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Love Your Race 2018: The Campaign Intensifies

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 20, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

ALL IT TAKES is a handful of dedicated people with the requisite character to get out in the real world and distribute fliers. Thousands of White people are made aware of our existence. Thousands of White people are made aware of an alternate future that includes pride in who we are, pride in our heritage, and an expectation of a tomorrow greater than anything seen before in human history. Thousands of White people are rescued from depression and purposelessness. Thousands of White people take the first step from being vaguely aware that this society hates them — the first step toward becoming fighters for a whole new society. That’s what the National Alliance Love Your Race campaign is doing.

Rabbi Karp can’t stop it. The SPLC can’t stop it. Self-hating deluded Christians, stumbling around a park like half-rotted zombies at the behest of the good rabbi, can’t stop it. No one can stop it. No one can stop the Love Your Race campaign so long as we keep it up — and we are keeping it up.

When National Alliance activists spread our message to neighborhoods throughout Iowa City, Iowa, what was the response? An email from a semi-literate Black councilman [see video below] with the hilarious name of Kingsley Botchway II, in which he tried to intimidate Whites by “reporting” our perfectly legal and totally positive Love Your Race fliers to the SPLC and the police. According to social media, Botchway, who is engaged in an interracial relationship with a White woman, published his inspiring Martin Luther King Day speech at a local Black church on YouTube. It promptly garnered nine entire views, including mine. Botchway openly engages in racial politics in his speech, emphasizing the need for Black people to “stand together” and the like — which makes him, on top of everything else that he is, a hypocrite for condemning Whites for doing the same thing.

According to local newspaper the Press-Citizen, Botchway also used his “diversity” position in the school system to encourage students to look at the district’s “I Have a Dream” “vision wall,” whatever that is, presumably a glorified bulletin board with the usual platitudes about Saint Martin. I am sure that lives were changed. (The Press-Citizen‘s online audience is notably lower than that of, by the way.)

The total effect of councilman Kingsley Botchway’s opposition to the National Alliance Love Your Race campaign: zero.

Local controlled media outlet KCRG-TV couldn’t find many White people to condemn the Love Your Race flier, so they told a local Black about it in order to get the “outraged” and “disturbed” response that their masters demanded. In the video I’ll embed in the text version of this broadcast, you’ll see that they quote a Black female, who didn’t even get the flier, but was told about it before she was interviewed. Her inarticulate response: “When I saw it, I was distraught because I thought we were far more beyond that ex-specially in Iowa City.” The one White they did quote was a rather unmasculine-looking specimen who “sent out warnings on social media” about the “message of racial discrimination.”


By the way, I’ll give KCRG one small bit of credit: Unlike most controlled media outlets, they did write to us prior to airing their story. Our own Vanessa Neubauer responded: “We encourage all concerned citizens to distribute our wholesome and positive Love Your Race fliers. It’s so easy to concentrate on negative things, especially on the topic of race. Even though it’s right to be concerned about threats to our people, it’s also important to be positive. That’s why we created our Love Your Race campaign. Loving your own people, wanting them to survive, wanting the best for them, and helping to achieve a better future for them is a positive message that everyone can understand and support.”

The station included three words of what Vanessa wrote — “wholesome and positive” — near the end of their biased, negative piece. KCRG is an affiliate of the Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled ABC television network. That they would attempt to spin our positive message as “hate” was as inevitable as it was a win for us, since the more perceptive viewers — the viewers we want to reach — will see instantly who’s being deceptive here. The total effect of KCRG’s and their pet freaks’ opposition to the National Alliance Love Your Race campaign: zero.

A rather flattering photo of Jillian and friend: She’s the one on the right. She doesn’t like the National Alliance.

Another local station, KWWL, an affiliate of Jewish-run NBC, diligently searched and found someone to not only condemn the National Alliance, but also to make the rather fantastic claim that she and her neighbors were “targeted” by our Love Your Race campaign. Her name is Jillian and she has fluorescent hair and a ring in her nose. Need I tell you about the effect her opposition had on our campaign? I didn’t think so.

