Jews Starting to Talk About “White Genocide” and Kalergi

Michael Savage, a nationally syndicated conservative radio host, is promoting the popular White nationalist trope that there is an ongoing and intentional “cultural genocide” being carried out against the “white race.”

On Monday, Savage spent his entire show on the topic, the Southern Poverty Law Center noted in a blog post.

“White supremacists typically accuse Jewish people of engineering this plot,” the SPLC wrote.

But Savage, who is Jewish himself, instead blames Democrats.

“Unless we stand up to the racists and the genocidal maniacs who are attacking, attacking, attacking,” Savage said, “there will be nothing left to protect, there will be nothing left to save. Everything of our culture will be gone.”

I WAS PUZZLED a few times in recent weeks by seeing people I know to be committed (non-Jewish) philosemites making reference to the Kalergi Plan. Now we’re seeing Jews talking about “White Genocide”. Of course, they don’t blame it on Jews. They blame it on the “Democrats, the “Left”, “Cultural Marxism”, etc.

In part this testifies to the irresistible strength of our ideas. Our memes are making a difference. They are shaping the perceptions even of people who disagree with us or despise us. But it could also be interpreted as an instance of the classic Jewish strategy of infiltrate, co-opt and divert. According to this approach, once an autonomous movement, potentially threatening to Jews, has acquired an unstoppable momentum, if it can no longer be stopped altogether it needs to be harmlessly rerouted.

Perhaps the ultimate example of this was Marxism itself. It’s often forgotten now how anti-Semitic the early Socialist movement was. Then as now, many of the major financial and business scandals of the age involved Jews. These could have catastrophic effects. Without counter-cyclical government action, such as welfare spending or active management of the economy, business depressions could be intense and prolonged. People would actually starve to death. A Jewish financial scam could bring about a recession that would plunge millions into ruin. And, of course, lacking sympathy with the goyim, Jews were among the most ruthless of the capitalist exploiters.

Marxism could be interpreted as an attempt to divert this rebellious energy and canalize it in ways that would be unthreatening to Jews. As perceptions of an ethnic adversary were gaining strength among the European populace, along came a Jew and said “Let them eat class warfare!” Any talk of ethnic rivalry was dismissed as “false consciousness”. Now, as Goyim Knowing grows, and that same ethnic adversary comes into focus once again, along come Jews and their acolytes saying “Oy vey, white genocide, Kalergi. Resist Cultural Marxism!”

Whenever you see a Jew or philo-Semite talking about the Kalergi Plan, just point out this quote to them if you want to shut them up. It’s from Hitler’s second book, written in 1928 but unpublished during his lifetime. Hitler’s harsh condemnation of Kalergi (full name Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi) was strangely prophetic.

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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10 February, 2018 9:42 pm

Savage is simply trying to trick Whites into playing the good jew / bad jew game.

Reply to  ZachP
4 May, 2021 4:05 am

Pretty much yep! Dumb whites

10 February, 2018 11:22 pm

Bingo, Zach! I concur. Even the most “based” of the Jews have ulterior motives for “outing” or “going against” their tribe. Like the noted Benjamin Freedman; his big game was the “real Jews vs fake Jews” gambit, claiming that the “bad Jews” were actually “fake Khazar Jews” who had merely assumed the identity of Jewry… and that “real Jews” like himself weren’t to be blamed. And consider “brother” Kapner. He takes the game to another familiar level, namely that of the Christian or Christian-friendly Jew, and would have us believe that it all has to do with this “struggle between Good and Evil”, that it’s all quite unstoppable (because it’s end-times prophesy, oy vey!), and that all we need to do is pray harder and get right with Cheese-us. NOT… Read more »

20 June, 2020 1:04 pm

I think i remember a South Park episode predicting this. The episode is about future people who are result of the mix af all races and that work for almost nothing, like slaves, and take off the work of people of the present. On purpose, Matt Stone, one of the heads behind South Park, has a Jewish mother and has described himself as ethnically Jewish; so that’s why Cartman is bullying Kyle all the time for being a jew and saying he is a Hitler admirer.

4 May, 2021 4:04 am

A Jew is a Jew, the rest is smoke and mirrors