Misrepresentation of German Bombing Victims as Jewish Holocaust Victims by the World Jewish Congress

by Hadding Scott

THE LOGO OF the World Jewish Congress appears on a site called, which has a page titled “The Final Solution.” On that page is a slideshow of eight images that are apparently supposed to represent the Holocaust. The only image on that page showing dead people (as of 31 January 2016) is the one that you see above.

Update. The day after I posted this commentary, WJC replaced that image with a different image.* It is nice that they are at least able to recognize when they’ve been caught, but here’s a screenshot as documentation of how reckless they were:

The details of this photo are such as to make a thoughtful person doubt that it shows a scene from a concentration camp. The bodies are neither nude (as if gassed in a fake shower room), nor clad in striped concentration camp uniforms, but dressed in normal civilian clothes. You can see a damaged multistory structure in the background, suggesting that the photo may have been taken in a bombed city.

In fact the photo shows German victims of Anglo-American bombing. In 2011 The Atlantic published a collection of photos with commentary by Alan Taylor, titled “World War II: the Fall of Nazi Germany,” where this same image carries the following caption:

21. A large stack of corpses is cremated in Dresden, Germany, after the British-American air attack between February 13 and 15, 1945. The bombing of Dresden has been questioned in post-war years, with critics claiming the area bombing of the historic city center (as opposed to the industrial suburbs) was not justified militarily. [Alan Taylor, The Atlantic, 9 October 2011]

You might think that a high-profile and extraordinarily well funded organization like the World Jewish Congress would not be so reckless — indeed, that they would have highly competent experts checking everything that they do to make sure that they get it right — but you should not be so surprised. It is commensurate with Friedrich Nietzsche’s observation: Power makes stupid.

So much for the pretended intellectual integrity of the Jews.

From another perspective, we can say that they do it because they get away with it.

How can they get away with it? That is a failure on our side, mainly a failure of moral courage. Even people in what is supposed to be alternative media often shirk their duty as truth-tellers when faced with a claim promoted under the banner of the holy Jewish Holocaust.

Don’t let them continue to get away with it. The Holocaust myth should be ruthlessly demolished with facts and logic whenever it makes an appearance, until Jews find that this kind of attempt at emotional manipulation does them more harm than good.

* * *

* The image that the WJC posted as a replacement shows corpses at Buchenwald. This is still deceptive, and I will explain why. This kind of image from camps captured by U.S. and British forces has been used often to promote the belief that Jews were gassed, but — and it is an important fact that you should know — mainstream historiography today says that nobody was gassed at Buchenwald, nor at any other of the camps that U.S. and British forces “liberated.” Not at Bergen-Belsen, not at Dachau, nor any other camp in Germany or Austria. For decades now the gassing claims have been restricted to camps in Poland. The pictures that we are customarily shown as evidence for the Holocaust mostly show victims of a typhus epidemic that erupted as the war was ending.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. Sic Semper
    14 February, 2018 at 12:12 pm — Reply

    Having lived as a cursed Ethnic European in an openly hostile jew enclave in Hymietown, I can attest to the innate a tendency for this subspecies to lie about anything and everything, big and small, they simply cannot convey a fact to a goyim. Amongst themselves they openly discuss how they swindle and cheat gentiles and even each other, it is celebrated, but among outsiders they are “pious” and unified in their defense of their “integrity” even when it is exposed as an outright lie.

    It is a fascinating thing to witness a culture whose true common language is lies and to see how fluently it is spoken in every facet. If they tell you the sky is blue, you know damn well in is bright red.

    Even when you catch them in outright lies and confront them, they insist that it is you who are the liar. If you hold your ground, they tell you it is “none of your business.”

    The holohoax industrial complex is the penultimate accomplishment of the culture of lies and their owned and operated apparatus. In Hymietown State, on state tax returns there is a box marking “holocaust reparations income” – I was dumbfounded and infuriated to witness that the holohoax industry is so prevalent in jew York that it is considered necessary to include income on standardized state tax forms.

    I always laugh at how it was NY Senator Al Damato who strong armed the German government for “reparations” and as soon as the filthy jew Schumer, who owes his entire political career to facilitating the importation of entire Bolshevik families of arch criminals, genociders and oligarchs from the former Soviet Union, ran against him – ungrateful NY jews threw him out of office in a heartbeat for their fellow jew.

    Each time I hear of “Russian collusion” I laugh knowing full well what the jew Schumer singlehandedly brought into America and facilitated their crimes against the American people. If there was truth in Health Insurance premium letters, they would show the 30-50% that goes directly to the cabal of organized jew gangsters who scheme easily 30% of all Medicaid. Obamacare was a blessing to these protected jew gangsters who have an entire cottage industry of laundering their stolen health insurance premiums through NY real estate. Should the laughably corrupt police who openly bow before their jew overlords or the politicized FBI who too answers to Big jew look into these multibillion dollar scams run by narcotics traffickers, white slavers, arms smugglers and arch criminals – many still on Interpol wanted lists from the 1980s – Schumer runs interference “suggesting” that these investigations are “anti-semitic witch hunts” and “pogroms.”

    They lie with such reckless abandon out of ingrained genetic trait and culture that sees lies as a birthright.