Another local paper, the Gazette, editorialized against the Alliance using the tired old libertarian argument that “true conservatives recognize racism as a dangerous form of collectivism, the precise opposite of individualism, our most treasured value” — apparently without recognizing that exactly the same argument could be used to argue against all Black-oriented groups, against the state of Israel — indeed, against any nation-state that has ever existed, including America. The total effect of the Gazette‘s opposition to our Love Your Race campaign? Zero multiplied by the Andrew Klavan libertarian bonus multiplier of zero point two five. In other words — zero.

The mayor of Iowa City, Jim Throgmorton, even got in on the act, blurting out angrily in this week’s city council meeting: “Unlike what the Neo-Nazi distributors of that flier apparently think, we the people of Iowa City are not of one race nor do we want to be.” We see with satisfaction that the effect of the mayor’s anti-White hatred, which we have noted, on our loving outreach campaign is exactly zero. Perhaps Mayor Throgmorton, an anti-White ideologue, should be more concerned with his formerly White city’s rapidly-rising murder rate, which has coincided with a massive increase in the number of non-Whites. (This influx of “vibrant diversity” and the “content of their character” has brought such benefits as riots triggered by a fight over a jacket and many other wondrous rays of the sparkling multicultural rainbow previously unknown to Iowans.)

The SPLC came to town to fight the Alliance last week, too, as our own Rosemary Pennington reported:

The National Aliance Love Your Race campaign has the anti-White left on the run in Iowa and Illinois. Thousands of our simple and effective Love Your Race fliers have been distributed in Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, and Rock Island over the last few months.

It’s almost impossible to effectively smear the concept of loving your race, but the anti-Whites — led by the SPLC and Rabbi Henry Karp — have been trying, gathering a rag-tag band of sexual deviants, non-White invaders, and terminally self-hating White Christians for various “anti-racist” events over the last several months. All of these events have focused on attacking the National Alliance.

This week’s speech by SPLC representative Lecia Brooks at Monmouth College was no exception. The racially mixed Brooks told the heavily Black group of around 25 that the Alliance’s message should be rejected and that pro-Whites’ “main method of recruitment is fliers, such as those distributed by the National Alliance in the Quad Cities.”

The SPLC’s Lecia Brooks galvanizes yet another crowd.

“We can’t allow their message to be normalized,” Brooks added. “No. We saw what happened in Charlottesville and these groups will grow if we don’t each of us take a loud stand against them.”

The painfully incompetent report by one Mayra Cordova on local television station WHBF included a newly-invented word: Cordova referred to racially-conscious White people as “White suprematists.” Perhaps English is not Miss Cordova’s first language.

According to the WHBF news piece, the SPLC’s Brooks also urged Monmouth students to “join as many social justice movements as possible, including Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, LGBT, the Dreamers, and the Muslim Band.” Join “the Muslim Band,” whatever that is? “Join” the “Dreamers”? Really? We don’t know if it’s Miss Cordova, or Lecia Brooks, who’s been smoking the magic mushrooms, but they must be pretty powerful.

Meanwhile, another thousand National Alliance fliers were distributed in the Quad Cities while 25 people slept through the SPLC’s tired old lies.


The total effect of the SPLC roadshow on the effectiveness of the National Alliance Love Your Race campaign: zero.

Starting now, the National Alliance is once again making its Love Your Race campaign into an international outreach movement of worldwide scope — a Valentine’s Day present to all European-descended people of good will around the world. Our message: Love Your Race. Below are high-resolution downloadable copies of our simple and beautiful ‘Love Your Race’ flier in 29 different European languages. Download the one appropriate for your nation and, between now and Sunday, February 18th, with a special emphasis on Valentine’s Day, the 14th, distribute them as widely as possible.

If you can provide a verified translation for a European language which does not appear on the list below, please send it to us via our contact form, or by writing to us at Box 4, Mountain City TN 37683 USA.

