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Valuable People — and the Other Kind

by David Sims

THE IDEA of “human dignity” is a conceit. It’s a polite sham, but it is nonetheless a sham. The pretense smooths social interactions when everyone endorses it, when human dignity has a consensus that none dispute. But let an enemy come along — or a criminal, or a hungry wolf — and the idea that you are inviolate because of your “human dignity” will be shown for what it really is: a deadly exercise in self-deception and self-aggrandizement. A flattering myth.

Most of the improper moral systems that make something other than survival the supreme moral value have, embedded in them, this myth about intrinsic human dignity. There are philosophers who still debate the notion of “intrinsic” human worth, as opposed to practical human worth. Such “intrinsic worth” doesn’t exist, no more for humans than for a pile of rocks. Whereas the survival of a proper moral code’s practitioners is the supreme value of that moral code, the survival of any particular practitioner, or of any non-practitioner, is a relative matter, a question of what he or she might accomplish, and the costs and benefits of how that individual will affect the group’s prospects for survival.

Imagine, if you will: A lifeboat from a sunken ship is now lost at sea — lost, that is, to the minds of everyone in the boat except for one of its occupants. The navigator from the sunken ship, alone, knows exactly where in the ocean the boat is, and knows how to set a course for the nearest land, a course that must be followed to preserve the lives of everyone aboard. If the boat is overcrowded, such that there is a danger of taking on water and sinking, then some persons must be tossed overboard. Some — but not the navigator. Because of his singular and vital ability, his life is worth as much as are the lives of all of his shipmates combined. If he dies, so do they: all of them.

In this situation, too, we see that there is no truth to the idea of intrinsic human worth. Mankind is worth what it can achieve, never more. A man is worth what he can contribute to the achievements of mankind, never more.

Survival being necessary to achievement, those whose work promotes survival have value. The farmer is valuable because he produces the food that everyone else must eat in order to live and achieve. And, of course, a similar argument may be made in favor of anyone else who performs a vital task without pretense and without corruption.

* * *

In that light, consider the following: When it comes to our race’s survival, are you of value? — or are you a slacker?

It takes time to organize a revolution or to marshal a defense against enemy invaders. There are far too many White people who choose to do little (if anything) for the defense of their race until danger is imminent and it has become clear that they’re next to be attacked.

At that point, the situation is hopeless. There won’t be enough time to organize a defense. The slackers will be overrun and butchered. And it will be their own fault for not acting sooner, while there was still time.

Almost every White person is doing this. By the time each of them recognizes that procrastination and wishful thinking is not a strategy that will save them from extermination, it will be too late. This deadly apathy is an almost religious phenomenon. Being ready to resist conquest, enslavement, and massacre is like being ready for Judgment Day. If you wait too long, you go to Hell.

* * *

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24 December, 2017 11:52 pm

We can take charge of our destiny only by ALL OF US acting according to our talents, education, and desire on a daily basis. The time to start (if you haven’t done so) is now.

I ask myself at the end of the day, have I done at least something for Our Cause? To answer ‘no’ is abhorrent, and I feel guilt if I ever answer so.

25 December, 2017 3:20 pm

meh. Is this fantasy of high consequence blood sport just racial libertarianism? How about a little more depth.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
29 December, 2017 5:00 am

Of course you realize that this is a direct
slap in the face of Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum
a/k/a Али́са Зино́вьевна Розенба́ум..