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Eugenics and Survival

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 27, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK China announced that their scientists had successfully cloned a primate, something never done before — and something the implications of which may rock our world to its foundations.

China’s Xinhua news agency reported:

The successful cloning of two monkeys by Chinese researchers have excited the scientific community, with many calling it a great leap forward in biomedicine.

The two long-tailed macaques named Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong were the first primates cloned using the same techniques that produced Dolly the sheep in 1996.

Insoo Hyun of Case Western Reserves’s School of Medicine said the successful cloning of monkeys is a remarkable breakthrough.

“People have been trying for the past 20 plus years to do this since the birth of Dolly sheep…But nobody has ever been able to produce live baby monkeys from this. So it’s quite startling,” the bioethicist told Canada’s CTV NEWS in an interview.

Darren Griffin, a professor of genetics at the University of Kent, called the research “very impressive” from a technical standpoint.

Despite a series of ethical concerns, Griffin said the benefits of this approach, however, are clear. . . .

Primate cloning has proven particularly difficult.

The process involves removing the nucleus from an egg cell and replacing it with another nucleus from differentiated body cells. Then the reconstructed eggs produced embryos, which were put into the wombs of surrogate female monkeys, producing a group of cloned monkeys with the same genetic background.

The long-tailed macaques cloned by the Chinese scientists represent a breakthrough. Though researchers have cloned 23 mammal species, including cattle, sheep, cats, deer, dogs, horses, mules, oxen, rabbits, and rats, this is the first primate species cloned — and human beings are primates. Despite what religious nutcases and science fiction might have told you, there is nothing extraordinary about clones, nor will there be anything extraordinary about human clones when they are inevitably brought into being (assuming that hasn’t happened already; never assume your adversaries and competitors admit to all their discoveries). Human clones would merely be totally normal babies who would grow into totally normal adults, but with one simple difference: They would be identical twins of the person whose DNA was donated. Not robots with linked consciousness, no — just identical twins, just like real twins though obviously not born at the same time.

Thus, once this technology was perfected, if you had an individual of extraordinarily excellent qualities — say, another Wagner or Nietzsche or Pierce — you could arrange it so that a new child could be born who would be in every way the identical twin of that Wagner or Nietzsche or Pierce. In fact, you could arrange it so that dozens or thousands or tens of thousands of babies could be born, each of which was an identical twin of your extraordinary genius or hero. This has immense social implications.

How many people who have trouble conceiving, yet want children, would refuse such technology if it helped them do so? How many people who want children would jump at the chance to be parents to a child of extraordinary quality? Of all the people who would be willing to use the technology, how many would choose anything but the highest genetic quality for their children? Would anyone — any parent, any policy-maker (outside the Insane States of America and its sphere of influence, anyway) — choose to clone ghetto gang-bangers or Third World savages when they could clone our planet’s greatest geniuses and heroes instead?

Whoever controls cloning and other eugenic technologies will prosper mightily. Let’s take a look at our most likely competitor in this regard, the primate-cloning innovator in this week’s news, China.

What advantages does China presently possess compared to the West?

• Their average 105 IQ, compared to 100 for the West (if indeed the West can even claim 100 any more, considering our millennia of dysgenic breeding, which has gotten much worse in recent years, and our extreme and rapidly accelerating importation of the low-intelligence dregs of the world population over the last century.

• Their near-total lack of Jews and absolute lack of Jewish elites; Chinese elites consist of racially-aware Chinese. The Chinese say they admire Jews for their power- and wealth-seeking strategies, both of which they seek to emulate, the former especially in the Chinese diaspora.

• Their firm belief in their own racial superiority; any changes to the Chinese genome, whether due to “natural” effects like migration, or intentional manipulation, will be accomplished with the survival, integrity, and coherence of their race in mind.

• Their belief in and practice of eugenics; their commitment to the continual improvement and upbreeding of their kind, with no significant dissent or agitation against such improvement permitted.

• Along with having nearly zero Jews, the Chinese therefore also have almost no internal fifth column of “Social Justice Warriors” spreading dissatisfaction, dissent, and disunity; and no powerful figures in the media and the academy and in established religion calling into moral question the very existence of the Chinese race or nation.

• Their near-total lack of non-Chinese, or at least non-Asian, religions or philosophical systems (they have tamed Communism and altered its doctrines and practices so it no longer serves as a globalist creed of Jewish revolution and social disintegration — its implementation is gradually evolving to resemble a Chinese version of bureaucratic racial-nationalism with an optimally mixed economy, a powerful combination); the racially destructive and mutually destructive Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity that are ripping apart the West have no power and almost no presence there.

