Trump’s “New” Syria Policy is the Same as Obama’s and Hillary’s and Every Other Jew-Run Administration’s

Kushner, Tillerson, and Trump

Stop believing in Trump, suckers: He has been captured (or was owned from the beginning). His “new” Syria policy is exactly the same as the one he claimed to oppose during the election.

NO DOUBT, many Republicans are rejoicing today over the Trump administration’s announcement of its “new” Syria policy. Unfortunately, that policy is identical to the one set by Barack Obama and his and Trump’s opponent during the sordid 2016 election, Hillary Clinton. With that in mind, it begs the question what Republicans were so upset about when Obama was president, but that’s another topic for another article.

The oil magnate Tillerson announced in a speech to the Stanford University Hoover Institute that the United States will be staying in Syria despite earlier claims that the reason the U.S. was in Syria was to see to the defeat of ISIS. Now, Tillerson says American forces will remain in Syria until five conditions are met:

  1. The defeat of ISIS
  2. Assad is removed from power
  3. Syrian refugees return to Syria
  4. Iranian influence is diminished and
  5. Syria becomes free of weapons of mass destruction.

Tellingly, Tillerson’s statements were made during a speech and “interview” session in front of a live audience where the interviewer was none other than known neo-con war criminal, Condoleezza Rice. We can only assume that Rice’s heart began to flutter at hearing the words “weapons of mass destruction” used in front of a national audience yet again used to justify a mass slaughter.

“A total withdrawal of American personnel at this time would help [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad,” said Tillerson. “A stable, unified and independent Syria ultimately requires post-Assad leadership in order to be successful. Continued U.S. presence to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS will also help pave the way for legitimate local civil authorities to exercise responsible governance of their own liberated areas.”

The Destruction of ISIS

ISIS proper has largely been defeated in Syria. Only a few thousand fighters remain in relatively isolated locations and in areas that are strategically easy to liberate. However, it is of paramount importance to point out that the United States does not and never has wanted to see the defeat of ISIS in Syria or anywhere else. Some observers believe that ISIS was entirely a creation of the United States/Israel axis from day one; a proxy army, a new name applied to al-Qaeda, an easily-manipulated bunch of violent, ignorant fundamentalist intelligence assets, and a convenient scapegoat for terrorist invasions and attacks across the world that advance Israel’s and Washington’s desire to dominate and rule.

As Daniel McAdams writes for the Ron Paul Institute, “This condition is made all the more problematic by the well-reported fact that it is the United States government that at every turn seems to pull ISIS chestnuts out of the fire. From handing them weapons to allowing them to escape when they are trapped in places like Raqqa, it almost seems like the US does not want to really see the end of ISIS.”

Assad Must Go

Despite Candidate Donald Trump uttering the famous anti-war words that may have gotten him elected, President Trump’s administration is sounding identical to the warmongering Obama administration. Remember, it was only a year ago when Trump stated that “We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. …In our dealings with other countries we will seek shared interests wherever possible…”

Today, his administration is saying the opposite. Rex Tillerson:

The United States believes that free and transparent elections … will result in the permanent departure of Assad and his family from power… Assad’s regime is corrupt, and his methods of governance and economic development have increasingly excluded certain ethnic and religious groups… Such oppression cannot persist forever.

. . . . .

…our expectation is that the desire for a return to normal life … will help rally the Syrian people and individuals within the regime to compel Assad to step down.

. . . . .

“A total withdrawal of American personnel at this time would help [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad. A stable, unified and independent Syria ultimately requires post-Assad leadership in order to be successful. Continued U.S. presence to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS will also help pave the way for legitimate local civil authorities to exercise responsible governance of their own liberated areas.”

In other words, the Trump administration policy is the same as the Obama administration policy. This means that the United States is still dedicated to the overthrow of a massively popular democratically elected president and to the support of terrorists, jihadists, and fanatical Marxists.

As Daniel McAdams writes,

Tillerson also made the bizarre assertion that US troops will remain in Syria to prevent the Syrian government from re-establishing control over the parts of Syria abandoned by a defeated ISIS. So the legitimate government of Syria will be prevented by an illegal United States military occupation from reclaiming its own territory? This is supposed to be a coherent policy?

The Refugee Question

This is yet another incoherent aspect of the American policy towards Syria. Syrian refugees have actually been returning to Syria in droves. The deciding factor for Syrians who want to return, however, is whether or not they are able to return to government held areas. As the Syrian government liberates more territory, more and more Syrians have returned to the country because it is in government held territory where they can live their lives, free of the “democracy” that sees mass beheadings, executions, rapes, and crucifixions.

The question of refugee return is clearly nothing more than an excuse to remain in Syria, however, and it is one that can be continued for as long as the U.S. wants to do so. After all, every African or Middle Eastern economic migrant pouring across Europe was labeled a Syrian refugee and there is no sign Europe is going to send anyone back to their own countries ever.

Regardless, it should be remembered that one of the biggest instances of Syrian refugee return was when the Syrian government liberated East Aleppo from America’s terrorists. That liberation, of course, was fought tooth and nail by the United States, proving that returning refugees is only a smokescreen excuse for keeping forces there.

WMDs . . . Again

While we assume it was pleasantly nostalgic for Condoleezza Rice to have that warm fuzzy feeling at hearing her “WMDs” used as a justification for invasion and occupation on the national stage again, there was another similarity to the Iraq and Syria WMDs claims coming from the State Department . . . they don’t exist.

* * *

Source: read the full article at Activist Post

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Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
11 February, 2018 12:10 pm

“The management of foreign relations appears to be the most susceptible of abuse, of all the trusts committed to a Government, because they can be concealed or disclosed, or disclosed in such parts & at such times as will best suit particular views; and because the body of the people are less capable of judging & are more under the influence of prejudices, on that branch of their affairs, than of any other. Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to provisions agst. danger real or pretended from abroad.” —James Madison, letter to Thomas Jefferson, May 13, 1798 in: Writings of James Madison, p. 588 (Library of America ed. 1999), in: The Letters and Other Writings of James Madison, vol.… Read more »

11 February, 2018 3:26 pm

With every artifice employed. The Trump administration is slippery. It mirrors the ol’ black republican party. First rattle out of the box, the corporations and billionaire elite received a massive 35% tax cut. The federal criminals also want to fence in certain American products by placing heavy tariffs on the competition. That’s not America first; it’s we want you to pay 3 prices for our stuff that might be inferior.