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Jewish Leftists: Covering Up Non-White Crimes

Sally Kohn

by David Sims

LEFTISTS, ESPECIALLY Jewish leftists, almost always present statistics in a deceptive way. A privileged “liberal” (and lesbian) writer named Sally Kohn (notice the Jewish last name) said that 69% of all “violent crimes” were committed by White men. She added that our perceptions of higher per capita violent crime rates among Blacks or Muslims is the result of Whites “looking the other way” because of “racial biases.”

That turns out not to be the case. Sally Kohn mislabeled her statistical categories in order to create a hoax. Although she specified “White men” as the cause of 69% of violent crimes, this percentage is the contribution from all persons, of both sexes, who are described by the federal government as being “White,” which includes Mestizo “Hispanics.” And the crimes to which that percentage pertains is all crimes, not the violent ones only.

Typically, correcting a Department of Justice (DOJ) source for the number (or percentage) of “White” crime offenders to the number (or percentage) of those offenders who actually are White by race involves multiplying the DOJ figure by 3/4, or 75%. That’s a rough estimate only, but it is usually pretty good. (The quotation marks are there to indicate that the DOJ lumps a lot of non-Whites into this category, not to cast doubt on the existence of our race.)

And then you have to find out how many of the crimes perpetrated by real Whites were the work of White men, and how many were the doing of White women.

I mention this only to show you the level of duplicity with which Jews normally operate.

The DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics says that in 2012 “Whites” (both sexes, and including non-Whites habitually called Whites by the DOJ) were arrested for 60% of all violent crimes in 2012: murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Take out the Mestizos, and the 60% becomes 45%. White men probably accounted for 40%, or almost, and White women 5% or thereabout.

Federal statistics aren’t comprehensive, as a rule. For example, they break down violent crimes by race, and they break them down by sex, but they don’t break them down by both at the same time. Except for murder. Lacking anything else to do, then, we will use murder as an index to crime in general, until such time as more comprehensive crime statistics become available.

In 2012, “White” males committed 4,631 reported murders, which was 41.5% of all reported murders. Correcting for population size, the per capita rate for murder among White males in 2012 was 0.000049 (49 murders per million White males). (Actually, it was less than I’ve calculated, since this per million capita rate was calculated using the DOJ’s Mestizo-loaded number for “White”-perpetrated murders as the numerator and the actual number of real White men in the US in 2012 as the denominator. Source of population data: US Census Bureau, Quickfacts.)

In 2012, Black males committed 5,095 reported murders, which was 45.6% of all reported murders. Correcting for population size, the per capita rate for murder among Black males in 2012 was 0.000352 (352 murders per million Black males).

An average Black male was 7.2 times more likely to commit murder, as compared with the average “White” male. This is consistent with the estimate of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which states on its website that Black males are about seven times more likely to murder or to be murdered as compared with “White” males.

“White” and Black females together committed 12.9% of reported murders in 2012.

Nationwide, Black women are three times more likely to be in prison, as compared with “White” women. Hemming and hawing about “racism” is a political dodge; the biggest reason for the higher incarceration rate of Black women is that Black women commit more crimes than “White” women do. So, of the 12.9% of reported murders in 2012, about 9.7% were committed by Black women, and the remaining 3.2% were committed by “White” women.

(According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, published December 1999, for the years between 1993 and 1997, inclusive, the percentage of violent offenders who were female was 14%. So my estimated 12.9% of murderers being female is fairly close to the BJS figure for the female proportion among violent offenders.)

(Some of those “Whites” are mestizo Hispanics. I’ve left the category uncorrected this time. Also, I’m neglecting all other races for simplicity. Comprehensive statistics on crime rates would greatly improve this estimate. But, lacking them, this is the best that anyone can do.)

The per capita rate of murder for White women in 2012 was 0.000004 (4 murders per million White females). The per capita rate of murder for Black women in 2012 was 0.000075 (75 murders per million Black females).

Now to prove my statement, insofar as a proof is possible:

White men, per capita rate for murder in 2012: 49/million.

Black women, per capita rate for murder in 2012: 75/million.

The average Black woman was about 1.5 times more likely than the average White man to commit murder in 2012.

I have the same figures for 2013. I’ll speed through the analysis, here, to say:

White men, per capita rate for murder in 2013: 47/million.

Black women, per capita rate for murder in 2013: 76/million.

The average Black woman was about 1.6 times more likely than the average White man to commit murder in 2013.

It is a shaky argument to extend the murder rates to other crimes, since it is known that the Black-to-White per capita rate ratio for crimes varies with the particular crime. But lacking the necessary data on which to proceed, I’ve done the best that can honestly be done.

Here’s some supplemental information, from Brendan O’Flaherty and Rajiv Sethi, “Homicide in Black and White,” published 15 January 2010.

Table 4: Homicide Offending by Age and Gender, 2005, per 100,000 population

Age, Men (Black, White) Ratio
14-17 64.1, 7.9 8.11
18-24 203.3, 22.4 9.08
25+ 41.8, 5.5 7.60

Age, Women (Black, White) Ratio
14-17 4.0, 0.7 5.71
18-24 11.8, 2.0 5.90
25+ 4.0, 0.8 5.00

The female Black-to-White ratio for the perpetration of murder that I assumed in my previous calculation was 3. As this paper shows, however, the ratio is closer to 5, so I might have underestimated the female Black per capita rate for violent crimes.

* * *

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Sic Semper
Sic Semper
18 January, 2018 2:31 am

85% of all financial crimes, child rapes and sadistic ritualistic murders are committed by jews, but officials “look the other way” in reporting them. A jew lies as long as it breathes. It is its nature. The perpetrators of these crimes, the perpetrators of the coming genocide slander the truth tellers and intimidate all into silence as they wage their war with ever more abandon as they control all arms of Western government and media. Jewish atrocities know no bounds nor limits.

Andover 8
Andover 8
18 January, 2018 3:28 pm

Not only are Hispanics lumped in with the so-called White crime rate, Middle Easterners/Arabs and jews are also classified as “white” in that total, too. The truth is that if all those non-Whites were extracted from the alleged White crime rate, the actual number of White crimes would be minuscule. According to FBI statistics, it’s already a tiny number even without removing the non-Whites from the total. Everyone knows next to Asians, Whites commit the least amount of crimes of all kinds by far when compare to non-Whites. It’s why everyone wants to move to those “terribly violent” White countries and White neighborhoods. If this person really believes the BS she’s spewing, why doesn’t she move to Baltimore to prove how black and brown people commit less crime than Whites?… Read more »

Reply to  Andover 8
3 October, 2019 4:05 pm

Greetings Andover.

What do you have against cows?

None ya
None ya
8 February, 2018 3:04 am

White people are the minority of the US and the world. Black males are 7% of the population committing over 50% crime, murder White people 14x more, destroy our cities, live off our taxes, kill the most police, 90% gun violence. When you figure in the non White illegals, other minorities , immigrants, migrants, they commit by a landslide the bulk of crime and murder. And murder White people the most, plus top all crime charts.