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Some Win and Some Lose

by David Sims

SOMEONE ALWAYS loses a political struggle. The Boers didn’t win in Europe, so they went somewhere else: South Africa. No, they didn’t make life a living hell for the indigenous African. They put a stop to their tribal wars and built schools for them, and gave them many useful things which they never had before. The Blacks burned their schools, and the Whites just built them once again at their own expense.

This trying to uplift the savage African Blacks was a mistake, of course. The Whites’ Christian impulses betrayed them. White altruism should never be extended beyond the White race itself. It is never appreciated by Blacks, who always bite the helping hand, and feel resentful afterward, rather than thankful. Give a Black a sack of grain, and he will only complain that the sack isn’t large enough, or that isn’t full enough, or that the grain isn’t the gift he prefers. He won’t say “thank you.”

When Americans were handing out food in Haiti just following the earthquake there in 2010, the disbursements always attracted a large crowd of yelling, jumping Blacks. In those crowds, the adult male Haitians would beat down Black women and children and snatch their shares first. A few times, a gang of Haitian males would walk up, confiscate all the food, and then walk away with it. Once, such a gang read the packaging label and mistook the date of manufacture as the date of expiration; they declared that the food wasn’t good enough for them and chased the Whites away.

You can’t really categorize races by skin color. Skin color is a “symptom” of race, but race itself is determined by your ancestors and all of their heritable characteristics. Just as two different diseases can cause someone to cough, likewise two different races can have about the same skin color. The Blacks of Africa and the Blacks living on the island of Panay in the Philippines are both Black, and they both have knappy hair, but they are not close relatives: They are, in fact, two quite different dark-skinned races. Likewise, the Jews who presently hold disproportionate political power in America, in Europe, and in the international banking cartels, are a light-skinned race, but you shouldn’t call them “White” because they are distinct, genetically and in many other ways, from the race that I belong to, and my race is the one that is normally called “the White race.”

In the Americas, the Whites played the Amerindians’ own game by the rules that the Amerindians themselves made up. The Amerindians had been killing each other off just as busily as the Whites did. The only difference is that Whites usually won on reprisal. Not always: The Comanche nation threw the White frontier backwards about 300 miles for a while. At the time, their ruler was a Mestizo: half-White, half-Comanche. But in the long run the Whites defeated the Comanche too. Still, any Amerindian nation that could have conquered North America would have done so. They were in balance, militarily. The White man came with technological advantages and a social organization that proved decisive. If you blame the White man, then you blame his superiority, not his intentions and not his methods.

In the Middle East, the United States government has meddled too much and to bad effect. But the blame for that meddling belongs to the Jews, not to the Whites. There are, as I said, always losers in every social and political struggle — and we Whites are very much among the losers in that one.

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Over It
Over It
15 January, 2018 3:41 pm

“White altruism should never be extended beyond the White race itself.”

Exactly. We must leave the rest of the world and other races to their fate and focus only on our own. Nor should we ever again colonize any other territory with the intention of living among non-Whites. Dissension and disaster always result through agitation, and because Whites are almost always the minority in such situations. If any new territory is to be claimed, all non-Whites must be removed or the territory must be left alone.