    • 14 February, 2018 at 3:03 pm — Reply

      Great point about Al Damato. Anyone who thinks they’ll get brownie points from ingratiating themselves at the feet of the jews is in for a rude awakening. They’ll take what you’re willing to offer then throw you away for one of their own; no matter how despicable that jew may be, he’s still a jew after all. This is why I warn people again and again against playing good jew / bad jew with people like Norman Finkelstein (who believes whole-heartedly in the official holohoax narrative–his parent were “survivors”), Gilad Atzmon, Ben Shapiro, and others. They absolutely will turn on you. It’s just a matter of time. They’re NOT on our side and simply function to confuse the reality that all jews possess the same duplicitous character with regard to non-jews. Many creatures use some form of deception as a survival strategy; the jews use lies, as it is their very nature. It’s astonishing how fundamentalist Christians adore jews and Israel when their own Bible, through the very words of Christ, points out again and again the pathological and inbred nature of the jews as a group to lie in quotes like, “You cannot hear the truth because there is no truth in you.”

      • Sic Semper
        14 February, 2018 at 6:20 pm — Reply

        The “church” forgets what is in the New Testament regarding jews. Thessalonians (2:14-15) about “the Jews,who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out. They are not pleasing to God, but hostile to all men”

        There is no confusing what the early church thought of them, but the modern church is so willing to slit the throats of a billion faithful in service of their new gods represented by political correctness and/or far worse malevolent schools of thought and nefarious cabals.

        A jew will always be a jew, he can fool you for awhile but his nature will always come out. They cannot help themselves. it is impossible to circumvent their nature.

        • 15 February, 2018 at 3:44 pm — Reply

          While I don’t subscribe to Christianity, I have studied the Bible in regard to the jewish question. I remember the verse you cited. In some translations, it also says that the jews are “…contrary to all men.” Hostile. Contrary. This clearly denotes that the jews have an intrinsic nature that is diametrically opposed to everyone else on earth, and some would say against nature itself. It’s this other-like quality that makes them so destructive of all life on earth and yet, the Christians never pick up on this because 99.9% of them never read their own Bible. They let their (((preachers))) tell them what to believe.

  2. 14 February, 2018 at 3:55 pm — Reply

    No doubt the photo is of Germans, probably from the Dresden massacre. Great point that the bodies are fully clothed, making it impossible for them to fit the standard profile of naked, gassed jewish victims.

    On the other hand, I would doubt The Atlantic’s description that those bodies are being “cremated”. Yes, there is smoke visible, however, it’s scientifically impossible to turn a mass of human bodies that high and thick to ash with the setup seen there. There are simply too many places in the mass of bodies where oxygen can’t reach for fire to burn. At the same time, far too much heat is lost to open air radiation. My guess is that the bodies were being burned just enough to kill any pathogens before they were deposited into mass graves.

    I believe the jews use this photo to subliminally reinforce the Treblinka “death” camp narrative and in fact, it may have been the very inspiration for that story because the similarities are striking.

    As the legend goes: After 870,000 jews were gassed in rooms with diesel exhaust (impossible, as diesel exhaust contains virtually no carbon monoxide and 13% oxygen–more than enough to survive) at Treblinka, the bodies were buried in mass graves. In fear of the bodies being discovered, the Germans then exhumed all 870,000 corpses months later, not missing a single one, and “cremated” them by laying them on stretches of iron train tracks 100ft long, balanced atop cinder blocks that (according to “witnesses”) were only about 2ft. off the ground. In this 2ft. space, the Germans placed “kindling”, “brush” and “wood from the forest”, which when ignited, burned the entire mass of bodies “2,500 at a time” to ashes, which were then reburied without so much as a single tooth surviving.

    Needless to say, this scenario is utterly and scientifically impossible for countless reasons. I’ve seen the above photo before, but not until now have I noticed its uncanny resemblance to the Treblinka narrative, right down to the wood beneath the rails, as if that would be enough fuel to cremate even that pile of several hundred bodies. There are lots of great videos online proving what we know with just common sense to be a lie, that this method of “cremation” is impossible. One great video example uses the exact same setup to attempt to burn a leg of lamb on grating over cinder blocks with wood. Another attempts to burn just one full-size roasting pig in the open air this way. The results are quite revealing.

    In the photo, the wood beneath the rails looks burned already, as the pile of bodies just smolders with heads, arms and legs of the group clearly intact. Obviously, no accelerant of any kind is being used, nor was it ever reported that one was used in Treblinka either. Even so, it wouldn’t have turned the bodies to ash. Because of the body being 70% water, the accelerant would have burned off long before the bodies were totally cremated. I think this photo, although of real Germans from Dresden, must have had other purposes in post-war propaganda because of its striking likeness to the Treblinka story, which almost certainly used this scenario for its genesis.

    • Axis Sally
      14 February, 2018 at 9:08 pm — Reply

      I agree, Andover 8. No less an authority on the “holocaust” than Raul Hilberg in his two volume The Destruction of the European Jews quotes a rather dubious source (all his sources are dubious,) an alleged eyewithness at Treblinka, as claiming that when the bodies were placed on the alleged grills, they put females on the first layer because they would “burn better” due to higher bodyfat percentage, thereby functioning as kindling for the rest of the stack. Apparently, according to the narrative, all that was necessary was to place a few dry pine branches in the space underneath, light them off, and the whole thing would ignite like a bonfire in a self-sustaining conflagration–no accelerants needed. The minds that dreamed-up such a story are not only ignorant, but downright depraved.

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