Be sure and let us know how many of these fliers you have printed and distributed, so we’ll know the extent of the success of this campaign!

There are myriad legal ways to give these fliers to people in your community — always distribute them lawfully.

Thanks to our volunteers for these translations — if you see any errors in our international fliers, please let us know so they may be corrected.

English  •  Afrikaans  •  Albanian  •  Bulgarian (Cyrillic)  •  Czech  •  Danish  •  Dutch  •  Dutch (alternate)  •  Estonian  •  Finnish  •  French  •  Gaeilge  •  German  •  Greek  •  Hungarian  •  Icelandic  •  Italian  •  Latvian  •  Lithuanian  •  Macedonian  •  Maltese  •  Norwegian  •  Polish  •  Portuguese  •  Romanian  •  Russian  •  Serbian  •  Slovak  •  Spanish  •  Swedish

I hope we pass each other on the street as we spread our message of love and community.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. You can listen to our 24/7 radio network at and read our online magazine, National Vanguard, at To help us, send donations to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. That’s Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also donate by accessing Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to never give up.

Listen to the broadcast
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  1. Clinton Adolph Seeber
    20 January, 2018 at 1:34 pm — Reply

    “Botchway”! LOL!

    20 January, 2018 at 2:58 pm — Reply

    When the ‘Love Your Race’ banners were brought to my attention by my children I thought it would make a great theme for some casual wear, especially T-shirts, tank tops and sweaters.

    Fliers are good, but we need to keep the message up front and personal. We need it to be in the faces of white people (and the enemies of our race) all the time and thus engage white people in a conversation about the theme. Fliers eventually become trash, but a walking and talking human of the white male/male persuasion has a use by date of about 75 years. I am looking into the cost of having a few T-shirts printed as soon as I decide on a suitable picture – perhaps a portrait of a happy, healthy and loving family of some really nice white folk.

    • 20 January, 2018 at 8:00 pm — Reply

      White Warrior, if you’re going to put the National Alliance’s Web address on your T-shirts, please run your projects by our National Office or by Kevin, our Media Director, for approval first.

      If not, then go for it however you wish. Google ‘love your race images’ and you’ll see that lots of other Whites have picked up on the theme that was originated by the National Alliance. Good!

        20 January, 2018 at 11:20 pm — Reply

        Hello Will:

        Understood! I have seen a few T-shirts with the slogan, but I am giving some thought to the best meme to get the message across. I want a picture that will resonate in the minds of white people who see it, and I want it to scare the proverbial ‘crap’ out of the enemies of our race including members of our race who have betrayed their genes. Like most of my adventures – scientific or otherwise – they are done for love not profit. I will be looking at just a few T-shirts/gym shirts for my immediate family – after that who knows.

        • 22 January, 2018 at 8:52 am — Reply

          I responded to you here, WW, where I can post an image that might make an effective T-shirt message:

          • WHITE WARRIOR
            22 January, 2018 at 4:11 pm

            Many thanks for the link. The current NV flier is great, and I did not in any way intend to offend the NV or its staff or its volunteers with my comments.

            I would like to develop a concept with a local flavour that would appeal to the white featherless bipeds that roam my neck-of-the-woods, and I have to be careful. I have no constitutional protection. Your so-called right of free speech here is a matter of jurisprudence, and if the judge takes offence you are in deep trouble. The other problem is that in my neck-of-the-woods demographics are not on my side. My community is overwhelmingly white, and few here see a ‘genuine’ race problem – a nuisance at worst. Other parts of the country do have race related problems, but even in those communities the problems are nothing of the magnitude found in the USA, UK or Western Europe – well not yet. At the moment education is our only weapon of choice!

  3. JM/Iowa
    22 January, 2018 at 12:13 am — Reply

    Kevin, you’re right. The fliers do have an impact. It’s time I got off my butt (and this computer) and distribute some fliers too.

