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The Mystery of LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche

by Revilo P. Oliver

LYNDON LAROUCHE is now in prison, having been sentenced to a term of fifteen years for having annoyed the rulers of the United States. I gave a succinct but adequate account of his activities in my article on Practical Politics in February 1990, and in the following April I noticed the travesty of legality by which our lawless masters threw LaRouche onto the chute to the penitentiary.

A friend has sent me a copy of a book that was obviously rushed through the press after LaRouche was arrested but before his condemnation in an effort to facilitate the latter by character-assassination. The book is Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (New York, Doubleday, 1989), by Dennis King, whom the publisher describes as “the country’s leading expert [!] on LaRouche.” The author’s race is not stated, but I note that “King” is frequently a translation of ‘Koenig,’ a name often assumed by Yids in Germany, and that they commonly affect characteristically Anglo-Saxon or Scottish praenomina as a disguise. (1)

(1. ‘Dennis,’ which is, of course, derived through the French from ‘Dionysius,’ became a very popular personal name in England as early as the Twelfth Century, doubtless under Norman influence.)

King is highly proficient in the art of loedorography and subtle vituperation; he does an expert job of traducing LaRouche, and while journalists hired for such work always simulate moral indignation, I have the impression that he does hate LaRouche as he would hate anyone who stood, or seemed to stand, in the way of God’s People. It is ironic, however, that I, who have no animus and certainly feel no ill-will toward LaRouche, damned him far more thoroughly than did the hatchet man. I illustrated the spurious and mendacious content of books that LaRouche wrote or sponsored; King concentrates on the man’s mistresses, associates, and gossip about his intentions.

King has certainly investigated such matters thoroughly and it is likely that his facts are accurate, as distinct from his insinuations, interpretations, and allegations. Books of this type, if competently written, usually resemble a child’s water-color book: the printed outlines are accurate, but the child has painted the horse green and the cow purple.

From King’s account it seems clear that LaRouche was swindled repeatedly, almost continually, by reprobates who gained his confidence, and was, throughout his career, surrounded by Jews, who held most of the higher positions in his organizations. At least one of these, a certain Mordechai, was a spy and agent of the Jews whom LaRouche was so na‹f as to trust. A man named Goldstein, who was in charge of Security for the organization, even proposed assassination of Super-sheeny Kissinger. One cannot approve of assassinations, but it would be hard to suggest a better target.

According to King, however, LaRouche’s mortal sin was insufficient veneration for Yahweh’s Chosen. He properly derides one of LaRouche’s campaigns, based on the slogan, “Zionism is anti-Semitic.” That, of course, would have been quite true, had LaRouche been writing English, for, as everyone knows, the Chosen now intend to massacre the Semites in Palestine, as they did formerly, according to the tales in the Christians’ favorite story-book. LaRouche seems to have used the term in the nonsensical meaning given to it by the Kikes’ propaganda, according to which it means ‘anti-Jewish,” (2) and in that sense, as King points out, his slogan is absurd because almost all of the Jews now residing in the United States are Zionists.

(2. The catachrestic phrase seems to have originated in France, where ‘antis‚mitique,’ uttered with knowing grin, was used to indicate appreciation of the Jewish racial character. At that time, the Jews were considered Semites because their language in Biblical times had been taken from the Semitic Canaanites, and the Aramaic, which replaced it in general use, was also a Semitic language. The Jews are a hybrid race in which the Semitic, Hamitic, and Armenoid components usually overshadow the Negroid element. Whether there was an Aryan element before relatively recent times is uncertain. The French joke seems to have been picked up by the Jews, with their instinct for creating confusion, about the time of the Dreyfus affair, and to have been first used in English around the beginning of this century. The transfer may have been facilitated by the occasional use of ‘Semitism’ as a convenient designation of both the Judaic and Moslem religions.)

There is a good deal of ancillary information in the book that is of some interest. One of LaRouche’s enemies was, naturally enough, the Roy Cohen who, together with his partner, Schine, formed a team that was trusted by Senator McCarthy (3) and, of course, continually betrayed him; they later subsidized National Review through their news-stand agency, (4) and Cohen finally attained the high distinction of being considered the most viciously crooked attorney in all of greater New York. He was, naturally, a pervert, as was generally known and as LaRouche wickedly told the public, and he died of the African Plague (“AIDS”) in 1986. Who says the epidemic has done no good?

(3. McCarthy was really na‹f to an extent remarkable in a man who had attained success in politics. I always remember what he told a friend of mine, then in the C.I.A., who warned him in 1952 that the Federal government would destroy him for having identified a few of the Communist agents then in high positions. “No,” said McCarthy, “the American people will never let me down”!)

(4. This does not necessarily imply approval of the dilute “conservatism” for which that publication was then known. The pair of Kike perverts used it to obtain “block bookings” from newsstands operated by Americans and thus introduced their pornographic journals into places where the latter would never have been tolerated, had they not been part of a ‘package’ that included a magazine then highly esteemed by anti-Communists.)

King addresses particulary the people who have been programmed as “Liberal intellectuals” in the boob-hatcheries, and gives them the proper signals. ‘Fascist’ is often a noise made by such dunces and as devoid of meaning as the squawk of an angry bluejay, but men like King know that Mussolini saved Italy from disintegration and averted Judaeo-Communist massacres, such as had been carried out in Russia a few years before, thus cheating professional humanitarians of their anticipated gloating over the suffering and death of the more civilized Italians. For this, social reformers will never forgive him, and his name suffices to focus the organic hatreds in their miserable little souls.

