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The Left Eats its Own: Intersectional Feminism

by David Sims

INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM is feminism that has been taken over by perverts and by minorities who tell White feminists that they should either shut up or get out. With classic Marxist doublethink, the intersectional feminists claim that White feminism unfairly “overshadows” non-White and non-(insert the ever-expanding list of groups with sexual perversions) “feminist voices,” so White feminists should shut the Hell up.

Intersectional feminism is a manifestation of a kind of political implosion sometimes seen in leftist groups, in which leftists strive to distinguish themselves through “holier than thou” or “more extreme than thou” rhetoric. This one-upmanship continues until factions form, and immediately after that the faction leaders start attacking each other.

Perhaps you remember Leon Trotsky? During the early days of the Soviet Union, Trotsky (a Jew whose real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was much in favor, leader of the Red Army, hailed as a financial savior of the Bolshevik Revolution — he brought Lenin $20 million in cash supplied by Jacob Schiff in New York. The Soviet communists engaged in the usual struggle for political supremacy through ideological extremism with competing ideologies differing in small but apparently (to them) rather important details. Stalin won the contest, and Trotsky was drummed out of the Communist party and exiled to Mexico. All of Trotsky’s works were suppressed, and many of those in his faction were “eliminated” in one way or another.

That’s what’s going on now with feminism. The intersectionalists are telling White feminist women to shut their mouths while proclaiming that they are promoting “inclusion” — telling White feminist women to shut the Hell up while saying that “all voices should be heard” — telling White feminist women to bow down in silence while… etc., etc., etc. per typical Marxist insane malicious lies and unreal nonsense.

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  1. Shawn Greene
    15 February, 2018 at 5:14 am — Reply

    I find their double thinking always amusing.

  2. 15 February, 2018 at 3:01 pm — Reply

    I’ve tried to explain this to Whites in so-called minority groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, female, trans-whatever or anything else. The absolute bottom line and end game of the identity politics war is RACE, not sexual orientation, biological sex, or religion. Race trumps all. White feminists, White gays, White Muslim/jewish converts, etc. etc. will eventually be subjugated, then discarded altogether by their various “victim” groups due to their “White privilege” because the reason these groups exist in the first place is to destroy White western civilization and ultimately Whites themselves so that western civilization never rises again.

    As far as these minority groups are concerned, it doesn’t matter how big a victim or minority you think you are; if you’re a White victim, then you’ll never ever have suffered as much as a brown victim in your group and thus, need to be marginalized. It’s a battle to see who can claim the title of Greatest Victim. To borrow a phrase from Orwell: While all of the feminists, gays and trannies are victims, some are bigger victims than others. White people in all these movements are Stalin’s definition of useful idiots working toward their own destruction.

    I tried to explain some of this to my young gay nephew as he struggles to find meaningful work in the corporate world. He gets ZERO points for being gay. That’s not a category on the application or EEOC paperwork. All they care about is that you’re White and male. Check the boxes please. Into the circular file goes the application.

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