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Jews and Blacks: Whites Don’t Need Them

One of the Jews who “blessed” America with his presence: Abraham Joshua Heschel, anti-White Jewish activist who worked to promote Martin Luther King.

by David Sims

STEFAN Molyneux once asked: “Why did Jews, after facing decimation in Europe, come to America with nothing in their pockets and achieve income parity with Whites in four years after the Second World War?”

Yes, it was partly a high average (Ashkenazi) Jewish IQ. But this isn’t the whole explanation. There is another factor involved.

Jews are very well practiced at living as a small, predatory minority among other peoples. They excel in creating social atomization and sowing division among their host peoples. They have no equal in their skill in finding ways to suck wealth out of the goyim‘s pockets without supplying anything of lasting value. Usury is one of their commonest games. Prostitution and pornography, including with respect to children, are two others. Slavery has been yet another. They play each of these games when and where they can get away with them.

Jews may squabble among each other, but they tend to stick together as Jews against every group of Gentiles, to favor their fellow Jews against non-Jews, and to work for the interests of their own tribe and not just for their individual interests. It is an enviable characteristic, and it’s the main reason for their ability to gather wealth and power.

By the 1960s, Jews were openly drafting America’s laws, many of which were crafted to force Whites to integrate with Blacks.

When Jews came over to the United States from Europe after the Second World War, they found that the way had been prepared for them by other Jews who had preceded them hither. These long-resident Jews had tricked Americans into the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. They tried and failed to change the immigration policy of the United States so that it favored the Third World in 1924 (they tried again and succeeded in 1965). They had already gained control of much of the press in America.

The quickness with which immigrant Jews made their fortunes, or at least established themselves, was not the result of their IQs only. No, by far, their success was more the result of Jewish clannishness — the Jewish preference for other Jews.

By comparison, White people are more individualistic and competitive with each other. The interests of Whites are usually personal and individual, not racial. It is almost as if every White person expects every other White person to do what he needs to do, even conquer the whole world, or insofar as he can — by himself.

There is power in collective action. One man can stomp one rat. But a thousand rats can stomp the man.

The relationship of the White to the Jew is not comparable to the relationship of the Black to the White. The Jew needs the White, like a vampire needs a living person, and not conversely. The Black, also, needs the White, like a farm animal needs the farmer, and not conversely. The White, however, needs neither the Jew nor the Black.

* * *

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Over It
Over It
26 January, 2018 1:42 pm

“Yes, it was partly a high average (Ashkenazi) Jewish IQ.” LOL

You don’t need intelligence to be successful and wealthy when you control all the financial, educational, legal and media pathways to success and can exercise ethno-nepotism endlessly.

26 January, 2018 3:20 pm

Molyneux’s question is a bit loaded. It asks how penniless jews succeeded, but it assumes those jews were penniless. Many were not, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, and many other banking families are prime examples. So jewish success in America is in large part due to the wealth of many of the jewish families who came over. This wealth combined with their incredibly strong ingroup preference was the key to their success. No doubt the illicit activities mentioned in the article also played a role. Bootlegging was heavily jewish and the modern drug cartels all have jewish connections.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
26 January, 2018 10:16 pm

Jews, repellent as they are bleating about racism, should have had the opposite effect in 1964 – shelving the civil rights bill due to it being proffered by an alien influence. IOW, jews provided the elitists a means-test; if jews could con the overwhelmingly WASP congress and electorate, using liberal press, then the working class deserved what it got. Payback was a bitch – upon passage, immediate explosions in violent and property crimes, narcotics use, illegitimacy, public school standards ruin, and welfare dependency in the very city centers where the jews lived, at the hands of their megafaunal negroid and mestizo allies. The jews had never considered negroids biological equals anyway, belittling their own thievery-prone, stinky maids and distrusting the bucks as far too violent and lazy to do more… Read more »

26 January, 2018 10:34 pm

It is people like Molyneaux who are at fault – and I say this with a straight face – no pun intended. Molyneaux represents the worst of our people (white people). He is a walking and talking piece of filth. He is a well-educated and intelligent man who asks some of the dumbest questions imaginable. Questions one would expect from the proverbial ‘chicken-plucker’ at the local farm. Of course he knows about the Jews, but he does not care, because he is in the game to make money and ‘spilling-the-beans’ on the Jew would make, making money very difficult for him. He is another Bill and Hilary Clinton, another McCain and another Trump. A pure opportunist – nothing less, and certainly nothing more! He calls himself an ‘anarcho-capitalist’ but behaves… Read more »

2 February, 2018 2:27 pm

shame, you didn’t give credit to ” the man who gave us the xxth century” Nicola Tesla, probably the most under appreciated genius in centuries.

17 February, 2018 8:14 am

Molyneaux is a jew. He knows what he’s doing.

30 January, 2018 7:09 am

I notice a talent for medical billing fraud and generating litigation. Also, hiring people under-the-table.

30 January, 2018 7:10 am

Intellectual property theft.

24 February, 2018 8:31 am

who are more evil in general, middle easterners or blacks?