming Syria for poison gas attacks on their people and then bombing Syrian facilities, by announcing the relocation of our embassy to Jerusalem, by taking such a strong and even irrational anti-Iran position, and by demonizing Russia’s reasonable and appropriate efforts to protect its interests in Ukraine and the Crimea).
  • By doing the Jews’ bidding on so many fronts, is at risk of furthering the destruction not only of his own people and his country, but of the civilized world.

Yes, I know — he has made some worthwhile efforts, done some things right, and said some things that needed to be said. For all of that, he deserves our deepest gratitude and continued support. And maybe he just needs more time — after all, he has just been on the job for the first year of his first term. But it remains to be seen whether he will carry through with several of his most important campaign promises and do the truly important things that need to be done. And some of his utterances and actions up to this point, such as his inclination to serve Israel’s foreign policy interests as opposed to our own, and his apparently offering to grant amnesty and eventual citizenship to nearly two million illegal aliens, are truly worrisome.

How then will Donald Trump be remembered by history? As a genuine hero of his time, or as a deceptive and disgusting traitor to the people who elected him? Or somewhere in between, but leaving us when all is said and done with a lethal dose of the status quo?

So we are still left twisting in the wind, waiting and wondering: Which will turn out to be the Real Donald Trump?

* * *

Source: Koinen’s Corner

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  1. Dr. Doom
    23 February, 2018 at 6:17 am — Reply

    Were you really expecting this Manhattan weasel to save you? Oh that’s sweet. His son and daughter are literally sleeping with the enemy and he’s your new White Champion is he?
    When do you stop playing in a rigged game? Do you expect the enemy to let you win? Its easy to get rid of them.

    THEY’RE COWARDS. They need blacks and Muslims to do their fighting. And young White Men too. Fight or die, White Man.

    Cowards who will not fight will not go sweetly into that Dark Night. You will be tortured for fun and see your women and children murdered and raped.

    • tjm
      1 March, 2018 at 11:52 pm — Reply

      Thank YOU!

      The very idea that the New York Zionists were able to fool RIGHT WING Americans into believing Chump was anything but a POS zionist traitor is a testament to their ability to manipulate US.

      We all know the media lies, but for some reason most think they only lie when they are bad mouthing “our guy”, if they bad mouth the other guy, it’s the truth. This ability to accept lies of convenience is our greatest sin, and we and our children will pay a heavy price.

  2. 23 February, 2018 at 3:18 pm — Reply

    He was part of the club all long. When will we stop looking for a savior? When will we realize that no one is coming on a white horse or a cloud to save us…ever? No one came for the White Russian Christians in 1917; no one came for the starving Ukrainians in 1932-33; no one came when white phosphorous was raining down on Dresden, Berlin, and Hamburg; no one came when 1 million German men were eating dirt and grass to survive in Eisenhower’s death fields; no one came when the Wilhelm Gustloff was struck and took 10,000 White souls to the bottom of the sea. Our personal protection and survival are our own responsibility, and it’s only by awakening and coming together that we can do that. No messiah will lead us there; we have to do it together, as part of a great awakening.

  3. Jim
    23 February, 2018 at 4:52 pm — Reply

    A kike in sheeps clothing. It’s all Kabuki theater.

  4. pierre
    24 February, 2018 at 2:47 am — Reply

    you mean donald drumpf?

    fraud got jung in to make it look like all of psychanalysis wasn’t Jewish, I think Joseph Kennedy was allowed to be a hollywood manager for a while for the same reason. plenty of Jews around him as he side kicked with Roosevelt. he thought the Federal Reserve was a good idea as he worked in his 1936 campaign.

  5. 24 February, 2018 at 8:45 am — Reply

    The National Alliance was warning our people to not trust Trump back in 2016 when so many were jumping on his bandwagon:

    NA was criticized then by hopeful White nationalists for taking that stance against the Great White Hope but we were right — not that we thought Hillary Clinton would be better for Whites. She would have been worse.

    Whites will never be able to vote our way out of the racial mess the U.S. has become. Compare the Alliance’s ideology and program and vision for a against any and all political parties, here:

  6. Titus
    24 February, 2018 at 5:04 pm — Reply

    Dr. William Luther Pierce predicted Trump would be “the next kosher candidate after Bush” almost 20 years ago in his radio broadcast. Whoever had any faith in Trump obviously hadn’t listened to Pierce.
    Maybe someone here remembers the exact podcast so it can be promoted.

    • 1 March, 2018 at 1:21 pm — Reply

      TITUS: Dr. William Luther Pierce predicted Trump would be “the next kosher candidate after Bush” almost 20 years ago in his radio broadcast… ”

      Sort of.

      W.L.P., 10/99: “One of the most interesting recommendations in the Forward article is that the Jews themselves should stay in the background in their campaign against Buchanan and should use Gentile ‘front’ men as their tools against Buchanan: men such as Republican candidate George Bush, Jr, New York real estate developer Donald Trump, and Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. The idea is to keep the public from understanding that the campaign against Buchanan is a Jewish campaign, lest there be a public reaction against the Jews and in favor of Buchanan.

  7. Jim
    1 March, 2018 at 7:03 am — Reply

    It’s time to resurrect the “Anti-Jewish Party” of Georgia.
    It’s time to name the enemy up front, no more “them”, “Illuminati”, “CFR”, “reptilians”,” zionists”, “khazars”,”Democrats”, “liberals”,”leftists”, “progressives”, etc. Time to call a spade a JEW.

    I never will forget what a now deceased elderly white friend told me about how we lost the “Civil Rights” battles of the 60’s. This man fought in the trenches for our white race. He told me that the reason whites lost the entire battle was that the so-called white leaders would give speeches, and tell the audience the culprits were “all out of New York”, “liberals”, etc. He told me that it was not until years later when we had already lost the war that he finally realized they were really talking about the jew. This man later fought with David Duke and other whites until he died some years ago.

    He told me an amazing story about how they were so naive when it came to the Jew, they even went to visit a member of the wealthy jew Stern family in New Orleans to ask for a donation to help the finance the White Citizens Councils. Mrs. Stern kicked their dumb white asses out of her palatial mansion, and they could not figure out just why she was against the white survival movement. Our own white “leaders” betrayed us for the simple reason they were afraid of being called names by the jew and their white media toadies.

    Years later the New Orleans Times-Picayune ran detailed articles on how the entire “civil rights” movement of the US Government was conceived and carried out by a little pipsqueak jew who planned and executed the whole campaign, all the while hidden in the background directing the government “behind the curtain”. His entire strategy was to take one city at a time to prevent a white uprising, and it worked like a charm. Whitey lost all of it’s brave fighters in
    (((WWI and WWII and Korea and Vietnam))).

    If we are too afraid of being called trigger names by the jew, then we deserve the dustbin of history.

  8. Dr. Doom
    1 March, 2018 at 2:25 pm — Reply

    That William Pierce was one smart guy. I would have called him a friend. He told you the real reason the enemy alien got away with it. Its not some pipsqueek jew and his Jedi Mind Trick. Its fat and happy people who close their eyes because they believe they have too much to lose.
    The enemy is not really that smart. If he kept you all fat and happy he could have lived richly in the smoke of your happy too much to lose lives. Too much insane hatred insured that wouldn’t happen. Every. Single. Time.

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