Low Delusion is the Highest IQ

Even the primitive and delusional worship of Voodoo fetishes, shown here, is less harmful to its practitioners than liberalism is to Whites.

I’VE MENTIONED BEFORE that from an evolutionary perspective it is not the most intelligent who survive, but the least deluded. Intelligence and a deficit of delusion are not entirely exclusive concepts, as without an advanced capability to learn we might still be wallowing in our own filth while succumbing to antique plague pathogens like other typical Germans.

We should note, however, that intelligence and non-delusion trend toward conflict nearly as much as correlation. For instance, dullards frequently lack the faculties to form clever rationales for why their senses and intuition must be ignored. Thus they don’t place their heads in the mouths of crocodiles because intersectional decolonization theory demands accommodation of marginalized reptiles.

An item germane to this topic is the fact that not all delusions are created equal. Africans are as primitive and superstitious as back in the days when they couldn’t even feed themselves. That is to say, last week. Yet African delusions are more comical than maladaptive. The difference between the two is enormous, as this graph poignantly depicts. Africans are not at all delusional about their interests vis-a-vis those of others. They are equally clear-headed about expanding their range, power, and population at the expense of those they despise; and doing so not with apologies, but rather fury at our languid pace of relinquishment. As a result, their delusions are far less lethal than the more intellectually refined varieties that have propagated throughout the West. And since it is delusion rather than intelligence that distinguishes who lives in cities and who lives in museum exhibits, we are easily pacing the field in pursuit of the latter.

I was recently reflecting on this idea in context of America’s gaping southern border and the DACA cuckoo chicks that have proliferated as a consequence. Mexicans as a whole are manifestly not blessed with the intelligence, inventiveness, or initiative of the gringos to their north. That observation is, of course, considered an egregious insult in today’s paper-skin society. Though different groups always have and always will reflect different behavioral and performance profiles. That’s called diversity. Liberals should investigate the term sometime.

But esoterica aside, America and Mexico offer a fascinating glimpse into the means by which simple people recognizing reality and pursuing their interests in alignment with it tend to crush the earnestly delusional intellectuals. From a raw capability standpoint, White America could have taken Mexico’s most choice real estate like a Baja Peninsula from a baby. Instead it is the once-paradise of California (and everywhere to its east) that is rapidly changing hands. Never has relative incompetence been so formidable.

And mestizo cunning is even more impressive than that. In comparison to America, Mexico runs an extremely parsimonious social welfare system. This imbalance creates the first initial incentive for parasitic migration. It is one the Mexican government enthusiastically encourages. So Mexico lowers its own costs of human upkeep by offloading the left-flank of its bell curve, who then return hard-currency remittances back to Mexico, while acting as a huge and growing advocacy bloc for the only country that actually retains their loyalty. Thus the lucid dumb say to the bright delusional: you take in, pay for, and grant preferences to my children over your own, and they’ll express their gratitude by cancelling your votes, demonizing your heritage, and colonizing your communities. Tenemos un trato?

Intelligence is actually counterproductive to those with enough surplus to rationalize their own annihilation. Far better if our delusions were so benign as to merely believe that the genitals of albinos could cure disease.

* * *

Source: The Kakistocracy

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16 November, 2021 5:18 pm

Evolution is certainly wasted on bourgeois Liberals, indeed on the indoctrinated classes.