Needless to say, many of King’s demonstrations of LaRouche’s satanic nature are, in the eyes of rational Aryans, propaganda for LaRouche. A photograph following p. 200 shows three “students” at Temple University in Philadelphia who are said to have been mistreated by LaRouche’s followers, probably when the creatures attacked them. One is a nigger mongrel and the other two are degenerates and probably some kind of mongrels also; one looks partly female, but probably isn’t. A rational American looking at that photograph will conclude that a man who wants to sweep our streets of such animated garbage deserves approbation, whatever else he may propose.

We are assured that LaRouche actually expressed doubts about the Kike’s great Holohoax, and was so evil as to oppose the deportation of Dr. Arthur Rudolph to please our parasites and to demoralize our efforts to send rockets into outer space. He even dared to quote “General George Brown’s infamous [sic!] statement about the alleged excessive influence of Jews in Washington.” Since the Jews themselves openly boast that the Congress that daily betrays us in the Capitol belongs to them and is “the best that money can buy,” it follows that what was infamous about General Brown’s statement is the implication that the Sheenies’ power over us could possible be excessive. They own the planet given them by Yahweh, don’t they?

What was obviously LaRouche’s most dastardly deed was trying to tell the American dunces in 1977 that the Master Race was equipping itself with nuclear weapons and becoming one of the powers able (and willing) to use nuclear bombs to attain its ends. Needless to say, only a satanic figure would have disclosed to the Aryan swine in 1977 a secret that, despite LaRouche’s efforts, was successfully concealed until the end of 1986, when, strange as that seems, it may have been first disclosed in the United States by Liberty Bell! (5)

(5. December 1986, pp. 16-23. Liberty Bell‘s information came from a feature article in the Sunday Times (London), where it appeared under an 88-point headline, but the British publication and the proof supplied by an honest Jew was ignored by the American press as long as it could hope the news would never reach its American dupes. It is true, of course, that diligent observers earlier drew inferences from the Jews’ theft of a large quantity of uranium from American stores, but there was no proof of conjectures based on that fact, which was, of course, denied by the Jews’ stooges in Washington and the Pentagon, who insisted that the missing uranium had just somehow got lost.)

LaRouche knew in 1977 what the Sheenies were doing in their secret underground plant for manufacturing atomic and nuclear bombs. It follows, therefore, that some part of his intelligence service was much more efficient that King is willing to admit. He repeatedly assures us that LaRouche was supplied chiefly or almost entirely with information imagined by the crooks who were exploiting him. King evidently did not notice that his supercilious dismissal of LaRouche’s intelligence service is refuted by his account of LaRouche’s “anti-Semitic” disclosure in 1977.

Perpend the fact that in 1977 LaRouche had penetrated one of the most closely guarded secrets in the whole world. That is proof of an efficiency that is impressive and astonishing. When the C.I.A. could no longer ignore the information and photographs provided by the Jewish defector (who was quickly kidnapped by Mossad and, if still alive, is now suffering for his integrity), it protested that it had never had the least suspicion of what the Kikes were doing in Israel. That was a lie, of course, but it was tantamount to an admission that LaRouche’s intelligence service was far better than that of the world’s most expensive intelligence service, subsidized with billions each year by the tax-paying animals in the United States, some of whom are still so gullible that they imagine the C.I.A. has some regard for their interests.

A further inconsistency is found in what is the most valuable part of his book for intelligent readers, two paragraphs on p. 250. I quote the substance here:

‘The N[ational] C[aucaus of] L[abor] C[ommittees, said to be LaRouche’s primary organization] Security Staff….has built up over a fifteen-year period one of the largest collections of private political intelligence data in the United States…

‘When the FBI and Virginia authorities raided LaRouche’s headquarters in October 1986, they carried away more than 425 boxes of files. The media had the impression these were mostly financial records, but the offices raided included those of the Security staff, and the files seized contained computer disks on which vast quantities of Security data were stored. The FBI thus came into possession of a major portion of the “LaRouche files,” Apart from details about political radicals and rumors about the sex lives of public officials, these files contain evidence of extensive NCLC dealings with government and police officials and corporate executives throughout the country. Most of these individuals would be extremely embarrassed if their dealings with LaRouche should ever become a matter of public record.’

One suspects that Kind may be minimizing the data in those files, which may include positive proof of the treason that is normal in the Jews’ hirelings, from the President on down, who serve and abet the Jewish rulers of the hapless country the American boobs gave them.

If that is so, King has solved the mystery that perplexed me in earlier articles, why the ponderous machinery of governmental oppression should have been activated to squash a man whose propaganda in the books he published was worthy of only an intellectual and moral nullity, and whose little political organization represented no serious threat to the Demopublican gangsters (6) who avail themselves of Jewish permission to rob and plunder the American boobs to their greedy hearts’ content.

(6. It may be well, by the bye, to remember that ‘gangsters’ was first used of politicians, and only later applied to bands of criminals whose depredations were somewhat different, involving physical violence instead of fraud and deceit.)

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, February 1992

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3 February, 2019 7:23 am

I think that Professor Oliver was not adequately informed here. After seeing one of Larouche’s gripping half-hour advertisements in 1984, I sent a $20 donation. I was subsequently contacted by a high-pressure solicitor trying to get a much bigger donation out of me. I was told that if I did not want to donate I could give a “loan.” This woman, who sounded Jewish, said that people were mortgaging their homes to lend money to Larouche so that he could save America. After all this urgent soliciting I lent only $100 but I never got it back. So, there was a real case against Larouche, or at least against his organization. I have never seen an official of Larouche’s organization, with the apparent exception of Larouche himself, who was not… Read more »