• They fund infrastructure projects in poor nations to control them and gain access to their natural resources and de-fang any threats they might pose, but racial mixing with Africans or other Third Worlders by Chinese is not happening, and China does not accept masses of racial aliens into its homeland. Chinese, in fact, are migrating outward and engaging in a policy of intentional displacement of some non-Chinese populations, especially “troublesome” ones. There is also a huge and sometimes dominant Chinese diaspora, though much of it at least appears to be outside of Beijing’s control.

• They have taken advantage of the Jew-created debt money system by not becoming debtors, but rather by purchasing more US debt than most Jewish bankers could even dream of, thus gaining the power to own and control vast parts of our economy — a power they have only begun to exercise.

China will be a formidable competitor indeed. And what do the usually close-mouthed Asians really think on racial matters?

As I warned several years ago: When it comes to racial interbreeding, Asians have such a huge worldwide numerical advantage that they are in the same position that White Americans were in when faced by the relatively tiny Amerindian populations: the racially conscious majority among them deplore such mixing, and its practitioners are often shunned and marginalized; but they feel they can survive a small amount of it [at least with the more advanced races; we’re not talking Congoids here], as they have again and again from the times of the Mongols and before. They even have a saying: Yolk yellow; rest of egg white. Mix both together. Result: yellow.

Asian writer Henry Liu (a pen name) put it well, if a bit theatrically, when he said:

We are already more than half the Earth’s population, and it won’t be long before the 12% [worldwide] White minority have all become Asian or African mixtures . . . the schools teach White children that Americans should be tolerant and accept infinite immigration. . . .

White Americans have an average of 1.8 children per couple, and that number is declining. The number of couples is also declining as homosexuality and childlessness become ever more fashionable among Whites. At the same time, I predict 10% of Caucasians will marry non-Whites, while non-White immigrants continue to both come in increasing numbers and have more children per couple.

At the present rate, pure Europeans in America will become a rare species within decades. Given our ever-increasing standards of Political Correctness, it does not seem likely that the White separatists will be able to outlaw interracial marriages in time to make a difference. It also seems unlikely that a vogue for having many children will ever return for Whites: the media would oppose it as racist. Adoption of non-White babies is also skyrocketing.

It’s only a matter of time before U.S.A. stands for the United States of Asia. Since China’s one-child policy is falling apart and since White people are so eager to adopt babies, we could have a profitable trade of exporting Chinese babies to Western countries. Let’s continue to show them images of tortured orphans so that White couples will continue to adopt Chinese children like there is no tomorrow. I have been asked by other Asians: Are you suggesting that we start baby farms and harvest the babies as trading commodities? Well, we’ve always been good at trade, haven’t we?

If the environmentalists complain, we can just accuse them of racism. In place of China’s one-child policy we could have the “export-the-rest” policy. Every now and then we’ll slaughter a kid and show it off to the Western media, so that their churches will bend over backwards to adopt more kids.

We may never be able to defeat the West militarily, but we sure as hell can genetically.

Today, European man is losing out in numbers and economic prowess to Mongolian man. Even though Mongolians far outnumber Europeans in population, Whites have enthusiastically brought in Mongolian immigrants for assimilation and intermarriage. The one-way traffic of immigration occurs on top of lower birth and fertility rates for Whites. It appears that one day soon Asians can prepare to unfurl their racial flag over a vanquished planet. My critics say: When an Asian and a Caucasian join together, the kid is half Asian and half Caucasian. Neither the Caucasians nor the Asians have won in the match. But my critics are wrong. As the lineage becomes three-fourths-Asian, 7/8-Asian, 15/16-Asian there comes a point when the person is, for all practical purposes, Asian. Asian nations need merely to export a tiny percentage of their burgeoning populations in order to make U.S.A. stand for the United States of Asia.

Imagine a 22nd century when California becomes New Khalistan, Kansas becomes New Canton, Wyoming becomes New Wuhan, Louisiana becomes New Lhasa, North Dakota becomes New Dakka, Indiana becomes New India, Pennsylvania becomes New Pusan, and Washington, DC, becomes New Haiphong. . . .

