Will Dresden Burn Again?

Dresden, Germany

AS EVERYONE knows, Germany is the most evil place in the history of the universe. Therefore, it follows that anyone who attempts to preserve Germany as the home of the Germans is a filthy smelly Nazi who deserves to be shoved in an oven as if he were a frozen store-bought pizza.

Sure, if you want to split hairs and be technical, the German city of Dresden was bombed so aggressively in World War II that the sidewalks were glowing in what was a literal holocaust. But the weekend before last in the nearby village of Heidenau, three days of rioting followed the government’s placement of two hundred refugees in an abandoned hardware store. Some of the rioters reportedly chanted things such as “Heil Hitler” and “foreigners out.” Thirty-one policemen were injured in the three-day fracas.

German officials were quick to make clear that such intolerance would not be tolerated. According to German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel:

These are people that have nothing to do with Germany. This is not the Germany we want.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who resembles the offspring of Hillary Clinton and a toadstool, referred to the rioters as “disgusting.” She obviously hasn’t looked in a mirror in years.

It matters not a whit that these new refugee centers blanket the entire nation. Neither does it matter that Germany already accepts more “immigrants” than any other European country. The only moral and sensible way for Germans to survive is to bend over, grab their ankles, and willingly accept their own demise.

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Source: Taki’s Magazine

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Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh
16 February, 2018 5:21 am

Every day I wake up in a bizarro world where the good guys lost and anyone who dares to point out the emperor has no clothes is branded as a “racist nut.”

Yes, it’s good to be white, but for how long?