  4. Anthony Collins
    22 January, 2018 at 9:23 am — Reply

    “Another local station, KWWL, an affiliate of Jewish-run NBC, diligently searched and found someone to not only condemn the National Alliance, but also to make the rather fantastic claim that she and her neighbors were ‘targeted’ by our Love Your Race campaign. Her name is Jillian and she has fluorescent hair and a ring in her nose. Need I tell you about the effect her opposition had on our campaign? I didn’t think so.”

    Looking at the picture, I’m not sure if Jillian is a she, a he, or an it.

    On a side note, I recently looked up the term “deadnaming,” having encountered it but not knowing what it meant. It usually means referring to transgendered individuals by the name they used prior to their “transition” — for example, referring to Chelsea Manning as Bradley Manning, or Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce Jenner — and SJWs squawk that it is a form of “doxxing” and “violence.” (I was tempted to quip that “deadnaming is that rare thing, a new sin,” but then I thought better of it. New sins are being invented constantly nowadays.)

    A more expansive definition of “deadname” reads:

    “n. The birth name of somebody who has changed their name. Most commonly attributed to trans people, but can be attributed to any person who has changed their name. (sometimes written as two words: dead name)

    “v. 1. To call somebody by their deadname.

    “v. 2. To out somebody’s deadname to the public.”

    I’ve noticed that Jews regard it as “anti-Semitic” to deadname Jewish name-changers or to include echo marks around the names of Jews. Curiously, it seems that there’s no specific term for deadnaming Jews, something that will probably be remedied soon enough. Jews demand a position of privilege among the “victims” of “discrimination,” “prejudice,” “bigotry,” and “hate.”

  5. 22 January, 2018 at 4:34 pm — Reply

    That’s a good word for the trannies and the name-changing Yids. Thanks for that, sir Anthony.

    These new day lexicographers can’t seem to get their PC genderless pronouns in agreement with their antecedent subjects. Wouldn’t their definition read better like this:

    “n. The birth name of somebody who has changed its name. Most commonly attributed to trans people, but can be attributed to any person who has changed its name. (sometimes written as two words: dead name)”

    • Anthony Collins
      22 January, 2018 at 11:13 pm — Reply

      I don’t think “deadnaming” is satisfactory as a term for identifying a Jew as a Jew. Terms like “doxing” or “outing” don’t strike me as being satisfactory either.

      I’m not sure if the use of yellow badges in the Third Reich to identify Jews could be the basis of a suitable term (badging a Jew, starring a Jew, etc.).

      I think a good term would cover various forms of identifying a Jew as a Jew. After all, as many Jews have inherited Gentile-sounding names — receiving stolen goods and going under false pretenses are standard practice among Jews — they have no suspiciously or blatantly Jewish former name (like Lev Davidovich Bronstein in the case of Leon Trotsky) to refer to.

      If Jews are the “light unto the nations” that they claim to be, why do they insist upon hiding their Jewishness? Why do they insist upon working in the dark? Why do they insist upon “hiding their light under a bushel”? I’m sure they don’t do these things out of modesty.

      Jews are quite indignant when goyim identify them as Jews, for they fear that if goyim learn to recognize Jews as Jews, they might also learn to recognize patterns of Jewish behavior, and draw logical and radical conclusions as to what should be done about them. Then they really might have cause to wail “Oy vey!” Jews can change their markers of identity (e.g., language, nationality, religion, ideology), they can change their particular modus operandi, but they’ve run true to type throughout the ages. As Adolf Hitler put it, “His traits of character have remained the same, whether two thousand years ago as a grain dealer in Ostia, speaking Latin, or whether as a flour profiteer of today, jabbering German with a Jewish accent. It is always the same Jew.”

  6. James Clayton
    22 January, 2018 at 5:09 pm — Reply

    Apparently this page has “issues” at the moment that you might want to save.

    • 22 January, 2018 at 7:49 pm — Reply

      Thanks for the link, James.