Overpopulation is often cited as a major problem in China and other Asian countries. Yes, the birthrate has been slightly reduced, but there is another solution which Asians are quietly implementing. Asian countries are exporting their excess populations to America, making more space at home, while America becomes more Asian. Naturally we are happy that Americans are not being informed of this in their media. As Sun Tzu would say: Sow confusion among your enemy and weaken them.

American school children are already learning about the aboriginal First Nations — the Mongolians — who rightfully own this continent. They are now learning about the crimes of the European invaders and usurpers, and soon all American school children will learn of the ultimate destiny and purpose behind it all: the new United States of Asia.

For those of us with Asian mothers, let us take this day to thank them for bringing us into the world. Let us pray that our holy genes will continue to spread across the planet until the day that the yellow sun will shine upon the Earth and the yellow moon will guide us through the darkness.

It is theatrical, as I said, and I doubt that Mr. Liu’s ravings represent policy. But I do think they represent a general attitude of racial assertion and imperialism. Asians do think racially, even if they are seldom candid about it when speaking to a White person. I and friends of mine have been on the receiving end of such candor occasionally.

In short, the Asians and especially the Chinese are far more willing, and, I hate to admit, far more fitted to rule the planet and decide its racial future than the current occupied and nearly-insane West. Having cloning and other eugenic technologies in the hands of such competitors, while our own rulers will certainly forbid them to be used for our own race’s benefit, is an extremely dire situation.

There are dangers, of course, in any kind of eugenics: Losing something we can’t yet define through too-thorough abandonment of normal reproduction; some national or racial entity creating a docile yet moderately-intelligent slave race, or perhaps super-soldier killing machines — but how likely are these scenarios, and how dangerous, compared with the certain degeneration we face under current dysgenic policies?

None of these dangers are going to prevent the technology from advancing, once enough advanced minds are applied to the problem of ensuring it does advance and come to pass — and you may be sure that that is happening now. No matter what we want, no matter what our primitive religions and the anti-morality that passes for “morality” in the West tell us, all indications are that human cloning is coming, and coming soon — along with other potentially eugenic technologies. All of these eugenic technologies will allow those who control them to choose, more so than was ever possible before, the genetic qualities of future human generations.

It is imperative that men and women of our race be doing the choosing. Not only that, but it is imperative that men and women of our race and absolutely dedicated to our race’s continued existence be the ones doing such choosing. Allowing the current US and EU power structures (which are dominated by the even more powerful Jewish power structure) to do such choosing would be fatal to us. (The fact that it would also be fatal to those power structures would be little consolation if we were on our way to extinction.) Allowing other races to do such choosing while we are forbidden to do so would also likely be fatal to us in the end.

We have a daunting task before us. The National Alliance, alone among all ostensibly pro-White organizations and groups, has a plan to accomplish this necessary task. Let us not wait a moment more.

* * *

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  1. cc
    27 January, 2018 at 12:52 pm — Reply

    There’s another side to all this Chinese bombast. The following example is one that I witnessed first hand.

    The boys from the South who cut their teeth in the Gulf began flying out of Houston (the oil capital of the world) in the 1960s and ’70s to build offshore oilfields in the South China Sea, Java sea, Makassar Strait and other job sites in the Far East and Southeast Asia. So why didn’t the Chinese build their own offshore oilfields? Let me then tell you. They couldn’t build an offshore oilfield for all the tea in China. Lack of knowledge, skillful and experience, we had to walk them through most everything. Oftentimes Chinese vendors sold us inferior products that we couldn’t use.

    Cut off from White technology, the Chinese and the rest of Asia will reach a plateau and slide back down.

    The so-called high IQ Asian students at American universities are no reflection of the countries they represent. Singapore is a modern city built with British technology.

    • 27 January, 2018 at 9:06 pm — Reply

      CC: Excellent point. Outside of a few exceptions, the Asians as a race (including the Japanese and Koreans) haven’t created hardly anything. What they are good at is optimization. They can take someone else’s idea and move it to the next level. Whites created the radio. Asians created the electronic version of the radio, but did not create the radio itself. Whites created the train; they brought us mag-lev trains. Asians are technicians, not creators. The creative spark of humanity lies solely within the White race. This is why Asians are excellent at playing note-perfect classical music, but they cannot compose it. Asians have no counterpart to Edison, Tesla, the Wright brothers, Marconi, Bell, Bach, Michelangelo and tens of thousands more. Asians are optimizers of great ideas, but they do not give birth to the ideas themselves. If the globalists jews or even the Chinese think they can live in a world that continues to advance without Whites, they are sorely mistaken and will discover it only a few generations after we are gone.

