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Run, Sheep, Run

A once-White neighborhood in the capital city of the United States of America

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE CITY OF WASHINGTON, which should now be called Tel-Aviv-on-the-Potomac, had long been the crime capital of the United States, at least since 1860, when it was occupied by the gangsters called the Republican Party, but their crimes were perpetrated in the Federal government and almost never involved violence. (1) Washington was a city in which civilized persons could live comfortably and even gracefully, without fear of molestation.

(1. One exception was their assassination of Lincoln and subsequent murder of four persons (including Mrs. Surratt) by hanging after a pseudo-judicial farce. The four had been tortured and held incommunicado after their arrest, doubtless because they had knowledge that would have exposed the plot or at least aroused suspicions, and they had to be silenced. The Chief of the Detective Police, who had been employed in the assassination, had to be murdered some years later, and other persons were silenced in various ways. Some persons were imprisoned for life, perhaps just to increase the number of supposed participants in the fictitious conspiracy that was alleged to cover the real one.)

Despite the efforts of the Jews’ N.A.A.C.P., the niggers in Washington long remained inoffensive and useful. When the great War Criminal crawled into the White House to destroy the United States and incite a war against civilization in Europe, he naturally began to stir up the niggers as a parergon, and his wife had a notorious liking for brawny brown studs, but through the 1940s there was little nigger crime in Washington outside districts, such as the one appropriately named Jamaica, (2) in which the Congoids and mulattos were more or less concentrated. Most of them were useful servants. The few who lived elsewhere and were not, were kept in check by the civilized residents. They did invade bathing beaches on the Potomac, but chiefly to throw broken bottles into the water where it began to become deep, so that unsuspecting White bathers would cut their feet.

(2. The barbarization of this area left an Anglican foundation, called Laetus Locus, virtually under siege by the encompassing swarm of niggers, but members of the staff and visitors who came and went by automobile were not, so far as I know, molested.)

The real influx of savages began in the administration of the filthy mongrel called Eisenhower, noted for his open and vicious hatred of Germans and dissimulated hatred of other Aryans, and his scrapping of what was left of the American Constitution. After the lawless usurper sent Federal troops into Arkansas to teach the White boobs that they no longer had a country of their own, and the craven White majority acquiesced in the dictatorship and their own degradation, crime became common on the streets of Washington, and White residents began to flee to the still safe outer suburbs, especially Arlington County in Virginia. And when Arlington became unsafe, they ran farther out, to Fairfax County.

On 2 November 1991, a young woman of nineteen, who lived not far from a friend of mine in a district of “better” and hence more expensive apartment buildings, returning home after midnight, tried to dash from her parked automobile to the door of her apartment building. She didn’t make it. Two husky niggers, eager to take Affirmative Action, seized her, abducted her in her own automobile, took her to an isolated region where they raped and sodomized her and doubtless abused her in other ways (which you should have no trouble in imagining), and then magnanimously took her to the vicinity of her residence and threw her out. It can only be conjectured how much of their zeal was sexual lust for White women, and how much was a craving to express their racial hatred of the stupid White creatures who permit them to vote and who work long hours to feed and clothe them and provide them with comfort. (3)

(3. It was late 1950s as I recall that, on the occasion of some minor violence by niggers in a public “school,” I heard a very prosperous, very plump, and very fat-headed female beamingly exclaim, “Isn’t it nice that those dear people now feel free to express themselves!” Whether she would say the same thing about this incident, I do not know — probably not, if the victim was her daughter — but she would doubtless continue to ascribe their crimes to the bigoted Whites’ oppression of her “dear people,” with whom she was sufficiently cautious not to associate.)

The incident was reported in the Washington Times, and brought forth the information that during the past year ninety-five women had been raped by savages in Fairfax County.

The county authorities were moved to take drastic action: they will provide free “counseling” for women who have been raped to help them “recover from emotional trauma” and to grin and bear life in a “democracy.”

Whither can the White invertebrates flee from once safe Fairfax County? If they go much farther out, they will have to commute to the District of Corruption by helicopter. What can the White weaklings do?

If not involved in the criminal government in Washington, they can run yet farther and try to imitate the residents of Detroit who, when that city became a feral jungle, moved themselves and their businesses to the outer suburbs and now complacently remark that they have not gone into the city for years. But, of course, the marauders will soon follow them.

Nasty “racists” have ideas about what could be done, but the Jews’ Federal terrorists will soon silence them. Perhaps the best thing for the spineless White Americans to do is to run to the ocean and jump in. That would be quicker and less painful.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, February 1992

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James Clayton
James Clayton
21 January, 2018 6:14 am

That’s certainly how I remember much of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and northern Virginia.