      Misgendering and exclusion[edit]

      Misgendering is the experience of being labeled by others as having a gender other than that which one identifies with. Misgendering can be deliberate or accidental. It ordinarily takes the form of a person using pronouns to describe someone that are not the ones that person prefers, calling a person “ma’am” or “sir” in contradiction to the person’s gender identity, using a pre-transition name for someone instead of a post-transition one (called “deadnaming”), or insisting that a person must behave consistently with its assigned sex rather than self-identified gender…

      Since Wiki asks for edits I added a suggested one in the last sentence (its for their). The National Alliance doesn’t have a phobia of trannie freaks any more than it fears homos. “Exclusion?” Yes, NA excludes queers, bisexuals (who are also queer), transexuals, copraphiles, necrophiles, zoophiles, and all of those other protected freaks — all ineligible for NA membership. They can self-identify somewhere else. Our members like it that way.

  7. MontanaOrIsItIdahoProbablyUtah
    26 January, 2018 at 12:28 am — Reply

    To be perfectly honest, before even reading this we printed over a hundred or so of the Missing and Stupid (Trump) fliers and set up dozens of Valentine bags with Valentine pencils, pens and plastic hearts and stickers. The computer I used doesn’t allow editing of documents. I searched for NA fliers and those were the only PDFs on the Natall website at that time as far as I was aware.

    I will try to print up some of the Love Your Race ones but honestly most of the bags are already put together with stickers, ties etc. It does take some work and time.

    On another note, we have engaged in an informal mail campaign of sending those two said fliers along with the White Genocide mantra to miscellaneous places in small towns and people in the Northwest.

    Idea: Send the Love Your Race flier to Slavic Baptist Churches in Russian/Ukrainian.

  8. 27 January, 2018 at 10:38 am — Reply

    Thanks, Alphabet! Good idea, you send those churches our flier. Folks like you are the Alliance’s force multiplier. There’s a pdf file for the “Love Your Race” flier with Russian text:

  9. 27 January, 2018 at 10:55 am — Reply

    I’ve been informed by the letters editor at The Gazette that my letter to their paper in response to this 1/16 article will appear in the Sunday edition tomorrow:

    Hopefully the editorial board will not edit out the link I included in the letter that will lead their readers to this ADV broadcast and this text and discussion, to discover a little balance to The Gazette‘s and the SPLC’s smears of our organization, its activists, and our Love Your Race campaign.

    • 28 January, 2018 at 1:07 pm — Reply

      My letter to The Gazette was published today in their Sunday edition in the opinion section. Slightly edited, but the link to here is included. Comments to the letter are closed.

      National Alliance responds to Sullivan’s column
      William White Williams

      Regarding Adam Sullivan’s Jan. 16 column “Iowa racists expose true intentions” [that article is linked above]

      The National Alliance, Inc. (NA) and our “Love Your Race” fliers are the subjects of Sullivan’s column and not represented sympathetically. There’s no “white power” message in our flier. We do not appreciate being called “haters” or being associated with some “hate movement” just because Sullivan’s source, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), makes those malicious claims about us and worse. The SPLC hate watchdogs have for years openly declared their intentions to destroy the National Alliance, the organization that Sullivan is informed by them had “only 100 members in 2007” — 11 years ago.

      Sullivan’s closing opinion in his column conforms with the SPLC’s: “It is our responsibility to defeat it [racism].”

      Thanks to The Gazette’s granting to me the time-honored journalistic right of reply to defend public criticism of the National Alliance and our Love Your Race campaign in the same venue where it was published. I’m not inclined to be defensive of our organization’s sound, firm position on the importance of racial loyalty. Sullivan informed me that Gazette readers have the wherewithal for Google searching, so the best way to present the Alliance’s counterposition is to link to this week’s American Dissident Voices broadcast, here:

      William White Williams
      Chairman, National Alliance
      Laurel Bloomery, Tenn.

      Sorry, this story is currently not accepting comments.

      Here’s the latest anti-NA SPLC smear from four days ago:

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