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Meritocracy Should Not Include Racial Aliens

by Hadding Scott

FAITH GOLDY has made a video criticizing a proposal for merit-based immigration to the United States, whereby immigrants of high ability would receive preference regardless of their origin. She says that Canada already has such a system and that it is leading to a Chinese takeover of Canada, which she, as a White person, finds distressing.

She points to the higher IQ of Chinese, Indian, and Jewish immigrants to the United States as a factor that makes them dominant in elite education. She suggests that even if these foreigners have a higher IQ that makes them more capable, White interests should get some consideration.

I agree with the last part, but this is not just about meritocracy and IQ. The overrepresentation of Chinese, Indians, and Jews in elite education is far out of proportion to merit. It is due to the fact that these groups are focused and organized toward academic dominance in a way that Whites generally are not.

Ashkenazi Jews as a group have a higher IQ than Whites as a group, but not a higher IQ than the cognitive elite of the White race. Ron Unz and Kevin MacDonald wrote a few years ago that the overrepresentation of Jews in the Ivy League was not justified by their test-scores. There is active favoritism there, Jews conspiring to bring other Jews into the elite universities at the expense of Whites.

In the case of Chinese and Indians, these people achieve grades and test-scores out of proportion to their ability by being study-machines. Their family-culture demands that they get the highest possible grades, and keeps them in that rut. They excel in rote memorization, but they will get the top grades however they can, cheating if necessary. Ultimately their inferiority to the White cognitive elite becomes evident when they are required to do original problem-solving for which rote memorization could not prepare them.

Why do you think China leads the world in industrial espionage? It is because they have a very limited capacity for original thinking.

So, the overrepresentation of these non-White populations in elite institutions is not entirely a matter of ability.

Faith Goldy did not articulate why it should be upsetting to see these non-White minorities dominating the elite universities. I shall state a rather obvious, if Politically Incorrect and little discussed, justification for that concern.

There is of course the question of loyalty. We already know that Jews cannot be trusted. They use the positions that they gain in our society for their own ethnic interests. Jews are the reason why the USA was involved in two World Wars and, directly or indirectly, every war since then. They dragged us into the World Wars and Middle-East wars for their ethnic interest.

Chinese similarly can be expected to put the interests of other Chinese, or their own personal interests, first. Mitch McConnell’s Chinese wife Elaine Chao is an example of this.

Indians in the United States seem to be simply opportunists, who really neither understand nor care about our interests as White people. Look at the recent performance of Nikki Haley (née Nimrata Randhawa) formerly as Governor of South Carolina during the controversy about the Confederate Flag, and now as ambassador to the United Nations: she seems to be utterly void of common sense and totally submissive to the prevailing propaganda, whatever it happens to be. Another example is Dinesh D’Souza, who has found a niche writing absurdly reckless political propaganda aimed at unsophisticated readers.

None of these foreign groups — not the Chinese, not the Indians, not the Jews — is sufficiently trustworthy, nor sufficiently meritorious, that we should welcome their participation in the educated elite that will in effect rule over us. We should already know from experience with the Jews that this is a road to disaster.

Instead we should make better use of the wasted ability in our own people, of which there is an abundance.

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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Over It
Over It
4 January, 2018 2:42 am

The Canadian merit or point system, as they call it, is a disaster and will solve nothing. Canadians already know this, but the powers that be are banking on Americans’ general ignorance of whatever goes on outside of the U.S., like Australian style gun control that they try to promote as a great thing…unless you ask an Australian. jews control academia from the university administration on down, and as the gatekeepers of university admissions for both students and professors, they give fellow jews a significant advantage, followed by Indians, Asians and even blacks…basically anyone but Whites. As such, their alleged higher IQ is just an illusion. jews are mixed-race and because of that, they cannot escape the dysgenic effects on IQ of race-mixing. Even the palest-looking ashkenazi has at least… Read more »

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  Over It
28 July, 2018 2:16 am

This relates to whites reaching for the stars as Kevin Strom puts it, where the research and testing to actually get there is conducted at top universities or at govt facilities using their graduates, that have been shutting out white applicants. Universities built by whites, and still gifted by white alumni. These white applicants are not test-taking drones, but highly varied individuals often having EMT, military, or evangelical missionary experience, or have worked in construction and farming, assisting with the family business (delivering chinese take-out by bike doesn’t count). Not oval-penciling drones at all. As long-term ecological, financial and racial changes force young whites further to the exurbs and away from learning centers such as LA and San Diego, their university opportunities will diminish further as well.

6 January, 2018 3:10 pm

They loot their countries of origin and open businesses crowding out local merchants.

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
28 July, 2018 4:09 am

Whether we import non-Whites of working class, middle class or elite status, it is always harmful from a demographic point of view, no matter how “meritorious” some might be. Non-Whites “of merit” are good copyists at best, we didn’t need them to develop our civilization and we don’t need them now.

Faith Goldy says a lot of good things, but I suspect her of being a Jew, trying to infiltrate the emerging WN movement in order to steer it into a pro-Israel direction, which seems to be the new strategy of the Jews today.

Here is a video of hers where she shows her pro-Israel bias unabashedly :

And here is a picture of hers (in Israel!) where her Jewish features are clearly recognizable :comment image