Immigration as Class Warfare and Ethnic Genocide

by Dissident Millennial

IN CONTRAST to the Official Narrative™ about how great mass immigration supposedly is for the country, Neil Monroe provides a nice summary of the actual costs of such immigration on Americans who work for a living or are in need of employment:

“Four million Americans turn 18 each year and begin looking for good jobs in the free market.

“But the federal government inflates the supply of new labor by annually accepting 1 million new legal immigrants, by providing work-permits to roughly 3 million resident foreigners, and by doing little to block the employment of roughly 8 million illegal immigrants.

“The Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via mass-immigration floods the market with foreign laborspikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.

“The cheap-labor policy has also reduced investment and job creation in many interior states because the coastal cities have a surplus of imported labor. For example, almost 27 percent of zip codes in Missouri had fewer jobs or businesses in 2015 than in 2000, according to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group. In Kansas, almost 29 percent of zip codes had fewer jobs and businesses in 2015 compared to 2000, which was a two-decade period of massive cheap-labor immigration.

“Because of the successful cheap-labor strategy, wages for men have remained flat since 1973, and a large percentage of the nation’s annual income has shifted to investors and away from employees.”

When taking into consideration all of these facts, it is clear that the policy of mass foreign immigration into America over these past several decades has been nothing less than a form of brutal class warfare against ethnic American workers.

Is there any greater treason than this?

* * *

Source: Breitbart

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