      I was also watching a great presentation on the tragedy of the Common Core curriculum in the U.S. with Dr. Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University. He exposed the fake education crisis that was statistically fabricated to dumb down our schools. In almost every international student test, along with benchmarks like the National Creativity and National Entrepreneurial Indexes, along with Nobel Prizes awarded, and patents for invention, the U.S. dwarfs all other nations. China is always near the bottom of the lists.

      The rise of China did not come about because of intellectual superiority, but because of jews and jewish serfs in the U.S. government sending practically our entire manufacturing sector there. On the whole, the Chinese are largely a very cold, emotionally detached and backward people. They are not cut from the same cloth as Japanese and Koreans, intellectually speaking. Lastly, Dr. Tienken mentioned that whenever companies set up businesses in China, part of the deal always includes turning their patents over to China. That’s the only reason China has even half the amount of patents attributed to it. Nearly all of them were acquired through what’s essentially commercial extortion, not invention.

      • Bridger
        28 January, 2018 at 10:39 am — Reply

        Very good points. It’s very true that if you wish to do business in China you essentially have to disclose many if not all of your proprietary technology and trade secrets to them. And, what doesn’t get reported, is that in some cases they have been know to resort to blackmail of American technical experts to get what they want.

        Most of their fasteners are still junk because they haven’t mastered the heat treatment and plating process, even with technical assistance of the round eyed people. Their sand castings are woefully inferior to those made in the U.S.

        If Europe and America would stop sending their manufacturing capability to them along with the know how while allowing their goods into our nations virtually duty free (to enrich both Jew and goy executives and stock holders) while ending all Asian/oriental immigration then China would quickly cease being a world power and a future potential threat to whites in their own homelands.

  2. Bridger
    27 January, 2018 at 1:06 pm — Reply

    The Chinese are very racially conscious and pragmatic people while most Western whites cling to silly abstractions about the world they live in such as the inherent equality of races, the possibility of assimilating non-whites with the proper government policy and accepting Jesus Christ as the lord and savior. This is leading to our demise as a people.

    If China continues to move forward with eugenic research and apply that knowledge to the improvement of their population while the West remains mired in liberalism and cucked Christianity then it’s lights out and game over for white people.

    As long as government throughout the West continue to be Jewish occupied and whites in positions of power refusing to confront Jewish power then our future does not look bright.

    27 January, 2018 at 6:11 pm — Reply

    First on the subject of IQ, there is not much difference between 100 and 106 – given that IQ’s have an inherent statistical spread of +/- 3 points from one test to another. It is noteworthy that all the great minds of western civilization were in the upper percentile of IQ scale, perhaps 150 and above. And as Revilo Oliver pointed out in his talk ‘what we owe our parasites’ IQ is just one of seven characteristics that make whites – all whites – unique among the races of man.

    The Chinese do well on standardized test, but so do a lot of whites. The population of China is its strength, but also its weakness. If for example 0.001% of a given population produces geniuses you have more potential geniuses when you have a population base of 1 billion people rather than 100 million people. This is just common sense math, but only applies to whites and east-Asians, certainly not to niggers, mestizos or camel jockey’s. But never forget that before we gave the Chinese 400 years of western science and western technology for free the bulk of the Chinese population plucked rice – smart rice pluckers, but rice pluckers nonetheless.

    The other fact that is overlooked is that only about 9% of the Chinese population can afford to buy the goods China makes, and herein is China’s main economic weakness. Without the west, China’s products would be worthless. It would not take much to bring China down – not much at all!

  4. Ribbentrop
    27 January, 2018 at 10:53 pm — Reply

    Anyone who is “impressed” with chinese is only someone who has never lived, worked, or dealt with chinese. 105 is just a number and I for one am SICK of seeing it and hearing about it. I means next to nothing IMO. Chinese as a group simply DO NOT possess the very important CREATIVE (and artistic) intelligence that Whites as a group do. That’s why they (have to) copy us !! Inventiveness and innovative intelligence are far more valuable and useful than rote learning and test taking ability, and I am unwilling to conced even that to the chinese or anu other asians. I feel confident that if “our” culture, society, and govt. weren’t so polluted, corrupted, and
    debauched by the jewish slime we are forced to be immersed in,
    then average test taking scores would reflect that. I’ve known people
    in high tech (American & Russian) who have confirmed the myth of
    asian technical prowess, much less non-existent science or math
    superiority. With few exceptions they are CHEAPER worker drones brought here by you know who to wreck a white man’s living.
    Incompetence and mediocrity is far closer to the rule than excellence. Just talk to sharp white men in the field and they’ll
    tell you. Here in California I’ve had my fill of asians, and I’m not
    alone believe me. They’re like locusts and whenever I rant about
    them – easy to do – and mention they’d be top priority for de-portation, I get lots of head nodding ! True story

