The Horror of Dresden

95-YEAR-OLD British WW2 veteran Victor Gregg, like American author-to-be Kurt Vonnegut, was an Allied POW in Dresden when it was firebombed in 1945. Here he recounts the terrifying, dehumanizing experience for the BBC this week. For 40 years after this chilling experience Gregg never laughed — not even once. He states that “We were supposed to be fighting the ‘evils of the Third Reich’ — but we ended up being worse than they were.”

Gregg continues: “Four incendiaries burst through the heavy glass roof, turning men into human torches. Nothing could be done to help them, it was impossible to extinguish the flames, and so the screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of others…”

“All I could remember was being thrown over to the far corner of the building, nearly 50 feet. The next thing I knew I was being covered in brickwork and rubble and everything went dark. When I came to, I realised the building was slowly collapsing. Wherever I turned, I was confronted by flames, smoke and dust – and all the time blocks of debris falling from the sky.

“There were about a dozen of us in our small group of survivors who were able to walk or stagger. In the town, there were other small groups moving between the heaps of rubble, dodging the flames which, without warning, shot out of gaps in the walls. The noise of the planes died down and people started to claw their way out of the huge mounds of rubble that an hour before had been their homes.

“Although the authorities had built huge concrete water towers, only a few of these had been filled with water — and these were to prove tragic. People climbed into them to escape the flames and found it impossible to climb back out. They were trapped in water which slowly boiled.”

Those words by Victor Gregg describing the Allied terror bombing of Dresden in 1945, would chill any American to the bones — that is — if our mass-media would publicize such true horror stories to the public. As it turns out, the people who control and own our news media are of the same ethnic and racial extraction as those who incited that destruction in 1945.

* * *

Quotations by Victor Gregg courtesy of an article by the Daily Mail; a UK based, online newspaper.

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