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Jewish Media Deception: The Great Train Switcheroo

Taylor Michael Wilson

by David Sims

OLD NEWS has been brought back to be confused with new news!

Go to any search engine and type “terrorist attack Virginia Amtrak” and see what you get. You’ll get mostly a lot of references to an incident in which a possible White nationalist named Taylor Michael Wilson sneaked into the engine of a train and began to play with the controls, pretending or fantasizing about driving it. He didn’t hurt anybody. But, because of his politically incorrect politics, the media made sure to tar him up as much as they could.

You won’t see many (if any) references to the much more recent, and much more violent, attack on another train, having much more sinister probable political motives.

Predictably, the Jewish-controlled media have attempted to divert and confuse the public regarding the instigators of the very recent derailment attack on the Amtrak train carrying GOP (Republican) members of Congress. They say they’ve identified a “White nationalist,” who attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville (they made sure to get that city’s name in), as the perpetrator of “an attack on the Amtrak train.” So say the headlines, anyway.

But wait. This isn’t the same Amtrak train that was carrying the Congressmen. The attack on the Congressmen’s train happened in Virginia on 31 January, 2018 — just two days ago. The Amtrak train that this supposed “White nationalist” is accused of targeting was in Nebraska — well over three months ago. On 22 October 2017, Taylor Michael Wilson was seen in the conductor’s seat “playing with the controls” of that Amtrak train in Nebraska. No bombs. No armed attack. No ramming with big trucks. Just “playing with the controls.” There’s no evidence he was trying to harm anybody.

Now, it isn’t a coincidence that this old news story is making a reappearance just now. No. It’s been reintroduced by the news media in an attempt to make it seem as if “White nationalists” are to blame for the attempt on the lives of Republican Congressmen in the 31 January 2018 attack. Although the media aren’t (quite) lying, you have to read further than the headlines in most cases to learn that the media are referring to a different incident entirely.

This is one of the ways in which Jews deceive. You must learn to expect misdirection in many different forms, of which outright lying is only one.

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Over It
Over It
3 February, 2018 1:41 pm

All these kinds of incidents are designed to smear White nationalists and condition them into not expressing their views, pride or taking action to exert their own rights in any way for fear of being labeled a “terrorist”. It’s also laying the groundwork to establish a manufactured need for enacting laws that actually prevent Whites from doing so.