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PLEASE WATCH the following amazing video.

A mystery meat reporterette offers the usual fake news about “not seeing the violence” as a preface to a non-White Soros mob demonstrating against our most basic right to defend our lives and property. Well, if you didn’t actually see it, it didn’t happen, like you’re a pro wrestling referee and not someone trusted with presenting impartial facts. Luckily, we have pictures of the damage caused by the brown horde and this might even undercut their winning message of “Make yourself defenseless so we can kill you.”

We cut to the “students,” portrayed as a blurred out mass of mud-colored hostility, the faceless and mindless brown slaves promised by the talmud. This footage is shot through a fence and then what looks like bars, creating a very convincing illusion that we’re looking at a prison yard and not a school. Certainly the racial demographics on display further enhance such a conclusion. I tried to find a single White face and came up empty. Here are the foreign opportunists to save your future, the replacements for the children you didn’t have to save the “environment.” They’re chanting “No more guns.” Natural conservatives, full of reverence for muh constitution and a profound understanding and respect for American history. We’ll get them to vote for global finance free trade, don’t you worry.

The ugly face of demographic replacement.

It’s time to hear from a Negro whose appearance and general demeanor suggest a Wayans Brothers comedy sketch from the 1990s more than any type of serious political discussion. This goofy, down-low tar monster was a former “resource officer” and no doubt full of the same cowering, self-wetting Semitic heroism recently on display in Florida. “Teenage racial pot-lucks are full of wisdom and should guide public policy” is the gist of the message, delivered in an effeminate voice by an 80 I.Q. genetic alien. It’s pretty convincing.

How about some Latinos who want “change?” I guess we should feel grateful they’re not demanding citizenship for their entire family of 500, for once. On the other hand, they’re being used as vaguely human props in service of the coming Cohen Act. “Things are gonna get worse!” opines a future marriage prospect for the Bush family. Yeah. No kidding, genius. It’s California and we can do basic math to extrapolate the steady destruction of an entire state via open borders and rapidly vanishing Whites. We also have working eyes.

Meanwhile, Mexican invaders climb over a fence. You’re already in the dying nation of cowards and weaklings, that’s really not necessary. Instead of “undocumented immigration,” this time the “dream” involves vandalizing police cars and assaulting officers, because nothing makes a more convincing argument for total disarmament than violent foreign scumbags attacking Blue Lives who are afraid to fight back. Perhaps sensing the “bad optics,” we get a blanket dindu nuffin denial from more wetback spawn. Would the last White person in California please turn off the lights on the way out?

No human being or reasonable facsimile is illegal.

Next up, we get some insight from a wise negress. The Mule of the World understands the pain that firearms can cause, having lost her good boy nephew who didn’t do [anything] to high velocity projectiles. Suffice it to say, the actual circumstances surrounding the “limiting” of this future oceanographer, commercial airline pilot or rapper are not addressed in any way, forcing one to imagine how he was turning his life around before being made good immediately by the evil gun. “It’s a good idea to wake up the neighborhoods.” Careful what you ask for, Aunt Jemima. The Saxon is not going to be happy when he finally stumbles out of the kosher bed.

The “human” cost of our inherent rights.

Another Negro body (Ah!) yammers away about nothing in particular from behind the practice prison’s bars. Better get used to those, morlock. We end with a reminder that the powers that be don’t support the violence and non-White pathology, contrary to the massive evidence presented in this two minute video. Well, that’s a relief. Here, take my guns. Better turn in the knives, too, just to be safe. We also need speech crime laws. Shut up and die for the Jew. Today’s lesson at the “diversity” school is two and two equals five.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Shawn Greene
Shawn Greene
28 February, 2018 8:25 pm

They are the people whom the Jews love most or love to use.
Following something loud and glittering mindlessly,
unable to think about what’s lurking behind the buzz.

3 March, 2018 11:42 pm

If a communist revolution were to happen tomorrow in our country, you can guarantee that all of the leftist groups would be actively involved and supporting it, and would rejoice in the communist takeover of our country.

At that point they would have to be dealt with “properly” because talking and voting doesn’t work any more.