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Congressional Candidate Paul Nehlen “Suspended” by Twitter

Paul Nehlen

by Andrew Hamilton

For background seePaul Nehlen’s Proposed ‘Shall Not Censor’ Legislation

CANDIDATE Paul Nehlen, a primary challenger to powerful Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.), has been forbidden from communicating with voters and the public on Twitter because he criticized Jewish media power.

Characterized as a seven day “suspension” from the monopoly platform, it exerts a potent chilling effect on speech, targeting as it does the candidate’s political views, race, and religion — not to mention his facts. The effect is to short circuit “democracy” by making vital discussions publicly impossible.

At the time this was written the controlled media had not reported the suspension to the public. If and when it does the posturing “critics” of Iranian, Syrian, Russian, North Korean, and Chinese censorship are certain to universally applaud it.

Jews and Leftists have been attacking Nehlen continuously, often in the foulest language imaginable, on their always-available, never-censored Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, countless Web sites, and powerful mass media platforms.

Some of the biggest names in Jewry are directly involved, including John Podhoretz, editor of the bigoted, xenophobic magazine Commentary, founded by the American Jewish Committee.

The attacks on Nehlen are invariably characterized by hate speech and anti-Christian bigotry. As is to be expected, the victim is accused of doing everything his assailants routinely do.

The customary foul threats of defamation and blackmail, not empty by any means for they have been repeatedly, successfully, and selectively used against Whites for more than a century, are spewing forth.

Here’s an example from an Erin Walsh ( “I am guessing the real you will be discovered soon and it will be the same old story. It never takes the media long to discover the skeletons in the closet. Arraogant [sic] hypocritical men like you usually have the most skeletons.”

The Nehlen campaign issued the following statement:


The tweets in question (which he was forced to delete) clearly did not violate the Twitter Rules in any way, and were highly newsworthy, as evidenced by the numerous articles already written about them and widespread commenting on them by high-profile media personalities such as CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Nehlen is the second GOP candidate for federal office to be suspended or banned from Twitter within two weeks. [The other is Christopher DePizzo (R.-Ohio) –Andrew Hamilton.] This targeting is a direct and substantial threat to the integrity of our electoral process, and justifies immediate congressional investigation and intervention.

Twitter’s actions only further confirm the need for Nehlen’s proposed #ShallNotCensor legislation. They shock the conscience of any free and open society. This Soviet-style censorship of the new de facto public square cannot be permitted to continue any longer.

Nehlen is contemplating making a video about his awakening to the Jewish problem: “How would y’all like to see a one hour video of me describing my jwakening?”

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Travon Martinaziz
Travon Martinaziz
26 January, 2018 2:38 am

Paul Nehlen’s twitter @pnehlen is up although his access appears ended after 1/23. He was engaging in useless bickering with jews and their allies in the latest tweets. He should disuse this twitter account for the election debate and tweet a reference to a new account just for election issues, his “Shall Not Censor” legislation, and debate with Paul Ryan, such as @pnehlen2018 . To expose jews’ hate, with less political damage, he should reach out to pro-Palestinian groups located in nearby Michigan and thereby get politically shielded by the far left that supports BDS and that has friends in Madison, using his @pnehlen account . See:

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
2 February, 2018 12:24 pm

Good advice, Trayvon!

Social Voice
Social Voice
7 February, 2018 1:15 pm

I don’t find the suspension of Paul Nehlen as a very democratic act.Everyone should be free to decide what are his political and personal views.