  5. Shawn Greene
    28 January, 2018 at 10:05 am — Reply

    I am not kissing your asses, White people. But as an Asian, a South Korean, I admit that we Asians generally lack creativity while Whites are showing it so casually, effortlessly. Not just me, we sometimes talk like that.

    It’s not in just high tech and science. Anyone can see it easily in painting, musics, architectures, fashion, story telling and even in many videos of non-genius youtubers who love to show their small workshops, full of inventive ideas and tools. Many Korean children are adopted to western countries, but they never show that trait.

    Obviously there is some areas in a human brain which IQ tests cannot map out. Because many beautiful works of arts, machines and gadgets from western world do not necessarily come from the mind of high IQ geniuses. I, personally, like to call that uncharted area in human brain ‘a designing sector’.

    I think if Chinese truly intend to replace role of White people using eugenics, they need to find out where the ‘designing sector’ is located in human brain. It does not sound easy. Even harder if it is not a definitive area but a combination of many genes. I don’t know how many children should be born and how many years they should wait until those children show some promising characters.

    And what if that combination of genes for ‘super designing ability’ necessarily come with appearance of White people? Then Chinese should keep intact those White genes anyway. And it will be much easier, faster and cheaper to bring White people into China now. It was my wild imagination.

    By the way, I take no harm from your comments on Asian. It is understandable considering your dire situation. And it is true fun to talk about the reality without being politically correct. I absolutely support your cause because it is simply right to have one’s cultural and racial identity intact across generations.

    White people, don’t leave us. We need you.

  6. James Clayton
    28 January, 2018 at 3:35 pm — Reply

    Kevin, I don’t know how you do it, week after week: Thank you.

    This is a very important presentation that pulls together much of what I’ve considered having visited NYC, which was already a sewer in the 1950s, and Detroit and Washington, D.C. which were circling the drain then.

    Today, from the Long Beach deep harbor essentially given to China by the Clintons (for which they were not thoroughly investigated, much less prosecuted for treason, once it was established that they were not just “talking” to the Chinese but receiving laundered campaign contributions from the Red Chinese military).

    Chinese products move on from Long Beach via rail (, the trade route from China, where carloads of shipping containers are reclassified or loaded onto tractor- trailers for points such as AMAZON’S nearby mostly concrete tilt-up operation manned with barely living wage employees. This in an area with an ever increasing addiction and homelessness problem where the quality of life– air in particular– and the cost of government, real estate, transportation, and food is being bid into the stratosphere by the ignorant and apathetic who are surly rather than appreciative about being shown the problem.

    With the lack of personal hygiene among the homeless– many of whom simply aren’t all there– near port and transportation hubs for the most part, a shortage of sanitation facilities, clean water, the ability to do laundry, and the lack of shelter leading to hypothermia, pandemics are coming. Earl Turner articulated the bright side– the importance– of such things not ending well.

    Not sure there’s an antonym of dysgenic and perhaps we should coin one:
    adjective dys•gen•ic
    variants: also disgenic play \(ˈ)dis-ˈjen-ik\
    medical Definition of DYSGENIC
    1 : tending to promote survival of or reproduction by less well-adapted individuals (as the weak or diseased) especially at the expense of well-adapted individuals (as the strong or healthy)
    • the dysgenic effect of war
    2: biologically defective or deficient

    Don’t miss this very short piece on AMAZON’S operations by John Schoettler, Amazon’s global real estate director…

    • Anthony Collins
      28 January, 2018 at 7:57 pm — Reply

      “Not sure there’s an antonym of dysgenic and perhaps we should coin one.”

      I thought it was common knowledge that “eugenic” is the antonym of “dysgenic.” Apparently the term “eugenics” was coined by Francis Galton in Inquiries into the Human Faculty and Its Development (1883), while the term “dysgenics” was coined by David Starr Jordan in War and the Breed (1915). Both terms, of course, have been effectively demonetized (i.e., taken out of circulation or radically devalued) by the Jews, who don’t want White people to think and act seriously about such things.

