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Good Bets, Lucky Bets, and Bad Bets

Don’t put your money on the Jewish-controlled media.

by David Sims

IF YOU GUESS the result of a dice roll, you got lucky.

If you win on The Price Is Right, you either got lucky or you are shrewd about the cost of consumer goods.

If you correctly predict the result of an election in the United States, then you either got lucky or you know more about the temperament of the American people than the mass media’s pundits do.

Let’s think about what it took for Ann Coulter to name Trump the likely winner of the 2016 election before that election took place.

Hilary Clinton had the backing of the corporations, of global finance, of minorities, of feminists, of perverts, of leftists, of the bankers, of Hollywood — and the mainstream media were acting as her personal public relations agency. And she lost anyway. Why? Because most of America weren’t robber barons, nor minorities, nor feminists, nor freaks, nor Marxists; and the mainstream media didn’t have the biggest part of the country fooled anymore.

A nail in the mainstream media’s political coffin was hammered when the media began vilifying George Zimmerman with a stream of lies aimed at making him seem to be a White man who had murdered a Black boy, when in reality he was a mixed-race man who had killed a Black thug in justifiable self-defense. The behavior of the mass media’s public opinion shapers was, on that occasion, so blatantly false and manipulative that the public has never forgotten it.

Not learning a lesson from that, the media once again received blowback for lending credibility to the lies of Black Lives Matter regarding the shooting of Michael Brown by then-police officer Darren Wilson.

The MSM overreached itself in their arrogance. Ever since their coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the media began losing its power over the minds of the public, and they will never again have the ability to deceive Americans that they once did.

Perhaps the last nail isn’t quite hammered home as yet, but the media are still inviting more hammering. Their deceptions in Charlottesville will turn out to be another.

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