David SimsEssays

The Day We Win

by David Sims

JEWS, LEFTISTS, you have lost the game.


Whatever happens on Earth, it is assured that the White race, and no other, will inherit every sun, every planet, every gram of metal, every watt of power, every stalk of wheat, and every drop of rain within five hundred million light years of Earth, except on Earth itself.

We will have Laniakea. We will have the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster too. And the superclusters in Coma, Sculptor, Hercules, and Leo. And, perhaps, we’ll colonize the Saraswati and Shapley Superclusters as well.

You, however, will have only Earth.

We have removed your parasitic grasp from ourselves and have gone where you cannot follow.

The adventures we will have, and the paradises we will create, you will not share.

As you corrupt the one world you do have, we will watch with amusement. For once you have spoiled that world with the practical application of your foolish ideology, you will have nowhere else to spread it to.

Be aware, until you finally die amid your own mess and waste, that a universe is laughing at you.

— Brenda Lynn Jones, c. 2420.

* * *

Source: excerpt from a novel by David Sims

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
27 December, 2017 12:30 am

Brenda Lynn Jones sounds like someone
I would like to know. I am compelled to
query….would she by any chance be
looking from afar at Donya’s world of
the remote future?


Fire and ice can purge this planet of its
inferior races…and only Thor can bring
the fire.