  7. James Clayton
    29 January, 2018 at 12:24 pm — Reply

    Didn’t quite seem like it to me
    adjective eu•gen•ic \ yü-ˈje-nik \
    Definition of EUGENIC
    1 : relating to or fitted for the production of good offspring
    2 : of or relating to eugenics

    Recent Examples of EUGENIC from the Web
    • As American society was transformed by the arrival of millions of Southern and Eastern Europeans, a new and authoritative racial science confidently consigned newcomers to the lower tiers of humanity, a eugenic menace to be contained and excluded.
    — paul a. kramer, Slate Magazine, “Not Who We Are,” 3 Feb. 2017
    • Eugenic arguments underlay the rationale behind the Immigration Act of 1924, scholars note.
    — harry bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor, “Meritocracy and the history of the science of biological differences,” 26 Aug. 2017
    • Decades of eugenic practices. Sanctioned torture of people with intellectual disability.
    — joel michael reynolds, Time, “Gene Editing Might Mean My Brother Would’ve Never Existed,” 9 Aug. 2017
    Origin and Etymology of EUGENIC
    Greek eugenēs wellborn, from eu- + -genēs born

    First Known Use: 1883

  8. The G Factor
    30 January, 2018 at 11:53 pm — Reply

    The IQs of north east Asians may be high but their fertility rates are low and when they migrate to Western nations they still have low fertility rates – certainly this is the case in Australia. Migrants from low IQ nations tend to have higher fertility rates. Hence added to existing dysgenic tendencies in Western countries is the negative impact of immigration. The gap in IQ and economic performance between East and West will increase.

  9. cc
    31 January, 2018 at 7:19 am — Reply

    The media exaggerate performance of Far East Asians at American universities. Why don’t the Asians build their own magnificent learning institutions? They can’t, so they come here.

  10. Anthony Collins
    31 January, 2018 at 8:45 am — Reply

    We might do well to remember that Adolf Hitler classified races on the basis of creativity rather than intelligence. Although intelligence is an essential part of creativity, it is not the only part, and it is possible to be both highly intelligent and highly destructive, as the Jews so clearly demonstrate.

  11. cc
    31 January, 2018 at 11:34 am — Reply

    What Mr. H said about the Japanese can be applied to all Asians: “If beginning today all further Aryan influence on Japan should stop, assuming that Europe and America should perish, Japan’s present rise in science and technology might continue for a short time; but even in a few years the well would dry up, the Japanese special character would gain, but the present culture would freeze and sink back into the slumber from which it was awakened seven decades ago by the wave of Aryan culture.”

  12. Hidayat rizvi
    2 February, 2018 at 4:37 am — Reply

    There are few things I beg to differ regarding g china.
    Chinese have high iq.
    Iq is a Jewish myth and mind control. China proper have till now only 3 Nobel laureates in science and tech. China killed most of there intelligencia class or exiled them during civil war. China is left with a low class peasant class. Even Jews who control corporate America know this that’s why when it came to ship the American jobs overseas they shipped only blue collar jobs to china. White collar jobs to India.
    Another point made in the article is that Chinese are ethno centric. Ok but that does not make them any better. Africans are ethnocentric. Thailand is ethnocentric. Nothing exceptional there.

  13. Jesse Finley
    4 February, 2018 at 9:41 pm — Reply

    “We have a daunting task before us. The National Alliance, alone among all ostensibly pro-White organizations and groups, has a plan to accomplish this necessary task. Let us not wait a moment more.”
    I am curious to here what that plan is. We have to do something or we will be extinct…

  14. Mary
    21 March, 2018 at 9:08 pm — Reply

    You big bullies. You’ve tried your level best to harass and liquidate all non-Teutonic people and then blame them for your failing society. We have strong memories of our culture and language being banned (Irish) because we were not white enough for you and it wasn’t Jews who were knocking us off by the way. You keep knocking everyone off and stealing from them and that’s why they are afraid to breed.

  15. The G Factor
    23 March, 2018 at 1:21 am — Reply

    Last time I was overseas, Ireland was one of the whitest countries I visited. Genetically they are probably more Aryan than most of Europe – have you ever met an Irish person who was lactose intolerant? And as for the Irish diaspora Ireland-born migrants in Australia tend to have about the lowest unemployment rates and highest personal incomes of any migrant group.

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